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2016 explorer

  1. D

    2016 Explorer intermittent communication error

    Went to the dealer and they reprogrammed Sync all ok so far
  2. Z

    2016 Explorer XLT Low Beam Stop Working..

    Hi all, so the passenger side low beam stopped working a few days ago, does anyone know how to determine whether its the fuse, LED module or the whole assembly needs to be replace? Thanks in advance!
  3. A

    Switch my 2016 Explorer 3rd Row Power Seats for Manual?

    Hi all! We recently had our 3rd row seats stop working, and instead of buying power seats again, we were hoping to cut the cost in half and get manual seats for the back. Does anyone know if this is an easy switch/install, or can even be done??
  4. 2

    2016 Ford Interceptor loss of turn signals and steering wheel buttons

    Hi, I have a 2016 ford exploder, ex police interceptor. And it has a problem, the turn signals do not work, steering wheel buttons do not work, front windshield wipers only work on high speed, rear wipers don't work. on the instrument cluster it reads; Steering assist fault, service advancetrac...
  5. 2

    One strip of the LED Tail Light is out

    SO the other day my buddy noticed that one of the 3 led light strips for my brake lights on my FPIU was not illuminating when activated. When I had bought this FPIU it did have so standing water in the tail light so I took off the tail light and drained it out. I think some water may have gotten...
  6. V

    P0715 Error code, 2016 Base Model

    My 2016 Base model Explorer will drive fine in first, it will upshift once but feel as if it is losing power, and the car lurches and clunks into 3rd gear, losing almost all power to the wheels. The dash then flashes "See Manual". The check engine light is on steady. The code reader said it...
  7. V

    2016 Base, no marker lights?

    hey all. I’ve scoured the internet looking for answers and even called a few ford dealers to no avail. My 2016 Base model explorer marker lights don’t function at all. I’ve checked all fuses, the manual, the settings in the car, even called ford and they say that the lights should be working...
  8. P

    New member from Northern Illinois

    Hello, I have a 2016 ford explorer xlt. I am starting to make some mods. I started with tinting the front windows to match the rears. Next I have a Truxxx suspension lift/leveling kit, 2.5'' front and 1.25 rear, that has been ordered. Has anyone put this on? How's the ride? was it easy to...
  9. F15E_WSO

    Time to replace the '02 Explorer, do I get 2016 or 2017?

    All, 4th Explorer may be inbound, had a '92, '02, '01 Sport for my son. Now am looking at the 2016 and 2017, hopefully both Certified Pre-Owned from Ford. I have looked at reviews from Consumer Reports, USNEWS, KBB and a few others and the 2016 is getting beat up in reliability, reviews...
  10. C

    Popping when turning right

    I just bought a 2016 limited with 40k, It has began to make popping noises when turning right. Is this a common problem or should I have it looked at?
  11. 1

    Bad or Burnt Exhaust smell in cabin during hard acceleration.

    2011 EXP LTD BD 06/02/2011. 1000 miles. Burnt oil smell during hard acceleration. This is easily repeatable and happens every time. Well now we have another confirmed issue with my LTD. Under hard accelerations coming from an on ramp and merging with fast moving traffic only. Other wise, all...
  12. F

    2.3L EcoBoost Turbo Run Identifier

    I have a 2016 Explorer Lmtd with the 2.3L EcoBoost engine. How can I identify when the Turbo is running? This will help me increase the gas mileage as it is just 21.1 mpg now on Regular. I don't do any towing so I don't use Premium fuel. I tried the high octane stuff but the gas...
  13. C

    Kent's 2016 Explorer XLT 2.3L EcoBoost Registry in So. Calif

    Hey everyone, I finally pulled the trigger and specially ordered a new 2016 Fore Explorer XLT 4WD 2.3L EcoBoost with a few more of the nicety options. I live in southern California and I really like the new Ford Explorer a lot. Here are some pics of my new Explorer.:burnout...
  14. C

    New 2016 Explorer XLT 4WD 2.3L EcoBoost

    Hey there to all in the Serious Explorations Forum. My name is Kent and I live in southern California. I just purchased a specially ordered new 2016 Explorer XLT 4WD 2.3L EcoBoost in Ruby Red and I really like the new Ford Explorer and I have been looking at them after the California Highway...
  15. G

    Newbie awaiting Platinum delivery

    Hi gang, I was surfing for insight on the order - delivery process for 2016 Explorers and found this forum. It offers great information and answered many questions I had about when I might get the vehicle I ordered. The breath of information on Explorers caused me to register and grow beyond...
  16. Rick

    2016 Explorer spy photos

    http://www.leftlanenews.com/ford-explorer-2016.html They have several photos of a camouflaged 2016 Explorer.