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5.0 v8

  1. tjtheman007

    2004 Sport Trac 302 V8 Swap Prep

    Hey guys, Ok, so I own a Black 2004 Sport Trac 4x4 Adrenalin. It has 209,200+ miles on it and the timing chain is starting to rattle. If I have to remove the engine to repair it, the 4.0 isn't going to be reinstalled. I've been wanting to do a 5.0 swap into the Sport Trac for a long time now...
  2. C

    Montego the 1997 Mercury Mountaineer - Maintenance Log (Picture Happy)

    Hey guys, and gals. I created this thread to not only display my 1997 Mercury Mountaineer, but to also keep track of everything I do to keep her living for another 20 years :) First a little bit about her; I was looking to purchase a V8 Explorer, as I grew up in one when I was about 4 years...
  3. J

    Idea For V8 Headers

    I have tried searching for ideas on V8 headers. It seams that everyone keeps saying the same thing; The only choices are Torque Monster, and an old set for Ford Racing. I have be looking at a few designs that are currently available from various manufactures. I found that the early mustang...
  4. A

    Hey check this out.

    I made a video for you guys. Tell me what you think. Hate it or love it? I love it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Th_EG9mKvZA
  5. T

    what am i doing wrong

    1997 xlt 5.0 home made electric fans home made cai and vortex muffler one inlet 2 outlets best time 16.965 at 81.79 mph it has 235000 miles 1/8 mile 10.932 at 65.17 i was expecting 16.5 at the quarter but im worst then stock why? plz help
  6. X

    Wanted Torque Monster Headers?

    I was looking to buy a set for my explorer, but they aren't available anymore? Does anyone know the deal with them? Are they going to be available again? thanks!
  7. X

    Anyone curious to see how a Gibson Cat-Back sounds like with the 5.0? Click this!

    I just put on my Gibson Cat-Back a few days ago, so it only has about 50-100 miles on it, so its not broken in yet. It sounds really mean when i hit the gas, very deep and throaty. I personally think it sounds better than the flowmasters because it still has that distinct 5.0 explorer sound if...
  8. willzilla

    90mm LMAF & MAC Intake (5.0 v8)

    Will a 90mm LMAF be able to directly bolt up to the MAC heat shield (in the MAC intake) or will some kind of adapter need to be used? Or, should the heat shield be abandoned or something? Would anything else be needed to utilize a 90mm LMAF with the MAC intake? I only ask as the truck, from...
  9. L

    Low idle problem help please! 2000 ford explorer xlt

    Hi I just got a 2000 explorer xlt last week from my dad and it has a low idle problem in the cold that causes it stall when started up. It idles at around 150-250rpm when first started an when it warms up for a little bit it goes up to about 250-500rpm. And once you get it to stay running...