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  1. H

    2002 ex sport 2 door rocker panel help.

    I cant not find rocker panels for the out side because mine have rusted out and the bottom plastic trim piece is barley being held up. I have a 2002 ford explorer sport 2 door. Any help should I just buy slip ons and cut them to fit since it will be hidden anyway. Has anyone worked on this car...
  2. Catching some sun

    Catching some sun

    The beast in her natural habitat
  3. E

    2 DOOR Fuel Pump Access Hole Installation

    I am making this post because going into doing my fuel pump installation, I could not find a thread on how to successfully cut an access panel for the fuel pump in a 2 DOOR explorer. So, I will try to keep this as short and simple as possible because I know whoever needs this thread as a...
  4. Who's that....gotcha

    Who's that....gotcha

    91 X EB