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2020 explorer

  1. M

    2020 Ford Explorer 3.3l V6 Limited Hybrid AWD intermitent drive line vibration. here is the note to gave to the techs each time i took my car in

    this issue is harmonic vibration. There is a harmonic vibration around 40 miles an hr. and up to 60 miles an hr. when I first start driving the car after it has been sitting for about 8hrs give or take is when it is most noticeable when I first start driving the car and when driving on a...
  2. B

    Suing Ford for Lemon - Lemon Law

    2020 Explorer with 17k miles on it, starting the lemon process because it’s been in the repair shop for over 40 days, this time needed a whole new transmission. The first repair was done with 700 miles on the odometer and was the back two doors needing to be repainted. Couple questions for those...
  3. F

    2020 Explorer xlt shifting hard

    I just purchased a ford gold certified preowned 2020 XLT with under 30,000 miles. We have been driving it around down for the past day and noticed that it seems to shift hard between 2nd and 3rd, and will jolt a little when downshifting while coming to a stop. We didn't notice during the test...
  4. J

    Engine Coolant Light On

    I have a 2020 Ford Explorer XLT with about 25,000 miles on it. This morning I went to use the remote start on the app to warm up the car. When I went to the garage to get in, my garage was filled with smoke and a rotten egg/sulfur smell. (yes the garage door was open and it was about 12 degrees...
  5. F

    Engine Knock/Rattle - 2020 Explorer ST

    I purchased a 2020 Explorer ST with about 43k Miles last week. Its a CPO lease return. I drove it for 3 days maybe a little over 100 miles total. On the 4th day while driving on highway the engine started to make a knocking noise. I pulled off the highway to find a parking lot and noticed the...
  6. W

    2020 Explorer 2.3 high pressure fuel pump

    Hey guys and gals, This is my first post here so let me introduce myself. My name is Weston and I live in Las Vegas. I recently purchased a 2020 Explorer XLT and almost immediately started to modify the car with what was out there (which wasn’t much). I started off with the snow performance...
  7. D

    Missing part - upper console trim

    Hello, I have a 2020 XLT - bought used - and a trim piece in the upper console is missing. The dealer has ordered 3 different parts, and none of them fit. They claim to have looked in other 2020 Explorers on the lot, and none of them have this same upper console (really?) Does anyone know...
  8. E

    2020 Engineering Flaws

    Hi All. Joined this forum to cite what I feel are engineering flaws associated with the 2020 Explorer. I drive a 2010 Explorer, and own a 2020. If I could purchase a 2010 new, I would over the 2020. Here’s what I’ve found in the 2020 that I consider to be engineering flaws. 1. All 4 side doors...
  9. C

    'CHECK HEADLIGHT SYSTEM' warning on Dash

    Hi I’m a lady with no car knowledge. Plz help. I have a warning that keeps popping up on my dash that reads “check headlamp system see manual” first thing I did was just was it told me to- checked the manual. Literally says “take to dealership” I checkEd my head lights as well- they were working...
  10. G

    New youtube ford review channel!

    Hi everyone, my name is scott and I'm happy to be here! My brother and I review all different kinds of ford vehicles! Here is the link to our latest 2020 ford explorer platinum review! Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks, Scott G
  11. C

    2020 LED Upgrades - Links Added

    EDIT: See Post #10 below for links to the bulbs I used and additional comments According to the owners manual, the 2020 Explorer has all-LED lighting in the front, sides and interior. In fact, there are only 3 incandescents listed: license plate, rear turn signals and backup lamps. I did LED...
  12. GeoTracker

    Dealers Posting Arrivals of the 2020 Explorer on Youtube

    Go to Youtube and search for 2020 Ford Explorer, then use the filter to see only postings for the last week: Also shows some videos that Ford recently posted of the CAP line running and check out the robots! One of many: