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  1. 1

    2003 Explorer 4.6L oxygen sensor circuit problems

    I recently picked up this 03 Explorer with the 4.6L in it, the odometer says roughly 198k. I bought it pretty cheap so I've been fixing things and sorting out the bugs. Up until now the fixing has all been mechanical, bearing assy's, upper control arms, latches, hinges, etc. Here's the deal...
  2. H

    4.6l high mileage reliability and maintenance?

    I have a 06 eb v8. Just wondering considering all the vvt issues these modular engines have, such as phasers, tensioners, guides, solenoids etc. How reliable are these 3v engines realistically. Mine has about 185k on it right now. Timing has never been done. No ticks or anything like that. I of...
  3. D

    Coolant Not Circulating?

    hi everyone, First off, thanks to all of you for providing such a wonderful resource for Explorer owners across the world; you guys have saved my butt a few times already. I'm hoping you all can help me diagnose what's going on with my 2003 w/ the 4.6L V8: I replaced the valve cover gasket on...
  4. M

    2006 4.6L 6R60 low power?

    I'm having an issue with the engine fan coming on under light load (not on constantly), making a roaring sound. When this happens, I feel the truck loses power. It will keep it's speed, but accelarations are weak. The transmission will down shift, the revs go up, but the acceleration does not...
  5. W

    Question about gear selector 2005 EB 4.6L 4WD

    Hi All, I finally got my gear selector sliding all the way to park (removed indicator andf cleaned and re-lubed the slide) and centered on each selection. I noticed quite by accident that the shift lever does not lock between N and D. It does lock (have to pull lever forward) between D and 3. I...
  6. J

    Loose A/C compressor

    My 2003 4.6L explorer died yesterday on the road. I pulled over, opened the hood, serpentine belt is loose, a/c compressor is unbolted... any one ever seen this kind of thing before?
  7. T

    4.6L 3V PCV location - 2008

    tried looking online for the past week and still having trouble with this. does this engine have a pcv valve that can be replaced on its own or is it pressed into the valve cover?
  8. J

    No crank, no start, good batter.

    I have a 2005 Explorer Limited 4x4. I have a new, well charged battery. I turned the key and the only thing that works are the instrument cluster lights. I hear no sound of a stuck starter solenoid. I had it looked over by 3 mechanics, while it was parked at my house, (no fancy computers were...
  9. Z

    2002 X o2 wiring diagram

    2002 Ford Explorer 4.6l and my passenger side o2 connector was melted and the replacement bwd pt5525 does not have the same wire or colors. So Im looking a way to connect the factory grey/red, red/white, grey/Lt blue, and red/yellow wires to the replacement o2 pigtail plug in connector. Photos...
  10. Number4

    2003-2005 4.6l Intake Manifold New Number

    FYI Dorman now makes an intake manifold for the 03-05 4.6l. The 02 version being 615-175. The new version is 615-775.
  11. Z

    Help no start

    Hi all I don't if the is the same or not but here's what has happened to me yesterday So I had a mechanic look at my truck for another issue and he tried to jump or reset the computer with a jump wire for the positive to the negative battery cable so he told me, now when I drove it home the...
  12. K

    A/C problems

    Hi all, I recently bought a late early build 02 Explorer at auction completely beat up - i repaired it however missed that the blower motor harness is missing. (The harness that plugs into the blower motor.) Does anyone know what it looks like or where i can get a ew harness?? Thanks!
  13. Z

    430 code need help

    1st I have a 02 explorer xlt 4.6l 4dr and I know what 430 code is.. my issue is what would cause this code no leeks are found Banks 2 (both) read way rich Banks 1 (both) read 0 Reader says below threshold (spelling might be wrong) Idle is 1463 rpms I have a photo of code reader screen but...
  14. Z

    4.6l error need help

    I'm a new be here But I have a 2002 explorer 4.6l xlt Keep getting a 430 CODE. Below threshold bank 2 Rich on both. And idle is 1473 I Changed the 2 down steam 02 sensors and the code continues every 80 miles Any help very welcome. I believe this issue isn't the cat system as code states.
  15. H

    Cv axle hp raiting

    Hello everyone, I'll get straight to the point. I have searched and looked almost everywhere. Does anyone happen to know how much hp/tq a ford explorer cv axle can handle? Also does anyone know how much wheel travel you can get out of a explorer cv axle. Wanting to build an...
  16. T

    4.6l '07 sport trac misfire #3 cylinder

    Ok so I have a #3 cylinder misfire. Which is the third cyl from the front on the passenger side I have found out. To date I have done the following: Replaced the spark plug. It looked good, only 20k miles on them. Swapped COP from #2 to #3 no change still stays in #3 Ohmed all bank 1 fuel...
  17. J

    05- V8 4.6L Throttle body problems? Looking for used TB

    So here's my story... 05 mountaineer v8 model was starting to act up the other week, right as it started to get cold... would start, but too forever to. So checked everything I thought could be wrong.. battery good. Thought it was the starter because when it was in the ON position it would click...
  18. Q

    mis-fire mystery

    My wife's 2002 Explorer XLT with a 4.6L started missing when warm especially noticeable at idle. With an OBD2 scanner it showed P0301, P0306, P0316. An online search said those codes indicate mis-fire on cylinders one and six. New plugs and the codes were still there. I purchased one new...
  19. J

    RPMs Jump @ Cold Start in 4.6L

    A few days ago, the RPMs on my 2003 Explorer with the 4.6 started jumping up and down at a cold engine start. The RPMs will continue to jump for 5+ minutes. If you put the vehicle in drive or reverse during this, it will lunge forward (or backward) as the RPMs jump. The RPMs will stop jumping...
  20. W

    leaking coolant

    I have a 02 eddiebauer explorer 4.6L and found a antifreeze leak and it is leaking above my transmission but cant see the source of the leak does anyone have a starting point for my to look for the leak?
  21. W

    leaking coolant

    I have a 02 eddiebauer explorer 4.6L and found a antifreeze leak and it is leaking above my transmission but cant see the source of the leak does anyone have a starting point for my to look for the leak?
  22. jadez03

    My spark plug change - 4.6L V8 2007 Sport Trac

    Greetings! I just bought a 2007 Sport Trac Build date 04/06 So Gen1 I guess, 102,000 miles and no idea really how the owner before treated it. After the sale I had the infamous misfire under load, original spark plugs, so I decided after reading all the horror stories on here, that it was worth...
  23. A

    2007 Sport Trac V8 - MPG

    I have a 2007 Sport Trac with a 4.6L V8. Currently have oversized tires (185/60/18)(nitto dune grappler) I am currently getting about 13MPG city How can I increase this? Maybe a chip? Thanks!!!
  24. S

    4.6L spark plug problems

    Hey whats going on guys,I kinda ran into a bad situation.I own a 06 mountaineer with the 4.6l v8. Its my daily driver to get back and forth to work. As of most of you already know that changing the spark plugs are a hassle. Well last night cly 8 started misfiring on me. I pulled the coil out...
  25. J

    Possible 4.6L Engine rebuild?

    I just recently replaced my 4.6l engine with another about 2 months ago. The problem with the old one is just the Tensioner arms/timing chain which caused a knocking sound. The engine had 123k so i decided to replace with another (new engine has 80k for $800) instead of keep fixing problems as...