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4.0l ohv

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    '93 Ranger 4.0L - Poly motor mounts?

    I'm going to be replacing the motor and trans in my '93 Ranger soon. It will be getting a mildly worked 4.0L-OHV (comp 410 cam, light port/polish, headers), but I drive it and work it hard. I feel like the available parts store motor mounts just don't hold up (or the trans mounts..). I can't...
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    98TM heads on a '93 Ranger 4.0L

    OK, so I have a '93 Ranger, 4.0L-OHV. I have a serious exhaust leak on the drivers side, at the manifold. The problem is, attempting to remove the manifold, to replace the gasket, could very well lead to needing new heads (or at least the left one, I guess- but it would really bother me to do...
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    Thinking of changing my gearing...any thoughts?

    Donor : 1998 Explorer XLT 4dr 4.0L SOHC Automatic trans.(5r55e) 4x4. 3.73 gear ratio. Recipient: 2000 Explorer SPORT 4.0L OHV 5-speed manual 4x4. 4.10 gear ratio. So, the sport has become my daily driver due to the transmission in the Donor crapping out on me, I love the sport manual...