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  1. BluIsBlue


    So, I’ve got an 01 Explorer sport. Fun little rig but no 4wd. Took it to senior skip day at a local beach with a bunch of friends. Little overcast and it’s been wet so I was thinking it’d fare well enough without my 4wd working (I’ve never had the chance to drive on the beach or go off-roading I...
  2. K

    1998 Merc mountaineer lift kit

    Hey guys I’ve looked at quite a few threads and haven’t really found my answer. But has anyone used the truxxx.com 3” lift kit? Part number is #101055. And if so what shocks are you running, what size tires and wheels and should I do anything else with it or may I need additional parts (steering...
  3. E

    2006 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

    I have a 2006 Eddie Bauer and and hoping to add a few options. I pulled the navigation out of a mountaineer and installed that then got a Aux, Memory seats / switch and heated mirrors /switch. I am wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to add these options. I mainly want add...
  4. L

    96 Explorer sport 2wd manual swap

    Hello ive been following this page for a while never signed up, I have a 1996 Ford Explorer sport 2wd 4.0L V6 wanted to know if anyone here has done an automatic to manual transmission swap on my type of explorer, I’ve found many on different years but not mine and I want to make sure I get...
  5. E

    Lowering blocks

    need help can i buy a kit for a ford ranger to lower the back end of my explorer? What size u bolts do i need if i buy a 3 inch block?
  6. E

    33s with 4 inch lift

    New to the whole explorer things here. I have a 2000 explorer 2wd 5.0 xlt and i’d like to know if i get a 4 inch lift spindle and 2 inch lift shackles for the rear would it clear some 15x10s with some 33s?? I work at a wheel and tire shop i do the trim work here but I’d honestly prefer not to...
  7. G

    Any recommendations on shocks for 05 Sport Trac 2WD

    Hey guys, I need to replace the front and rear shocks for my 05 Sport Trac 2WD. I used Monroe 911122 on the front and Monroe 911035 on the rear last time. Anyone have a better option? They have been decent but just trying to see if there is something better. Thanks!
  8. W

    2003 4.0 slight overheating issue?

    Hi everyone I have a '03 4.0l that for the better part of 6 months I've been fixing different problems on, coolant leaks being of them, and this is the latest in the saga. so at the end of may this year, my car developed a coolant leak. which was 'fixed' by reseating the thermostat o-ring which...
  9. E

    Front Diff Disco Actuator...Baffled!

    Hello. First of all, this is my first post here...seriously, the knowledge you guys have has gotten me through most of my repair question. My apologies in advance...This is gonna be a long, but an issue I've been having since January has taken me on a wild ride, and today just got stranger...
  10. G

    Engine swap for '94

    I've got a 4.0 SOHC engine out of a 2001 Explorer Sport XLT (2wd, 4 door, auto), and I'm about to attempt to put it into my '94 Explorer Sport (2wd, 2 door, manual). Will it even work? If so, what pointers would anyone have to offer? Thanks in advance.
  11. J

    1999 Explorer Sport 4.0 SOHC Auto to Manual swap

    To follow up with my recent spam of posts I've been considering this swap since I got my X. I would like to hear from others about what they did and the parts used and the budget and time frame and any complications they came across. I know I need a transmission pedal assembly master and slave...
  12. B

    Xavier's 1993 Eddie Bauer

    (I'm Xavier) Hey all. Sort of new here. I drive an Emerald Green 1993 Ford Explorer (93 is the model year, it was actually assembled in November 1992, so the truck is older than me by several months). It has the Eddie Bauer package and 2-wheel drive. I bought it used last year in December and...
  13. F

    WTB A4LD 91-94 2wd

    I'm in search of a A4LD out of a 91-94 Explorer/Ranger with a 4.0L I have a 1991 Explorer I use as a work truck and the transmission needs replacing, the motor is still strong and I like the truck. I would prefer something low mileage but I know that's a little of a stretch. I live in the...
  14. Number4

    4.6l oil pan, 2wd

    I've removed the sway bar and pushed it aside. Oil pan is unbolted at the moment. Before I remove the cross member below the oil pan, just want to make sure there isn't an easier way. This seams easier than unbolting the engine mounts and lifting the engine/trans.
  15. T

    TRANSMISION 4r70w awd swap Aode 2wd

    Can I swap my 96 Explorer 4 R 70 w all-wheel drive transmission 4 99 Mountaineer aode 2 wheel drive transmission? Do I have to change the PCM or is it just a wiring issue and what about the DTRS. I shortened the drive shaft and I'm using the original transfer case am I doing this correctly?
  16. A

    Front Drive shaft removal for Fun?

    Hey guys. Today I've got a question on something some may consider childish, but it's also a question that could help preserve my transfer case clutch. I plan on doing the BWM in the near future because why not, and I know that allowing the TCC to slip will eventually destroy it. So as to avoid...
  17. N

    Wanted a4dl trans for 94 explorer 2wd

    Looking for a used trans for my explorer as mine sadly went on me :(
  18. F

    1996 2wd front hubs or just wheel bearings?

    Hello, I suspect I will be working on the front end again soon. My question, If the front wheel bearings are bad, will I be replacing the entire hub assembly or just bearings? It's a two wheel drive that I've recently replaced upper and lower ball joints, both sides. New tires 4 months ago, new...
  19. PODHokie

    Bouncing suspension

    Hey guys - I recently replaced all 4 shocks on my 1999 Sport 2WD with KYB Gas-a-just to try and fix what feels like the whole car shaking more than it ought whenever I'd hit a bump or pothole or whatever. I have the silly monoleaf springs on the rear axle, with stock shackles. Can anyone offer...
  20. 2

    Front caliper pins.

    Can you remove and grease the front caliper pins without having to compress the caliper Pistons? I'm changing the front bearings tomorrow and I also want to grease the pins while I'm at it. I also have to use two brands of bearings unfortunately as usps lost my package that had the inner...
  21. J


    Hi. Thanks for letting me join. I'm sure I'll find some great info here. I'm a second and third generation owner who is considering a fifth gen. My second gen was a manual tranny and I loved it. My third gen is new to me and I'm excited to have it. I'm the second owner and just bought it...
  22. J

    Lift Options for 2001 2WD

    I have a 2001 Sport Trac and it's 2WD... I know absolutely nothing about body lifts or any kind of lifts actually.. I am just curious what will be an option to get a good looking lift without spending a fortune.. Thank you in advance!
  23. M

    How to convert from 2wd to AWD

    Hi. I have a 2000 stock Ford Explorer 2 WD and the front end needs to be totally rebuilt. I am wanting to change the engine to the 5.0L that came in the Mercury Mountainer, and switch it to AWD also from the Mercury. Can this be done? If so, any and all information and advice is greatly...
  24. X

    How do I avoid an ABS bleed?

    Is there a way to swap master cylinder/vac booster w/o getting air in the HCU? I have a 93 Sport 2wd with 4w ABS. The brakes work great, but the MC has a slow leak (light comes on and I top it off every 2-3 months). The vacuum booster has missing paint and some rust right below the MC attach...
  25. T

    4wd to 2wd swap

    what all would i need to make this happen? i have a 98 explorer with the 4.0. the 4wd is out and i found a nice 2wd tranny for a good price.