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    Lift kit Higher than 6”

    Okay as some of you may know, 6” is tops for these things. A.K.A. a 3” Body lift and a 3” Spacer lift with Btf uppers. Has anyone thought of any way to get more lift in the front end? For example you can Lower the upper control arm by about 2 inches if you bolt the brackets on upside down. Im...
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    Tire size

    Hey guys, im just throwing this out there for anyone to take. I recently took my ex either a 3 inch lift with stock tires out off-roading to do a flex test to see what size tire I can fit. I was looking at 285/70r17s but now I think I might go back to 265s or even 255s. Down the line I do want a...
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    35" Tracs

    Ok, so there's lots of questions and I get a bunch of PMs about putting 35s on the Trac (few have followed through, lol). Maybe a thread solely about 35s would help. I will likely put the better info. on here tomorrow, but figured I'd get this going and anyone currently on 35s can post a...
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    33s and 4.88s?

    got a quick question, does anybody run 33s and 4.88s as a DD around here. thats what im set up as and i was curious how much my speedo is now off? also, what kind of mileage are you guys looking at? i dont do highway and i usually keep it under 55 or so. if its really bad, then do you...
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  7. new tires and SOA

    new tires and SOA

    I just got my diffs regeared to 4.56s, cranked up the t-bars some more, trimmed the fenders and SOA in the rear and then put on the ProComp 35MTs. Of course on it's maiden voyage the front diff seiezed up since I didn't put fluid in it since I thought the shop had done that. So now it just...