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  1. D

    My first car a 1999 5.0 Eddie Bauer

    I got her about 3 years ago at the beginning of 2018 when I turned 18,when i got her she looked like a basically straight from factory eddie Bauer,we got it back when i was 6 in 2006 and it’s been through my mom my sis (through college) and now to me ;) going on 300,000 currently at 299,393. She...
  2. J

    5.0 swap explorer

    Hi this is my first post and I’m looking for answers I have a 99 Ford Explorer xlt with the sohc 4.0 and 4r55e trans 2wd this is currently a prerunner build I’m doing and I blew the motor in it so I’m looking too 5.0 swap it from what I know it’s bolt in mostly but I’m hoping someone could give...
  3. C

    Still having problems with my 2000 5.0 Explorer

    I bought a 5.0 AWD Explorerin the late summer, 2020 to replace the '04 that needed timing chains. I love 302's, but I wish I would have just spent thatmoney fixing the '04 Explorer. Since I got it registered, it has been nothing but trouble, which shouldn't be normal for a 5.0. It has been...
  4. E

    sfi approved race harmonic balancer for stock explorer accessories

    I've Searched this forum and a few others and and can't find a solution to using the stock explorer accessories with a sfi approved balancer for the 5.0 302. I would like to use the stock explorer accessories on a few different applications that I plan on running turbo 302s in. I have a 68...
  5. E

    01 2wd 5.0 performance upgrades... where to begin.

    My name is Eric, and I'm from NorthEast Arkansas. I just bought my first explorer about a week ago I guess. It is bone stock, and has only 103,000 on it. Where should I start, as far as performance mods. I want to turn this little rig into a monster. Have around 500-1000 for my first mods. Any...
  6. willzilla

    Solved 2000 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0 AWD Modified (Torque Monster headers, etc)

    Sad to do it but.. For sale is my modified 2000 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0 v8 AWD. I recently moved from West TN to South Texas for work and am unable to bring all 4 vehicles with me + manage selling my house, moving, building a new house, and manage everything else. I've worked on this car on and...
  7. S

    Help Please! Valve cover wont come off

    I cant get passenger side valve cover off due to clearance issues. There is a EGR tube on top of it that is blocking it. my Haynes manual says to remove throttle cables but, this EGR tube will still be in the way. Im trying to get cover off to diagnose engine knock coming from there. Can I cut...
  8. I

    Lower intake manifold

    Im replacing the upper and lower intake manifold gaskets becouse of a leak on the upper I just got the upper intake off and am now ready to remove the lower but I dont lnow where to start or what has to be removed im.feeling alittle overwhelmed can anyone point me to the next step
  9. rhauf

    I want to supercharge my 5.0 Exploder!

    I was ready to pull the trigger on an Explorer Express Xcharger for my 5.0... Then I discovered that they have been out of business for 15 or 20 years and the website was apparently a ghost from the past :( I've searched high and low and I can't see to find any kits available for them at all...
  10. S

    97 explorer 5.0 electrical problem, any help appreciated

    Hello, i have a 1997 ford explorer 5.0 limited RWD. I am going to give as many details as possible to answer any possible questions asked so please bear with me if the post is a little lengthy. While i was driving home the battery light was flashing off, and on (it seemed like there is a...
  11. L

    1996 Explorer 5.0 with 64k miles.... in 2019?!?

    Firstly I was born a GM guy in a GM family, never been fond of Fords... ( hate me yet?). Long story short, been looking for another vehicle and my Dad calls me about his neighbor's Explorer... I have no idea why the hell hes telling me about this Ford, he worked for Performance Chevrolet for 25...
  12. J

    '99 5.0L V8 - Engaged gear doesn't match shifter position.

    Hi folks, I'm a new member here seeking advice on how to proceed with a transmission issue I'm having. I'm not very knowledgeable with cars, especially when it comes to automatic transmissions but I'm hoping you might be able to give me suggestions on how I could fix the issue I'm having. I...
  13. E

    More low

    so i lowered my 2wd 5.0 explorer. And i want to go lower i know ima need a c notch im going to get that done. But the front is my main question. I was wondering if i buy a 3 inch lift torsion key set if flip them could it lower it 3 inches?? Right now i remived the adjuster bolt. It doesnt ride...
  14. allmyEXes

    Slightly Modified-1991 Explorer 4 dr 4x4 Build

    Slightly Modified-This thread will be for the 1991 4 door 4x4 that I purchased about a year ago. Not only will I be repairing it, I am going to perform some mild modifications. I had seen it sitting out near the field on one of my neighbors property and ask him if he would sell it. He asked what...
  15. 5

    Tow Hitch and Light Wiring?

    My 97 Mountaineer AWD has pretty much every option except the tow package (go figure). I have a ball installed on the bumper, but obviously there is no hitch assembly and unless it's well hidden, there is no lighting hookups. How should I go about wiring up a wiring harness? At the very least I...
  16. E

    Lowering blocks

    need help can i buy a kit for a ford ranger to lower the back end of my explorer? What size u bolts do i need if i buy a 3 inch block?
  17. E

    33s with 4 inch lift

    New to the whole explorer things here. I have a 2000 explorer 2wd 5.0 xlt and i’d like to know if i get a 4 inch lift spindle and 2 inch lift shackles for the rear would it clear some 15x10s with some 33s?? I work at a wheel and tire shop i do the trim work here but I’d honestly prefer not to...
  18. D

    97 Ford Explorer 5.0 AWD ( Hard Starting Issue)

    I recently did an engine rebuild on my 97 5.0 put everything back to stock no super modifications just a normal rebuild, i didn't have this issue before i had did the rebuild, side note it took about a month so the car sat for a month, fuel tank was full. fast forward to now, im still having...
  19. G

    5.0 misfire?

    I've got a 99 explorer 5.0 that intermittently misses... going down the road u hit the gas and it stutters but can most of the time clear up when u get down on it.... it doesn't do it all the time but when it happens, seems to get worse over time. I've changed ignition coils, wires, plugs, mass...
  20. A

    96 5.0 needs a new motor

    So my 96 5.0 is getting pretty tired and it' time for a rebuild, but since it's my daily driver I am looking to buy another motor to build and swap in to minimize downtime. The question I have is what problems will I run into if I get a later model 5.0 to build? Ideally I'd like to find another...
  21. J

    99 5.0 Died, won't crank.

    My wife's 99' Eddie Bauer suddenly died yesterday when she was turning around in the driveway and won't turn over. When you go to try and start it one of three things will happen; just the starter relay clicks, the starter relay and the solenoid click, or the starter actually engages for less...
  22. M

    Replacement for 5.0 Water Pump Pulley

    Hey all, As the subject says I need a new water pump pulley for the 5.0 engine. Ford stopped making them and there's no aftermarket support. If tried pick-n-parts places, but the fan clutch is always to seized to take off with adjustable. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  23. D

    1996 Explorer 5.0 V8 AWD Oil Questions

    Hi all, I have a 1996 Explorer V8 XLT AWD, and it has 206,000 miles. It has had conventional oil changes all it's life, but I was wondering If switching to synthetic would be a good idea. I like the idea of longer change intervals, and better protection, but I'm worried it will start leaking...
  24. M

    HELP!! Explorer misfiring why!??!

    Hello world, I just recently went through changing all the spark plugs and wires in my 2000 Ford Explorer 5.0. One week later I'm leaving work and 2 minutes down the road the truck bogs down and shuts off. Takes me 20 minutes to get started again after multiple attempts. Finally got started and...
  25. K

    1999 Mountaineer “Miss Fire” without codes. Not your typical question.

    I stuck this post here as I think I am out of the realm of the “Stock” portion of this forum: I’ve got the build listed on my website (MidwestNomads) and over on Pirate 4x4 if you want the full on details of the build. In a nutshell, the motor is the only part that hasn’t been touched...