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4.0 v6

  1. B

    Someone played operation on my 99 explorer

    I bought this thing for $900. There's hoses disconnected, a vinyl shower hose with a bolt jammed in the end of it where I THINK the evap service port goes, radiator is missing top two bolts, a hose disconnected from the radiator that I can't for the life of me figure out where it goes, a severe...
  2. F

    Everyone please help me find my car i sold

    In December of 2018, my family sold our 2003 Ford Explorer XLS 4.0 V6 SOHC 4X2. As a first time driver, I am desperately trying to find it again. The car was sold to CarMax in Miami . The VIN IS 1FMZU62K03UC53132 . PLEASE HELP AS I WOULD CONSIDER BUYING THIS CAR BACK AND I MISS IT DEARLY
  3. P

    KinG ArieS CuStoM Ford 4X4 Explorer

  4. R

    Greetings! 2007 XLT 4x4 V6 newbie here...

    Hello, all! I'm happy to be part of this group! I've owned my Explorer for a couple of years now, and I think I want to start playing around a bit. Making it cool, and also fixing a couple of things that I inherited with it. My main modifications will be: Minor lift - probably 2.5" to 4"...
  5. K

    Heads off (again), now what?

    I had to have the head gasket in my '94 Explorer replaced last November, after my less then two year old radiator blew. Then I had the heater hoses blow and ended up with two cracked heads, one may have been cracked from before the previous head gasket change. Then a week and a half after I had...
  6. W

    2001 Explorer exhaust mods.

    Hey guys I'm pretty new here and needed some help with my exaust. I want to make it louder but I don't want it to sound like a pissed-off bumblebee. I've looked at the flowmaster super44 but and I like the way it sounds but I've had friends who say straight pipes or a cherry bomb would sound...
  7. V

    I love my explorer... my wife wants to make me sell it...

    Hi, I have a white 2 doors 2wd 4.0 97 ohv MT ford explorer.... yeaaahhhh, i just love it. It has taken me anywhere I want to. I have been reading some topics in this forum and I expect soon to show some pictures of my ivan-mobile... ja!. Anyway, My wife thinks my car is old and I spend...
  8. S

    97 xlt 2wd

    Im 16 and I was handed this truck. My mom bought it brand new, she drove it till about 2006 and then my sister drove it until about a year ago when the transmission went out :mad: It set in my front yard for about a year before i got a hold of it. My dad bought a new transmission with only...