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2014 explorer sport

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    I know nothing about cars...Please Help!!

    Hi there!! I'm hoping that I can get some help with a recent problem I've had with my '14 Explorer Sport. Please keep in mind...I know absolutely nothing about the workings of cars and I will be the first to admit it. I just want to make sure that I'm not being taken advantage of by a dealer...
  2. J

    Explorer Code P0016

    I have a P0016 code and was told to replace the crankshaft position sensor on the front bank, part SU14117. Looks like it could be a number of things so my question is, is this a good first start to fixing the problem? The part is cheap enough so I thought I would try it. Where is this...
  3. J

    Sport transmission and PTU busted

    New to this site. I've only had my Explorer for about a month. I joined this site as I was searching why I get an exhaust smell in my car sometimes. But now my car is in the shop because the transmission and the "transfer case" have failed! I can't believe it.
  4. V

    2014 Explorer Sport Driveline

    Does anyone know if the 14 Explorer Sport has a viscous coupler in the drivetrain or not? Tried searching online and have had no success.
  5. S

    Driver Seat Back Padding 2014 Explorer Sport

    Does anyone else have an issue with the driver seat padding? Aside from the terrible leg bolstering, I find that there is a serious lack of padding in the center of the back padding, which leads to curving my back because the shoulder area padding is so beefy. If anyone else has experience...
  6. J

    Buying new Key FOB

    Hi all, just got a new Explorer limited this past weekend and love it. I got the keyless entry/ignition start. I am looking at buying a new key FOB and not sure which numbers on the key I need to match up to make sure the key works. There's an FCC number an IC number, and a few others. What...
  7. R

    Explorer Navigation Tracking Problem

    So, I just picked up my 2012 Explorer and I already have a problem. The navigation system thinks the car is in Lake Michigan (nearest city is Chicago - I know where the EX is built) even though I live near Miami. The screen displays no GPS (x across the GPS letter) as if there is no GPS...
  8. B

    Paint Issues - Non Hood

    well the day i purchased the Ex, i noticed a paint defect/bubble on the rear passenger door. i was lucky that i noticed it while it still sat on the showroom floor and pointed it out to them....they said they'll fix it later since it was 10pm on a wednesday night when i bought it....well last...
  9. T

    Did NOT get Factory Tow Package, Now What?

    We found a 2011 gently used! However, it did not have the towing package. I'd like to add a class 3 hitch for 5000 lb capacity and 7-wire harness. I'd love to make this look as factory as possible. Anyone been there, done that? How'd it go? What was used? Did you mod the rear...
  10. 1

    Wax & Cleaner Recommendations

    What products are you guys using to keep your car clean? I just bought a bunch of Meguiars stuff like protectant for the interior, leather seat cleaner, tire shine. I also got some spray on turtle wax and some detailer. I don't know the difference between detailer and wax but do I need to apply...