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  1. L

    Ecu tuning

    Hey yall. New to the forum. But does anyone know of tunes available for a 97 5.0 monty. Just got wrapped up with a 306 build. TFS 1 cam, ported gt40s, intake spacer. Removed secondary cats 2.5 inch exhaust from headers to just before rear axle it going into a 2.5 dual to single 3 inch muffler...
  2. D

    Exp 99. Camshaft synchronizer electric

    friends, due to poor electrical work by the previous owner, my explorer has some strange cables in the camshaft position sensor and I am rebuilding the harness, can someone tell me how many pins the input of that connector has and what its synchronizer is, I will look for it and Some say it has...
  3. A

    Lean Code Help

    I’ve had this lean code for awhile now. I’ve narrowed it down to what appears to be a vacuum leak but I want to share my trucks numbers just to confirm. I also want to share some weird stuff that’s been happening. So my long term bank 2 has been in the 20’s for awhile I’m assuming this is my...
  4. A

    Thermostat Temp being weird

    This is now the third post in relation to my thermostat. I replaced it again and this time I can tell it’s functioning correctly however bleeding the air out of the system posed a humongous challenge last night. Upon connecting the no spill funnel to the radiator I filled the radiator up until...
  5. E

    Old school only!! Wiring harness testing??

    I'm challenged testing the wiring harness on my 01 Eddie Bauer 5.0 😑. For my '93 Bronco, I have a 'break-out box,' which connects to the wiring harness where it connects to the PCM allowing circuit and resistance testing of all the engine sensors and electrical components (description is for...
  6. J

    1995 4.0 V6 swap to 5.0 V8?

    So I have this 95 Explorer Sport that I love dearly. I’ve done a few minor aesthetic mods to her here and there, nothing major and nothing to do with the engine. She runs perfectly, no issues at all since I replaced the clutch at 174k, and I just rolled over 179k. The thing is, I want a little...
  7. W

    Top mount turbo aka The Moose Knuckle build thread

    I call my mustang the moose so I guess this 1998 ford explorer eddie bauer 5.0 awd thing is going to be called the moose knuckle. I'm bored as hell at work so figured why the hell not make a build page. Built by Cole's Custom Fab in Annville, Pennsylvania. Engine: 5.0/302 331 stroker 4.030 kit...
  8. C

    Can I Fix Exhaust Manifold Leak With Thermosteel Or Another High-Temp Cement

    I have an exhaust manifold leak on one of my 2000 5.0 Explorers. I am nearly certain that the leak is coming from the exhaust manifold gasket. I really don't want to take the manifold off and risk breaking bolts or studs trying to get it apart. I've had enough trouble with bolts that are...
  9. J

    #3 misfire HELP!!!!

    Hey guys so I have a #3 misfire on the 5.0 I’ve changed wire spark plugs coils even injector and still have the miss I can’t figure this thing out for the life of me and yes I checked compression and it’s normal what else possibly could be wrong? It’s weird because it going in and out of having...
  10. G

    In need of 5.0 Headers

    Does anyone have a set of torque monster headers for the 5.0 they're willing to sell? I have a cracked manifold and the raspy sound is killing me! I've read that the OBX headers and Maximizer Headers aren't worth it but are there any other options in 2021? Thanks guys.
  11. E

    I bot an explorers suv

    Hello, today I (possibly regrettably but we’ll find out) purchased an explorer. 2nd gen 2wd :( v8 :) I have some questions and some fixing to do. The po broke the dipstick off in the tube before I purchased but I put a quart in just in case and made it home. I drilled into the plastic a bit...
  12. A

    1999 Explorer/1955 F-100 swap

    I’ve swapped this now I’m putting it back together I have blinkers on the passenger side they are fast On the driver side they don’t work at all it makes a weird electronic sound near steering wheel if the truck is running and turn on blinker it stalls only on this side Other wise truck runs...
  13. E

    2001 5.0 Eddie Bauer Vacuum Diagram is Unobtanium!

    I have searched for a vacuum diagram for my 2001 5.0 Eddie Bauer AWD over several Ford truck and SUV forums with very little luck. My Haynes manual doesn't have one. Found some partial diagrams of the right side vacuum reservoir, a few for the 4.0. There is a thread on this forum to which...
  14. D

    My first car a 1999 5.0 Eddie Bauer

    I got her about 3 years ago at the beginning of 2018 when I turned 18,when i got her she looked like a basically straight from factory eddie Bauer,we got it back when i was 6 in 2006 and it’s been through my mom my sis (through college) and now to me ;) going on 300,000 currently at 299,393. She...
  15. J

    5.0 swap explorer

    Hi this is my first post and I’m looking for answers I have a 99 Ford Explorer xlt with the sohc 4.0 and 4r55e trans 2wd this is currently a prerunner build I’m doing and I blew the motor in it so I’m looking too 5.0 swap it from what I know it’s bolt in mostly but I’m hoping someone could give...
  16. C

    Still having problems with my 2000 5.0 Explorer

    I bought a 5.0 AWD Explorerin the late summer, 2020 to replace the '04 that needed timing chains. I love 302's, but I wish I would have just spent thatmoney fixing the '04 Explorer. Since I got it registered, it has been nothing but trouble, which shouldn't be normal for a 5.0. It has been...
  17. E

    sfi approved race harmonic balancer for stock explorer accessories

    I've Searched this forum and a few others and and can't find a solution to using the stock explorer accessories with a sfi approved balancer for the 5.0 302. I would like to use the stock explorer accessories on a few different applications that I plan on running turbo 302s in. I have a 68...
  18. E

    01 2wd 5.0 performance upgrades... where to begin.

    My name is Eric, and I'm from NorthEast Arkansas. I just bought my first explorer about a week ago I guess. It is bone stock, and has only 103,000 on it. Where should I start, as far as performance mods. I want to turn this little rig into a monster. Have around 500-1000 for my first mods. Any...
  19. willzilla

    Solved 2000 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0 AWD Modified (Torque Monster headers, etc)

    Sad to do it but.. For sale is my modified 2000 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0 v8 AWD. I recently moved from West TN to South Texas for work and am unable to bring all 4 vehicles with me + manage selling my house, moving, building a new house, and manage everything else. I've worked on this car on and...
  20. S

    Help Please! Valve cover wont come off

    I cant get passenger side valve cover off due to clearance issues. There is a EGR tube on top of it that is blocking it. my Haynes manual says to remove throttle cables but, this EGR tube will still be in the way. Im trying to get cover off to diagnose engine knock coming from there. Can I cut...
  21. I

    Lower intake manifold

    Im replacing the upper and lower intake manifold gaskets becouse of a leak on the upper I just got the upper intake off and am now ready to remove the lower but I dont lnow where to start or what has to be removed im.feeling alittle overwhelmed can anyone point me to the next step
  22. R

    I want to supercharge my 5.0 Exploder!

    I was ready to pull the trigger on an Explorer Express Xcharger for my 5.0... Then I discovered that they have been out of business for 15 or 20 years and the website was apparently a ghost from the past :( I've searched high and low and I can't see to find any kits available for them at all...
  23. S

    97 explorer 5.0 electrical problem, any help appreciated

    Hello, i have a 1997 ford explorer 5.0 limited RWD. I am going to give as many details as possible to answer any possible questions asked so please bear with me if the post is a little lengthy. While i was driving home the battery light was flashing off, and on (it seemed like there is a...
  24. L

    1996 Explorer 5.0 with 64k miles.... in 2019?!?

    Firstly I was born a GM guy in a GM family, never been fond of Fords... ( hate me yet?). Long story short, been looking for another vehicle and my Dad calls me about his neighbor's Explorer... I have no idea why the hell hes telling me about this Ford, he worked for Performance Chevrolet for 25...
  25. J

    '99 5.0L V8 - Engaged gear doesn't match shifter position.

    Hi folks, I'm a new member here seeking advice on how to proceed with a transmission issue I'm having. I'm not very knowledgeable with cars, especially when it comes to automatic transmissions but I'm hoping you might be able to give me suggestions on how I could fix the issue I'm having. I...