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4x4 button wont work or engage

  1. K

    4x4 Light stuck on Low

    4x4 is not engaged though. It's driving in rear wheels 2wd only. Pressing the buttons for Auto, 4 High, 4 Low don't change anything. I know exactly when this started happening. I was jumping the battery. As soon as I hooked up the cables, they got very hot and smoking. It was a 24 volt system...
  2. D

    4X4 rewire

    Has anyone ever rewired the Transfer case to toggle switches. It seems like I just need a switch for the front drive magnets and another for the Hi/Low motor....tired of banging my head against the wall trying to get the factory system to work. Dash indicator lights are flashing when started and...
  3. S

    Smart Junction Box Problem? HELP!

    Hello All, I'm a newbie here but have checked out the site many times looking for various info. Now I hope some one can help. I have some odd issues with my 2007 XLT 4X4. I have looked all over the net for months now and haven't seen anything about anyone having the same issue. The problem(s)...
  4. C

    02 Explorer XLS 4.0 4WD - A few questions and issues

    I recently purchased a used 02 explorer XLS as my son's first car. It seems to drive ok, but things just don't seem quite right. The outside air temperature and compass thingy built into the instrument cluster in the dash only show "------". Where are the sensors for those things? Or how can I...
  5. M

    2002 Explorer 4x4 High Will Not Engage Help

    Hello, I have used this site many times over the years, and always been able to find the answer, until now. any help would be appreciated. It's kind of a long story, but here it is. I bought this explorer off of craigslist a few weeks ago, and have been having trouble with the 4wd ever since...
  6. B

    1993 Ford Explorer 4x4 issue

    My husband and I have been troubleshooting the 4x4 system in my 93 Explorer. We have checked the module in the rear and it is working. We checked the 4x4 motor and it also works. We checked the sensor for different values in different positions and it appears to also be working. When I push...
  7. S

    Under Body Aluminium Tubing

    Hi I am an Scottish/Australian living in Queensland. The Ford explorer is not well known here and as I am trying to renovate my 1997 Explorer, I am finding it difficult to get advice and information. I do not know all the systems yet, but I have uncovered Two aluminium tubes running...
  8. S

    Under body Tubing

    I have purchased a 1997 Ford explorer for renovation. I do not know all the systems yet, but I have uncovered Two aluminium tubes running under the body and appears to have something to do with the 4x4 system. The reason I am asking is there appears to be a hole in one of them and before I...
  9. F

    making strange sounds 4x4 wont engage

    i recently took a trip to some local trails to try out the 4x4 i just bought this explorer and i pushed the 4x4 switch and it would turn on and everything but it would make a popping sound so i turned it off i was driving back on a paved road and it did this...
  10. H

    4x4 dash and switch lights stays on but 4x4 doesn't work

    My wife's 4 wheel drive stopped working on her 92 explorer. The auto hubs are not engaged but both the 4x4 dash light and the switch light remain on continuously. The low-range also does not activate when attempting to push the button in neutral, nor does that indicator light turn on. I've...
  11. M

    4X4 Buttons Wont work or engage 4WD

    Hello My name is Michael, and I've just bought a 1993 Explorer 4X4.. More or less a father son project. Off roading has always intrigued me, but I have some concerning issues. The 4X4 buttons don't work. We've been reading and troubleshooting for the past 3 hours. All fuses and power are in...