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2015 explorer

  1. L

    Newbie to PIU life (2015 PIU), looking for carpet.

    Hi all, just got a 2015 PIU at auction and am new to the forum. I have been piece-mealing my upgrades for a couple of weeks now. I am very much not a car guy, so this is a fun learning project for me! I'm looking to buy a molded carpet to replace the vinyl flooring in it now, and was wondering...
  2. S

    Sync and Center consol issues

    Hello all, My wife's Explorer is having issues and it is difficult for me to diagnose halfway across the country. I haven't seen this issue on any of the forums and need some help. It sounds as if the fan speed down button is constantly being pressed. She can occasionally turn the speed up but...
  3. B

    Oil leak

    Hi everybody. First thread here. Went to change the oil today and saw this. Oil didn’t appear to originate from the filter. Maybe above. Hard to tell if it leaked or sprayed. Haven’t noticed any spots on the driveway yet. Any ideas where to start looking? Thanks in advance.
  4. H

    2015 explorer four cylinder eco boost ticking noise

    Recently purchased a 2015 Explorer four-cylinder 2.0 with turbo boost has approx 60,000 miles. I hear a ticking noise only when my foot is off of the gas. I’ve read several people with similar issues but there’s having to do with cold weather. UnFortunately today’s the last day of my warranty...
  5. P

    2015 Ford Explorer Limited stalling at intersections/idle

    Hello all, Explorer is at 82000 miles and have had no accidents. I am currently in a pickle. I am having an issue with my explorer stalling in dangerous spots. I will be driving in the morning, and typically in intermittent stop and go traffic, after about 25 min of driving, my car will start...
  6. A

    Random starting issues 2015 Ford Explorer

    I bought my used Explorer Limited in May 2016 with 11,000. I now have 42,000 miles on it & only drive train warranty at this point. About 6 months ago I had an issue where it would not start, let it sit for a little bit then it started. Again, at random had the same issue, multiple times but...
  7. K

    upgrading head unit in 2015 explorer XLT

    So I have been trying to find out how feasible it would be to replace my base stock radio and ac controls with the "SYNC Navigation GPS Radio Center Console Screen". I have only found two units. They were both on eBay but I'm questioning if I should just go see if the dealership can do it for...
  8. R

    Liftgates on backorder until November?

    I bent up my liftgate on my new 2015 Explorer and the body shop tried to order a replacement, but Ford says there is a tooling problem and there are hundreds backordered. The current estimate for catching up with the backorders is 11/10/2015! :eek: I can't believe I have to rent a car for three...
  9. T

    5th Generation (2015) Ham Radio Install

    Greetings Forum! I just picked up a 2015, and I'm happy with it, but I'm not at all that sure how to wire this thing up with a two way radio. In the absence of a dedicated thread, I'm hoping to get some advice, and perhaps this thread can serve as reference for future 2015 installs. I'll also...