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5r55w shifting problem

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    02 Limited 4.6l 4x4 Trans - Pls Help

    I was wondering some information on my Explorer as I am just getting into this and need some advice. My transmission for my 02 Limited w/ the 4.6l V8 (4x4) has potentially taken a crap. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd all work, but I cannot get her to go into drive or reverse. Before they stopped working I...
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    Transmission Troubles!!

    For a while now, my 02 mounty when driving normally shifts really irregularly. From 1st to 2nd it revs like its going to shift, but takes a few seconds before it actually does (its almost like it can't make its mind up what its going to do(LOL)). It does this randomly on a somewhat regular bases...
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    no overdrive

    In need of some help. I've got a 2000 explorer with the 4.0 and 5r55w with 4405. First off it will shift into rev 1 2 and 3 but I have no 4th or of. I've been told that maybe the speed sensor or transfer case could be causing the problem. O and I've already put another transmission in and did...
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    delayed 1-2 shift, no lockup over 70 km/h

    Hi all - I hope it's not the death knell for my tranny, but as it looks to be the second transmission in the truck, who knows.... First, I haven't gotten any formal diagnosis done yet - that's coming tonight, after I get the code read and the fluid checked. (2002 4.6L 4x4, class II hitch...
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    2002 Explorer, Blinking OD light and no shift from 2nd to third

    Hello all, I have a 2002 Explorer XLS, 4.0L with a 5R55E transmission. I have roughly 180K miles on the explorer. The transmission was rebuilt at 67K miles (yeah just out of warranty) and now its at it again. I have had it in the shop for the last three days and they are not quite sure...
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    Help Please!

    My two wheel drive 2006 explorer with the 5r55w or 5r55s transmission is stuck in what it think is fifth gear. It's been having shifting problems including a delay when going into reverse, sometimes slamming into reverse, and now revving or downshifting when cruising at around 50mph. It has...
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    5R55W -2002 Ford Explorer - Servo Replacement Saga.

    Hi I am Curtis Legroulx and they say persistence pays off. And in this case it truly did. - I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT. It has a 5R55W transmission. At 210,000.KM the transmission started slipping. In that the shifting was delayed. I'd rev higher between shifts. In particular shifting from...
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    More 5R55W problems

    I recently was given a 02 Mountaineer with the 4.0 and of course AWD. 98,000 mles on it. My plan is to fix this thing up and sell it. Being unemployed currently it was my mothers way of helping out. Anyhow, the biggest issue it has is the transmission. when started it will sometimes go into...
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    2004 Explorer 5r55w no passing gear?

    I've been rebuilding tranys for 28 years,but every so often I'll get a puzzle or "pain in the butt" trany. I went thru this one throughly, even had the servos bored and sleeved. Original problem was slipping in 2 and 5 gears, bands were burnt. I'm trying to find any information on what...