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  1. R

    Shopping for a 2014 or newer Explorer, what should I look out for?

    Let me get right to it: What do I need to look out for in shopping for an Explorer? What should I avoid? Common issues? I'm grateful for any feedback.. Backstory, if you're interested: I've always loved Explorers, had 1996 Eddie Bauer which was crap but still love them. I've noticed prices...
  2. K

    2014 XLT with flickering interior lighting and audio

    Hey everyone, Currently undergoing some electrical issues within my explorer. The first time that I noticed this was a few weeks ago when it was around zero degree F during a left hand turn from a stop. There isn't one particular feature that causes this issue, I can mess with the heat setting...
  3. A

    2014 Ford Explorer PIU Police Interceptor Utility 50k low miles

    2014 Ford Explorer, Police Interceptor Utility PIU edition. This edition features a larger motor 3.7L and AWD transmission (instead of 3.5L) on standard models. Clean NJ title in hand. Located in North Bergen, NJ SUV has leather interior, and 3rd row seating. Has 50k miles, religiously...
  4. Flounder

    Ford Extended Service Plans (ESP)

    And, to update, heard from Zeigler, and also confirmed with Ford Customer Service: ESP Premium Care, 84 months, 60K miles, shows on system by VIN. Great price, great purchasing experience, etc. Would recommend Zeigler in a heartbeat.
  5. J

    Steering wheel turns to right and back to left when accelerating feom stop

    Is that normal for Explorer 2014?? Steering rack replaced,both front axles replaced. *All work was done by the dealer.
  6. H

    2014 Oil Leak REALLY!

    Hey everyone I am looking for some input on what I should do about my wifes 2014 Explorer XLT with only 5k miles is leaking oil. First, I took it in for its first oil change with no signs of burning oil smell or leaking anything in my garage and to my surprise the dealer I bought the car...
  7. C

    "Black Panther" 2014 Ford Explorer Sport

    "Black Panther" 2014 Ford Explorer Sport Hi fellow members. Let me introduce the "Black Panther" - 2014 Ford Explorer Sport, Tuxedo Black Metallic, Black Interior, Dual Panel Moonroof, Navigation System, Trailer Tow Package Class III. My name is Fredrik and I am a VFX Compositor, hence the...
  8. M

    Ford employees HEELLLLLPPPP!! 2014 Ford Explorer Sport

    I've mentioned this on my other post as part of my problem, but I'm reaching out to Ford Employees on here who can tell me what's up with this so called "redesign" of the engine cooling fan?? This is for my 2014 Explorer Sport. The corporate guy is telling me there are no bulletins released...
  9. S

    2014 explorer clock keeps changing

    Hi, I updated my 2014 last week. Since, everytime I start my car the clock displays a different time. I never had an issue. Any ideas? This is frustrating. I have to set the time each occasion. Thank you
  10. B

    2014 Limited Dark Side Explorer Has Arrived

    I ordered my 2014 Explorer on August 31st, and got a call from my dealer that it had arrived on October 9th. I was invited to go take a look at it because it had not been prepped, which I gladly did. I took delivery on October 10th! I have been enjoying it so much I had not had time to come...
  11. B

    2014 sport ordered!

    After months of "homework" and looking at SUVs the explorer sport has won us over! We put the order in this past week can't wait! Tuxedo black 401a package, 2nd row capt chairs, dvd headrest , moonroof. Any help tracking would be greatly appreciated!
  12. W

    Explorer brochure

    do the Explorer brochure still exist ? not sure I can use that for 2014 sport. and dealer told me for incentives protection program : No one does unless it is a fleet order. Dealers tell you that there are but it is a gamble. It will be a newly released model year and currently there...
  13. D

    2014 Explorer

    When will customers be able to order a new 2014 Ford Explorer? Approximately, when are the new (custom order) model year vehicles expected to be available for delivery? Thanks! Darryl
  14. F

    Explorer's Poor Headlights

    Hi This is my first post, hope you can help me My 2012 has a very poor lights, how can i improve it, and it is impossible to aim the beam left or right, only up and down Thanks in advance
  15. S

    Floor mats/liners/cargo mats

    anybody got a ford rear cargo area mat? i know alot of you have weathertech and husky. Im curious about the ford