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2017 explorer

  1. S

    Sync 3 or APIM issue

    I have a 2017 Ford Explorer XLT. about a week ago the screen went black. I pulled the fuse for the sync system and plugged it back in and the screen fired back up and has remained operation for the most part. Since this occurence the following have been inoperational. no ability to use...
  2. B

    2017 Ford Explorer XLT - Kazoo noise on startup/accessory power

    Just bought this 2017 Ford Explorer a couple of months ago, as it has gotten colder it has started (sometimes) making the noise in the above video. You cannot hear it outside, you cannot hear it under the hood, it is coming from behind the dash. It does it whether I've used a block heater or...
  3. C

    weird headlight staying on issue 2017

    hello, i have this 2017 ford explorer and for some reason the headlights randomly decide to stay on after car is shut off and locked, its in a random combination of the bulb or the drl strip being on / off on both sides , along with the rear lights , my only guess is a bad ground since this car...
  4. K

    2017 Explorer SUV: Push button start: Neither fob will complete Remote Start

    I bought a 2017 Ford Explorer SUV last week. It has push-button start/stop. I also have two FOBs that work great EXCEPT neither will start my engine. I have been scouring the internet and trying all sorts of directions for a week without success. If I cannot fix this on my own I will have to...
  5. M

    2.3L Ecoboost Valve Cover Gasket

    I've been searching and searching all over but cannot find the answer. I need to replace the valve cover gasket on my 2017 Explorer with the 2.3L Ecoboost i4 engine. The actual gasket replacement seems very straightforward - however, there are a couple of pipes running overtop of the area...
  6. K

    Sync1 to Sync 3 Swap Parts

    Hello, I'm looking to swap my Sync1 4.2in system with a Sync3 8in touchscreen system in my dad's 2017 Base Explorer. So far, I understand that I need those parts: - Sync3 APIM - 8in touchscreen - 8in radio bezel - 4 to 8 wiring harness - New USB hub and its wires However, some people that...
  7. D

    2017 Explorer..Sync "indexing"

    We bought our explorer used in March. I was able to connect to sync effortlessly with my Samsung Galaxy S8. However for the last 4 days, when i plug in my USB cord it says "indexing" I can make calls & play text messages, but I cannot play spotify or my podcasts. here is what I have tried in no...
  8. F15E_WSO

    Time to replace the '02 Explorer, do I get 2016 or 2017?

    All, 4th Explorer may be inbound, had a '92, '02, '01 Sport for my son. Now am looking at the 2016 and 2017, hopefully both Certified Pre-Owned from Ford. I have looked at reviews from Consumer Reports, USNEWS, KBB and a few others and the 2016 is getting beat up in reliability, reviews...
  9. W

    2WD vs 4WD Explorer XLT 2017?

    Hi All - We are considering buying a 2017 XLT 4WD instead of the 2WD which my wife prefers due to lower cost, better mileage, and less complexity, but I would like to take it to the snow and avoid chains. I would be grateful for answers to a few questions: - like many AWD SUVs, if a tire needs...
  10. P

    New to Explorer

    Hey everyone. My name is Bobby and I’m brand new to this forum and to the Explorer. I’ve only owned two Fords in my life. My wife’s Fusion Titanium and my new Explorer. It’s a 2017 Explorer Limited. I do have a question if anyone can help. I took the front license plate bracket off and there are...
  11. O

    2017 Explorer Liftgate "Explorer" Chrome Trim Removal

    2017 Explorer Liftgate "Explorer" Chrome Trim Removal I have a black Explorer and do not like a lot of chrome so I wanted to vinyl wrap the rear end liftgate "Explorer" chrome trim to black. You'll need enough black vinyl vehicle wrap for this specific trim piece, hair dryer/heat gun, socket...
  12. W

    2017 Explorer D.I.Y. Remote Start..

    Hello all...So my wife and I just bought a new 2017 Ford Explorer XLT..with I believe the 200A equipment package,so a remote start was not included.. I ordered 2 parts from the Ford dealership; Part no.FT4Z-19A361-A (Electronic Module) Part no.EL3Z-19G364-B (Kit-Remote) Well now I have an...