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    Finally Got Some 32’s

    We’ll 31.6” technically. I’ve wanted some since I got the truck in 2011 and I finally did it. I like how it came out. I had to do some trimming in the front but nothing too bad. So far the 3.55 gears are ok. I’m driving it for a while before I decide if I want to spend more on 4.10’s.
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    Question about swapping axle gears.

    I’m thinking of changing my 3.55 gears to 3.73 gears. I’d like to change the gears instead of swapping the whole axle. Is a kit like this all I would need? I’d like to re-gear to run 32’s and 4.10’s aren’t an option for me. Thanks for any input...
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    3.55 to 3.73?

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking about switching the 3.55 gears in my 4.0 to the 3.73 LS. I've always lost traction when accelerating in the rain, even if I'm light on the gas. I've been through different tires and I still have this problem. I understand that the limited slip will give me better...
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    Rear end/spring upgrades?

    First of all, thanks to all active members that make the forum one of the best on the net. Secondly, my question. I have a 1997 SOHC XLT 4dr 4x4 Explorer. It has a rear end code of "45". As far as i know, it never had a tow pack. I have access to cheap salvage parts. I decoded the rear...
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    Busted front diff housing. What fits?

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and SUV ownership. With first child on the way, I decided to buy a sport utility, and what better than a Ford? I purchased an '04 Mercury Mountaineer from an auction claiming the vehicle had a "slight grinding at the front left wheel, and ABS light on"...