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5 speed manual

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    5 Speed Explorer?

    Hello everyone, I just joined and this is my first post. About a year and a half ago I bought an old 1976 F-250 pickup and the guy that sold it to me gave me a 1992 Explorer 4x4 with it for free. I decided to take it because why not, its a free car. I didn't really think it was cool or special...
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    97 Sport 5-speed clutch

    So here's what happened: -Losing clutch fluid beneath bell housing, (slave Cyl I assume). -Bled through the slave bleeder valve a reservoir of Lucas power steering stop leak, followed by 3 flushes of DOT3. Leak immediately stopped for about 3 months. -Clutch pedal starts to...
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    Lost 5th Gear After New Clutch & Slave Cylinder

    Had some work done on my 1997 Ford Explorer 5 Speed Manual 4WD, slave cylinder had been going bad and well....it went! New clutch kit, new slave cylinder, flywheel resurfaced, they had problems bleeding the system, but they said it was "fixed" The clutch felt a lot different!! Hard to push...
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    96 Explorer XLT 5spd

    Hi everyone, I just bought a 96 Explorer XLT that has a 5 speed tranny w/ 4wd. I got it for $500. It has 205k miles on it! But it is in excellent condition. The tranny was just rebuild 10k miles ago. It only needs an e-brake cable. The body is excellent except for a small ding on the...