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2nd gen

  1. C

    U joint question

    Hi everyone. I have a 97 ford explorer 4wd v6 4.0 OHV. I need to replace all the u joints but I am confused as to how many ujoints I need to order. I tried doing research and some say two some say three. One in the front and two in the back. Is that correct? And what size ujoints do I need to...
  2. A

    Front end rebuild, Circlip part number?

    Hey everybody. I've got my front end torn apart (98 4x4 OHV), everything except the lower control arms and torsion bars. It started as replacing lower ball joints and cv axles to clear up for minor front end noise. Well I busted one tie rod boot and decided to go all in and replace the rack and...
  3. willzilla

    How-To: Installing an XS Power D3400 AGM Battery into a 2nd Gen Ford Explorer

    Got around to installing the beefy #XSPower D3400 #AGM battery into my 2000 Ford #Explorer XLT with the 5.0 v8. I had to do some customization to get it to fit right and clamp down utilizing an XS Power mounting bracket:
  4. willzilla

    How-To: Replace Front Wheel Hubs on a 95-01 Ford Explorer AWD (Video)

    ABS light is lit up on the dash of my 2000 Ford Explorer and scanning codes revealed P0500 & C1155 codes. This led me to determine, with help from forum members, that a wheel speed sensor went bad as I had already replaced the speed sensor in the rear differential with no change. I went ahead...
  5. G

    Funny Story w/ Check Gage Light

    So I let my brother borrow the '99 XLT for pizza deliveries and explained to him that if the check gage light comes on, you are probably running out of gas. He's out on delivery one night and calls me, "Yo, are you having engine problems? It sounds like it's so close to starting but just...
  6. D

    2012 Ford Explorer XLT Electrical Issues

    I bought my 2012 Explorer 1.5 years ago and have been having electrical issues ever since. My APIM started turning off randomly and would not come back on for a couple of weeks. I looked in to getting a new SYNC system but decided to hold off because it started working regularly again. The SYNC...
  7. willzilla

    2nd Gen Projector with HIDs Conversion

    I swapped out my OEM headlights from my 2000 Ford Explorer XLT for some cheap "projector" headlight housings I found on eBAY. They came with halogens so I also modified and converted in some H1 HID headlights into the housings. Filmed most of the process 2+ years ago and just found the...
  8. A

    External Oil Leak from Head?

    Hey guys. To start I've guy a 98 OHV that's leaking a good amount of oil. Constant drip at running pretty much. Dripping from the mating between Engine and Transmission. I had believed it was all from the Rear main and replaced that months ago (horrible job to do alone). That helped the leak a...
  9. M


    Hello! I Made my account here on EF For a few years now, I've responded to a few threads here and there, but I finally did the Elite Explorer deal (2 for 1) this last November, and I'm Glad I did! (Especially Now!) Ever since I was little, I loved our families 97 2 door Explorer we bought in...
  10. S

    First time Transmission flush questions for an m50d manual

    Hey guys I absolutely love my 96 manual explorer and have done a ton of work to it this year and would love to keep it. Since I bought the truck 6 years ago I've always had a hard time shifting into 1st especially when it's cold or hasn't been driven for a bit. Lately my other gears especially...
  11. T


    Hi there everybody! Besides being new on the forum, I'm also new on anything related to Explorers, I've had 2 2nd gens so far and have loved them. My question is: Do any of you know if as the thread says: "swap a 98 front end to a 2001 exp sport"? Been looking around for information but nothing...
  12. A

    Radiator Mod to increase ground clearance?

    Hello everyone! I've just finished installing a tube bumper that doesn't come down as low as the stock bumper. I plan to install a skid plate and the radiator sticks out about 4 or 5 inches below the frame rail. Not only making it a clearance issue, but also being an extremely important yet...
  13. Flashflood

    Limited mudflaps

    Hey guys just wondering if I could find these mudflaps there's a limited 2nd gen. That has these really cool mudflaps that have the white ford emblem and then it says Explorer under it
  14. J

    Explorer enthusiast, just joined, former Ford master technician

    Hey everyone, my name is Justin and I’m from Bailey Colorado, now living in Fort Collins Co. I’ve been a Ford guy my whole life with a special love for the older Ford Explorers. I have a 1996 xlt which is fairly modified and a stock 1995 xl that I rebuilt the transmission in. Been driving the...
  15. R

    Disappearing Windshield Washer Fluid

    My washer fluid will stay full for a few days, then seemingly immediately go empty. A little is left in the bottom of the reservoir, but not enough for the pumps to get it. Is there a common breaking/leaking point on these Explorers? There is not visible leaks and nothing comes out the bottom...
  16. Brian Middleton

    4.0 SOHC Timing Noise

    I've had my 1999 Explorer 4.0 SOHC professionally rebuilt with the stipulation that I would have to install the timing components myself - which I did using the OTC timing kit and a new timing kit with balance shaft tensioner and chain from Evergreen (which is apparently not worth buying) and...
  17. D

    Thanks for the add!

    I'm not an Explorer owner anymore, but I'd like to be again. I used to own a VERY capable 97 Eddie Bauer with a 4.0 SOHC, 5spd automatic, 4x4 with 4.10 gears. I sold it when the family was tight on money. When we're not quite so tight, I want to get a similar model. I was looking into the...
  18. I

    Squeaking when turning after just starting up.

    Alrighty, here's the lay down. I just replaced the front wheel bearings, but still nothing different about the squeaking. I suppose I should have been smarter about it, since it has just come to my attention that the noise is not supposed to happen when going over speed bumps too. Mechanic...
  19. W

    Cruise Control issues 1997 Merc Mounty

    My cruise control isn't working, no surprise there it seems. Has never worked in my ownership. Replaced the cutoff switch and still nothing. I found a post on Ford Forums Online http://www.fordforumsonline.com/threads/self-test-cruise-control-check-engine.1486/ with the cruise control self...
  20. P

    charging system fiasco

    This truck is driving me out of my mind. Ive got a new alternator new battery, fusible links are good fuses are good, replaced terminals, im getting no charge and my battery light is on. Ive tested EVERYTHING. When i put the new battery in it was running at 14 or so volts, checked at alt yellow...
  21. mfitz725

    Question about repair manuals

    I've always had good results using my Haynes Manual on my 1st Gen Exp. It does not seem to be nearly as thorough with my 2nd Gen vehicle. In fact I find it sorely lacking in 2nd Gen info and for sure pictures and illustrations especially when a 4x4 is involved. I've heard that the Chilton...
  22. B

    1999 Explorer Transfer Case Leak

    Hi, I have a 1999 Explorer V8 AWD and I have a leak coming from the front of the transfer case. I was hoping to get some ideas on what the issue could be and how I would go about fixing it. Would there be any harm in just topping off the oil every once in a while and just let it leak? I've also...
  23. H

    Bushings for Aftermarket Shackles?

    Was wanting to order the Warrior shackles to give my Explorer a little bit of lift in the back end. The problem is is that I can't seem to find the bushings for sale anywhere. Not sure if my existing bushings are still good or not. I was wanting to just go ahead and replace all with new. I was...
  24. T

    For Sale New 2nd Gen 5.0 Radiator (TYC)

    New, unused, but has sat out of box in a (clean) barn with plugs over fluid ports. Some very small 'dents' in the cooling fins, but nothing that would affect operation. Comes with adapters and radiator cap, will cut off before shipping. $50 shipped, OBO. PM for pictures
  25. N

    5r55e case wear

    Does anyone have a servo bore repair kit they would be willing to ship to me? I would be more than happy to cover the shipping costs and the bushings. Thanks.