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  1. K

    Would you pay $125 for this OEM intake box + tube?

    All the junkyards around me do not have the intake or they are charging over $125 for a set. I found this one for $125 + free shipping. Worth it? Looks kinda rough. Is there any decent after market intakes? I have yet to find an after market that looks good to me. 4.0l OHV Thank you
  2. H

    Help with stalling

    Hey all, I am having problems with stalling out when putting it reverse and sometimes drive while the rpm’s are above 1k at idle. Mainly when it’s cold. When it’s slightly warmer up the rpm’s will drop and the engine will catch itself. Reverse does engage kinda harsh too. I replaced the...
  3. K

    1996 4.0l OHV Can drive for maybe 10 miles till I have loss of power, wont start

    Hi I just bought this 2dr 1996 Sport 4.0 ohv. some background info, skip down if you want. it has 134k miles, has maintenance records back to when they bought it. The truck was given to his son who I think started doing IMO (but, I'm also uneducated in this) dumb modifications. He wired a stereo...
  4. K

    Hi just introducing myself, I've bought my first Explorer - 1996 Sport

    From the PNW, I travel to the east side a lot and needed this for the pass. 2DR sport, 130k miles on the 4.0 OHV; I'm the 3rd owner but the 2nd owner was the son of the original owner who maintained it since he bought it new in Colorado. Really clean! Does anyone know where to find parts...
  5. S

    2010 mountaineer premier engine rebuild

    I have a 2010 mercury, mountaineer premier edition. My son previously and the timing and chain went out. So basically the engines been sitting around for about past 12 months. So I guess now I realize that I might need to own the cylinders and if I do that what I’ll do I need to replace below...
  6. M

    Anybody know what this is??

    Does anybody know what this is? Found in the bottom of my transmission pan. It's been slipping pretty bad lately so I figured I would drop the pan and check for metal shavings and replace the filter and fluid. This is what I found. Also, is that considered a lot of metal shavings? Trying to...
  7. J

    1995 4.0 V6 swap to 5.0 V8?

    So I have this 95 Explorer Sport that I love dearly. I’ve done a few minor aesthetic mods to her here and there, nothing major and nothing to do with the engine. She runs perfectly, no issues at all since I replaced the clutch at 174k, and I just rolled over 179k. The thing is, I want a little...
  8. R

    Looking for compatible engines for the stock tranny

    Looking to see if Anyone knows if there’s an engine that fits the stock tranny on a 2000 Ford explorer XLS. And if not the cheapest website to find a 4.0 v6 DOHC engine refurbished. Worried the cassette’s on my timing chain haven’t been changed since the Vehicle was purchased in 2000.
  9. S

    Ruff Idle on cold start. Almost Misfire. No codes

    2005 Sport Trac 4.0L has a ruff idle on a cold start up. It's almost sounding like a misfire. Engine also seems to idle too low after cold start. 400-500rpm and feels like its about to die. I can press on the gas a bit and it will get stuck at around 1000rpm for a min or 2, then it will idle...
  10. B

    2006 4.0 Anyone use Ultra Power or SKP timing kit?

    New here, but not new to Fords and wrenching on them. My son has an '06 Eddie Bauer with the 4.0. 174K miles. He bought it with a brand new transmission in it, and the motor seemingly ran well. After a while, he said it was rattling a lot. Doh. (Didn't listen to me when he bought it about...
  11. Mitchs07explorer

    Should I rebuild the timing???

    I’m not sure what to do with my Explorer because of the timing chain rattle at startup. It’s an 07 4.0 advance trac, I just passed 160,000 miles and the start up rattle is progressively getting worse. It takes longer to go away especially on a cold day. The rest of the engine seems to be in good...
  12. S

    Tire size

    Hey guys, im just throwing this out there for anyone to take. I recently took my ex either a 3 inch lift with stock tires out off-roading to do a flex test to see what size tire I can fit. I was looking at 285/70r17s but now I think I might go back to 265s or even 255s. Down the line I do want a...
  13. B

    97 expo mid travel

    I'm new to this forum. I'm from so cal and have a 97 expo with a ton of work, mods. Hrs, love etc. Into it. Started with camburg edge a arms and spindles. King 3.0 remote reservoir, sway away bump stops, limiting straps up front. On the Rear I swapped to 410 hearing for 33s. Deavers leafs and...
  14. S

    What shops will do a timing cassette replacement on 4.0 SOHC?

    Hey! Wondering it anybody knows of a good shop that will replace the timing cassettes on a 4.0 sohc in the Northwest; Washington, Oregon, Montana area? Mine is due for it soon and I just got done swapping in a rebuilt 5r55s ( yes i know, i should have pulled the motor too and just done it. Not...
  15. S

    5r55s from a 2007 compatible in the 2008 model year?

    Im swapping a rebuilt 5r55s from a 2007 explorer limited trim 4x4 with the 4.0 into my dd 2008 explorer xlt trim 4x4 with the 4.0 as well. Curious if im gonna running into any compatibility issues when i go to swap them, particularly with the ecm/tcm? Will the 2007 5r55s plug and play with the...
  16. G

    Hello everyone just joined new owner of the exploer 93 4.0 4x4 awd family. I could use a step by step on removing tranny A4LD

    Hello everyone so I could really use some help on removing a transmission for a 1993 ford explorer 4x4 4.0 automatic. My uncle had try putting in the solenoids pack in and said he did it at night and he thinks he put it in wrong or upside down or something like that I'm not sure but he's not...
  17. M

    Coolant pipe behind alternator

    I have a 2006 mercury mountaineer, 4.0. I am in the process of replacing the heater control valve and noticed the coolant line that runs behind the alternator and to the thermostat is very rusty/ needs replacing. I can't find the same part in a parts diagram or on rockauto etc. Has anyone...
  18. W

    2000 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC

    Thanks for welcoming me to the group! This site has been very helpful to me over the years! I currently have a few questions I need some answers for.. First off I’m needing torque specifications on everything I’m listing below and any tips to go along with it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks...
  19. A

    Rebuilt 4.0 SOHC - Bad Oil Pressure

    I recently pulled my 4.0 motor and completely redid all of the chains and guides. I even put in a new water pump and oil pump. Finally got it all together and back in the truck. Everything seems great, except I am now having an oil pressure issue…. Now I understand the gauge is largely...
  20. S

    96 4.0 low fuel pressure can't find cause

    I have a 96 explorer sport 4.0 will not idle correctly at all, at idle in neutral it will start choking for a few seconds like it's running out of fuel then it will pick up and idle smoothly for a few seconds before starting to choke up again like a constant cycle of nearly dying then being...
  21. N

    1994 4.0 explorer ecu tune

    Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and I need some help looking for a good tune for my 4.0. I’m trying to get some easy horsepower out of my 94 explorer. I already have a bigger throttle body and cold air intake. Anyone know a good place where I can get a tune to get some hidden horsepower...
  22. 9

    Camshaft syncroniser to crankshaft (harmonic balancer rotation) Please Help

    Can anyone tell me how many times the camshaft syncroniser rotates for every revolution of crankshaft harmonic balancer? If I'm not mistaken is it 2 times? This would be on a 4.0 V6 OHV (NON-SOHC) I feel stupid. I rebuilt this 97 ranger engine and the timing chain was set at 6 and 12...
  23. G

    New intake / cat-back exhaust worth it?

    Hey guys! I have a 2006 v6 4.0. I have been doing some digging around the forum to see what people's thoughts around a new intake and cat-back exhaust for the v6 are, but it seems like there are a lot of mixed feelings out there. Has anyone had a good experience with this modification or seen...
  24. E

    91 explorer dies intermittently

    Still can’t figure out my 91 explorer. It will idle about 5 minutes then die. I can go drive it and it dies intermittently then fires right back up on side of road. It has codes 87 and 95. I did hook a fuel pressure gauge to it and it does not lose fuel pressure when it dies. Things I have...
  25. J

    oxygen sensor question.

    2000 explorer 4.0 ohv manual transmission 5 speed My explorer has a total of 3 oxygen sensors 2 upstream one downstream after the cat. The downstream sensor was hitting my exhaust and burned/cut a wire from the sensor. My question is should I solder heatshrink it? Or should I just replace. Also...