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4x4 conversion

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    For Sale 1998 Ford Explorer Limited Black V8 5.0 AWD 4X4 conversion 2nd owner

    Hello Forum members! I have been on this forum for a few years now and it's been a great help to me and my car! I figured what best place to sell my car, than the place that helped me so much in making it what it is today! 1998 Ford Explorer Limited 4 door V8 5.0 4x4 (converted from AWD)...
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    5.0 4r70w np205

    I have just completed a 5.0 auto AWD to 4x4 conversion on my 97 Mounty. I want to share the experience with everyone here. I had a late 70's NP 205 t-case in the barn, (bolted to a C-6), so I thought I'd try one of those before dropping the cash on a 4406 case. Long/short is it works and...