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    Oil smells burnt on dipstick only

    I can't seem to find anyone else who has had this problem. I purchased my 2018 Ford explorer xlt 3.5l v6 back in July 2021 with 41,000 miles on it. My husband changed the oil in it at about 4000 miles and used synthetic amsoil 5w-20. Everything was going fine until I started feeling a shake...
  2. E

    Just got a 2013 XLT AWD

    My wife and i just bought a 2013 XLT with AWD 3.5l with 77,000 miles and was wondering what everyone who had this year thought ? Where they reliable ? Did you enjoy them ? I can take it back within 7 days and get my money back so im curious as to what people say.
  3. B

    Lost Clamp/Flange?

    My wife drove over a railroad crossing and I'm guessing lost a clamp or flange connecting the intermediate exhaust pipe. It's a 2013 base with the 3.5 and AWD. It looks like a simple fix but I'm not sure what kind of clamp/flange I should be installing here. I'm hoping that's all it needs. Any...
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    More NA power coming!

    Something big is coming that I'll share with the group when complete. It will apply to the NA 3.5 as well as the 3.7. Should be able to post results in a few weeks. Will be a fairly easy bolt on and will reveal it all after I have completed the addition and done the testing. It will include...
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    towing performance

    Hey folks- I've had the Explorer for almost 3 years now and just purchased a travel trailer (see signature). The Explorer does fine towing, but I'm getting 10-13mpg at best. I've been researching ways to improve gas mileage. So far, my ideas are: Icon AeroShield http://a.co/e2NoYRD to improve...
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    2013 Ford Explorer Sport “Recommended” upgrades

    Hi Fellow Explorers, So we just picked up a 2013 Ford Explorer Sport and being new to the modern explorers, I was hoping I could get some gouge on recommended upgrades to this beast of an SUV. For those unfamiliar with the term “gouge”, it’s widely used in the military as word for “essential...
  7. G

    2016 Explorer Sport Jerking/Stall Cabin oil smell

    Hey guys/girls..Newbie here with an ongoing issues related to my 16' Explorer sport...Over the past year, we've experienced some hesitation and jerking while starting from a dead stop and accelrating. Just last month my wife was heading home from her appointment and she was cruising on the...
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    Police Interceptor Utility 3.5 ecoboost

    Can anyone tell me what year they began using these models. I have been trying to find a turbo PIU but someone told me they came began in 2015 so we wont see used models for a while. Is this true? I know the Taurus PI has been using this since 2013.
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    1999 Ford Explorer 4L V6 SOHC -- Engine & Transmission Swap.

    Hello ExplorerForum, Been a frequent lurker for the past 5 years but never had any questions to ask until recently. My trucks been very well maintained over the course of it's *known* life. It's been smooth all the way up until the start of last year, transmission starting to slip, engine now...
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    Switching to Synthetic Motor Oil

    I will have my first oil change due in December , by then I'll be around 12,000 kms or 7000 miles approx. We will be heading into the dead of winter by that time and temps will plummet right around that time for a few worst months of winter. I want to go with a synthetic oil for better...