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    2015 Explorer XLT Rear AC Line from Expansion Valve - Part ID Please

    Hi. I've been able to perform 90% of my own repairs on my '15 Explorer without issue. I have a new problem with AC. The high pressure line going to the rear expansion valve split right under the driver rear. I confirmed it is split and need to replace the lines/tubes going into the rear AC...
  2. N

    First post - let's talk PTU

    Guys, need some help here. Bought a 2015 3.5L Sport and the PTU is leaking a little. So, off to search for info on what to do. I live in The Netherlands so no Ford dealership to be found who has seen an Explorer in the first place, no help at all. So one question remains, what revision PTU to...
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    Shopping for a 2014 or newer Explorer, what should I look out for?

    Let me get right to it: What do I need to look out for in shopping for an Explorer? What should I avoid? Common issues? I'm grateful for any feedback.. Backstory, if you're interested: I've always loved Explorers, had 1996 Eddie Bauer which was crap but still love them. I've noticed prices...
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    2015 MFT 8" No NAV - Upgrade ideas to get Android Auto

    Hi all. I looked around a bit and didn't find anything on this yet. I was hoping that I could upgrade to an aftermarket system which would have android auto/apply play without giving up all the other functionality (such as the integration with steering wheel controls and the small instrument...
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    2015 Ford Explorer AC fan speed changes randomly without adjusting the knob

    Hello, I have a 2015 Ford Explorer. For about a week the AC blower fan would randomly change fan speeds while driving no matter where I set the speed to with the knob. I looked up the problem where older models had the same symptoms, but couldn't find anything for this generation. It turned out...
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    FLEET Dealer Experience

    I have a company car and am able to choose from many vehicles and brands. I posted about my experience with my 2011 here: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=320445&page=26 and after some poor service I decided to get a Toyota, not because I wanted a Toyota, but the only...
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    Ghost in the Machine - Weird Noise from Brand New 2015 Explorer Limited

    Hello Everyone, I have a brand new 2015 Limited that I took delivery on last week. It has under 200 miles on it, and it started making a weird howling noise. I have attached a video of the sound which seems to occur at ~35MPH. Took it into the dealer and they have not been able to determine...
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    Leather Seams Issue

    I have a new 2015 Ford Explorer LTD. Just over 1 month old and 1000 miles. I noticed the passenger seat leather is starting to separate at the seams...the thread seems to be fraying and sticking up. I made an appointment with my dealer to take a look at this (the driver's side is fine)...has...
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    Also in line - ordered 2015 Explorer Sport

    Hi Folks. Am excited to say I'm also in line for a 2015 Explorer Sport. My dealer tossing me the keys & suggesting I go take a nice little test drive in early May (a Sport 2014 they had just gotten in - sold in 24 hours) really relieved my concerns about the power to weight ratio & sport...
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    Plasti dipped grille

    I had to do it, i plasti dipped my front grille and all my badging. Its is so simple, only took me a couple of hours. I did about 5 coats on the grille. here are some pics.. before/after there is a little bit of plastic dip overspray in the pic but it peels off very easy