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  1. D

    My first car a 1999 5.0 Eddie Bauer

    I got her about 3 years ago at the beginning of 2018 when I turned 18,when i got her she looked like a basically straight from factory eddie Bauer,we got it back when i was 6 in 2006 and it’s been through my mom my sis (through college) and now to me ;) going on 300,000 currently at 299,393. She...
  2. E

    sfi approved race harmonic balancer for stock explorer accessories

    I've Searched this forum and a few others and and can't find a solution to using the stock explorer accessories with a sfi approved balancer for the 5.0 302. I would like to use the stock explorer accessories on a few different applications that I plan on running turbo 302s in. I have a 68...
  3. 5

    Tow Hitch and Light Wiring?

    My 97 Mountaineer AWD has pretty much every option except the tow package (go figure). I have a ball installed on the bumper, but obviously there is no hitch assembly and unless it's well hidden, there is no lighting hookups. How should I go about wiring up a wiring harness? At the very least I...
  4. M

    HELP!! Explorer misfiring why!??!

    Hello world, I just recently went through changing all the spark plugs and wires in my 2000 Ford Explorer 5.0. One week later I'm leaving work and 2 minutes down the road the truck bogs down and shuts off. Takes me 20 minutes to get started again after multiple attempts. Finally got started and...
  5. tjtheman007

    2004 Sport Trac 302 V8 Swap Prep

    Hey guys, Ok, so I own a Black 2004 Sport Trac 4x4 Adrenalin. It has 209,200+ miles on it and the timing chain is starting to rattle. If I have to remove the engine to repair it, the 4.0 isn't going to be reinstalled. I've been wanting to do a 5.0 swap into the Sport Trac for a long time now...
  6. M

    How to keep 00' explorer running clean

    Hi everyone, just bought a 2000 Ford Explorer 5.0 v8 in pretty good exterior condition with close to 180k miles, just changed oil/oil filter, and new tires for now. Now my question today is how can I keep it running clean? How can I get it running better? What steps should I take to make sure...
  7. D

    1998 Explorer Limited AWD Front Axle Locked-Up in Traffic

    Last Thursday during Rush-Hour Traffic on my way home, a noise (metal on metal) & as I jerked the wheel to enter the Suicide-Lane the truck skidded to a halt suddenly. With engine running still, I did a walk-around inspection & found no physical damage or leaks. Engaging Reverse, truck would...
  8. C

    Montego the 1997 Mercury Mountaineer - Maintenance Log (Picture Happy)

    Hey guys, and gals. I created this thread to not only display my 1997 Mercury Mountaineer, but to also keep track of everything I do to keep her living for another 20 years :) First a little bit about her; I was looking to purchase a V8 Explorer, as I grew up in one when I was about 4 years...
  9. T

    For Sale Supercharged '98 Explorer - Custom

    Custom 1998 Ford Explorer XLT with a Supercharged 5.0L v8! I bought this great little truck back in 2009 at 175k miles, and over the 27k miles I've owned it, I've done the following: -Explorer Express X-Charger roots type supercharger -Heads decked with New copper head gaskets -Complete...
  10. 9

    V8 swap clutch hook up

    Alright guys I'm fown to hooking up a clutch and my v8 swap is complete - has anyone installed a T5? Did you use a cable or convert to hydraulic? I have a cable but can't seem to get it to function correctly - any help is appreciated
  11. I

    V8 Heart Transplant into a '95 4X4

    I have a 4.0 L automatic 4X4 1995 explorer and its got a serious miss and very poor mileage. I would love to save the truck but am thinking it may need a new drive train. I would love to upgrade to a V8 but am aware they were not equipped with this option in that year. I would love to drop a...
  12. S

    302 v8

    So on craigslist there is a 1990 F150 4x4 that is being parted out. the man selling said he just had the engine rebuilt and wants to sell seperately but wants to get offers for it. question 1.. would this fit in my explorer? #2 how much should i pay?? says 50k on it but runs strong.
  13. X

    97 5.0 Coolant Problem

    Hey guys, I read often but don't post too much, but I need to today! On my way to school this morning, my temp gauge went past the 75% mark, and my heat went away. This has happened to me before, I have been loosing coolant at a steady rate (nothing serious) and had forgot to top it off that...
  14. T


    I have an opportunity to buy a c4 and 302 combo for 100 bucks. My questions are this. Will the 302 bolt to my transmission? why or why not? If not will the 302 and c4 bolt in with my transfer case and axles?? They are not going to last long. A local four wheel groups president have them...
  15. E

    4R70W to a 302

    I'm wanting to put a old school 302 in my explorer. will a pre- '86 302 mate to a 4R70W transmission? If anyone knows or has any info please let me know.
  16. T

    I have ideas for my explorer but unsure if they will work. let me know please!

    I want to put a 302 and a c4 tranny in my explorer. Will they bolt up to the factory transfer case? I want to put a 3 inch body lift on it, Will it be too tall? will it roll over easily? is there enough room under my hood for a 302? thanks for looking and helping me out!!!
  17. T

    Considering 302 conversion on 92 explorer

    I want to do a 302 engine swap into my explorer. I know i am going to need a different transmission. what about transfer case and axles? ive got the xlt 4x4 with manual locking hubs and manual transfer case. I found a guy who has a 302 he has no use for and I can pick up dirt cheap.
  18. B

    302 Vs 300 I6 bell houseing

    So hers the story i have a 86 302 sitting in my shop i have been trying to find a truck that i can pull a transmission out of to bolt up to the 302. some one offered me a 85 F-250 with a 300 I6 in it my question is will the bell housing on the 300 I6 bolt up to my 302?
  19. Oil Pressure Sender: Sender vs Switch

    Oil Pressure Sender: Sender vs Switch

    1) Tools used to remove old Oil Pressure switch 2) Old switch vs new sender
  20. Oil Pressure Mod:Battery Tray Removed

    Oil Pressure Mod:Battery Tray Removed

    Oil Pressure Mod: Battery Tray Removed for access
  21. Oil Pressure Sender: Block Hole

    Oil Pressure Sender: Block Hole

    View into driver's side wheel well showing 1/4" hole in V8 block for oil pressure sender.
  22. Oil Pressure Sender: Sender Assembly

    Oil Pressure Sender: Sender Assembly

    New oil pressure sender and brass pipe to clear block.