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  1. J

    2019 Explorer Sport Horn Sound

    Hi all, new to this forum and new to the world of Explorers. I just picked up my first Sport this past weekend and so far I truly love it. My only, albeit odd, complaint is this really strange, low pitch, almost whiney sound of the horn. It sounds like one you'd find in a car in the 1970's. I...
  2. C

    2018 Explorer XLT Oil Leak

    When I went up underneath my '18 3.5L the other night to do an oil change, I noticed quite a leak. I just rolled 9k miles, and on my 3rd oil change. I have an appointment with the dealership next week. According to the service advisor it's the first they've heard of it. Has anyone else heard...
  3. A

    New member deciding on 2018 Explorer or waiting on 2019

    Hello everyone, Basically Ive been in the market for a new Explorer for about 4 months. Now I'm at the point of ordering a new 2018 with some added discounts, or wait to see what the 2019 model will include. I wont need the vehicle till around October so I have time. Has anyone heard of any...