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2015 ford explorer sport

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    2015 Ford Explorer Sport

    Hello Members, I'm new to the forum. I own a 2015 Ford Explorer Sport. I have owned it for a few months now and to date, my Explorer Sport has performed absolutely great. We are very happy with this sport trim model. Its not the first Explorer I have owned, so I am familiar with the newer...
  2. K

    2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer - Looking at new Sport

    Good morning Explorer Enthusiasts, I am the proud owner of a 2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer. Just a little background on my vehicle: 1. Currently has 154K miles on it. 2. V-8 engine & 4x4. 3. No rust 4. Very little problems over the 12 years of ownership Before that, I owned a 1994 Ford...
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    Advice Needed: 2014 Sport or wait for the 2015 Sport?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the group and new to appreciating Ford Explorers. I currently drive an Infinity G35X, but we need extra room as our family continues to grow. We looked at Tahoes/Yukons for a long time and I decided to check the explorer out. I love the sport model and was just about to...
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    Rearview Camera Problems

    Was running errands, and everything was fine. Except at one point, my backup camera stopped coming on. The sensors still beep, but instead of the camera shot, I get my home screen. And, the Ford logo that normally appears when I start the car, is gone. Anyone else run into this problem...