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    Preventative Transmission Maintenance - 07 Sport Trac

    I previously owned a 2008 Ford Explorer XLT which unceremoniously blew it's transmission on the way to the supermarket. I had a long battle with it, trying to diagnose a seemingly haunted PCM, as well as any service on the transmission being a complete pain in the ass. I purchased a 2007 Sport...
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    2005 ford xlt transmissions

    whats the difference between the 5r55, 5r55e, 5r55w transmissions? i found where it said i have a 5r55 trans. no e or w or any other letter behind it. its a 2005 ford explorer xlt 4.0l 4x4 v6. i need to find the big wiring harness. jerk sold the trans and box and just cut the wiring harness...
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    5r55w solenoid pack compatibility

    Hey y'all can someone tell me if the 1L2Z and 1L2P solenoid packs are the same or if the 1L2P is compatible with my transmission? I have an 03 mountaineer awd 4.0 sohc with the 5r55w. I read that 02 and 03 require the non updated pack part number 1L2Z. But the only ones I can find online for...
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    08 Ford Explorer 5r55s transmission part? Need Help.

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forums and first time owner of a explorer. I just recently bought one with a bad transmission. When I tore it down for the rebuild I noticed there was a rod broken underneath the reverse servo it holds the reverse band strut in place. I can't find this rod anywhere does...
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    Solving shift flare before it ever occurres?

    Has anyone ever tried the Servo bore o-ring fix before experiencing any delayed/hard shifts from 2-3 and 4-5? I have an ‘03 Explorer and it shifts fine but I anticipate it will start “flaring” between shifts. I’m familiar with the simplicity of the fix —temporary or not — and I’m considering...
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    03 Explorer 4wd 5r55w going into neutral while in drive or reverse

    Hey guys, new member here. I started out with an 04 Mountaineer 4.6 with an AWD problem and recently sold that for a 03 4.0 Explorer that was in much better shape. The truck currently has 165k miles on it and within the last week has started giving me a pretty worrisome transmission problem...
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    5r55w alignment and assembly pdf

    Hey guys I've decided to dive into my 5r55w. Would anybody be willing to loan me the v8 torque converter alignment and possibly a pdf with specs for it. Thanks in advance.
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    Grenaded Trans - 02 XLT

    My oh my this place has changed a bit. I don't think i've logged in for a few years. (I like what you've done with the place) So I have probably THE BEST Transmission failure there is. I was rolling down the highway, roughly 55 and I heard a high pitched whirring noise coming from under me. I...
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    Quick Question regarding OD band/Servo issue in 5R55W tranny

    I have narrowed down my transmission problem to either a bad OD servo, or a broken band. I am sure there is servo bore wear, as it has 135,000 miles. Last night on the way home from work, I lost OD in a stiff headwind. I was going highway speeds (65) and the tach was at 3000 instead of 2000...
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    5r55w 02 Explorer XLT

    Is there a chance to swap for a different transmission that is not the 5r55w? I feel this transmission wasn't really designed to handle very much torque since the intermittent band is broken. I just want to avoid putting in another 5r55w that's 99.9999% going to do the same thing at anytime.
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    5r55w servo fix only OD and intermediate new

    fyi there is one for sale on ebay for only $100 brand new. originally sold by AJ1E Superior Solutions, LLC. http://www.ebay.com/itm/131961458751?item=131961458751&viewitem=&vxp=mtr
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    5R55W doesn't engage when going from P to D and P to R

    Hi everyone (I know, another 5R55W troubleshooting post)... I have the 2004 Explorer XLT 4x4 and my transmission has some problems. I'll break this up into symptoms I have, what I am thinking so far, and advice I got from Ford. Symptoms: There are a few different things happening at different...
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    Transmission problem. First post

    Hello, First post. I recently purchased a 2002 ford explorer. I drove it 40 miles home parked it so I could take a look at everything. I took it out today and it runs great it was shifting excellent but I came to a stop place the vehicle in park. When I took it out of park and put it back...
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    Transmission help anyone?

    2003 4.0 mounty, drives great except... If i stop suddenly, stop sign for example, and my speed is such that it is maybe a little harsh, the transmission disengages, and i can feel and hear a slight clunk. Give her a little gas, after 4-5 seconds she catches. A slow stop us fine, but 30...
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    Transmission fill plug

    Hello, I have a 2002 Explorer XLT with the 5R55W trans and am about to delve into replacing the trans filter and fluid. I was curious if any of you fine people know what type/size of tool is required to remove the trans fill plug. At first glace to me it looks like an Allen key (probably...
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    5r55w Transmission Won't Shift

    Hi so I'm having some trouble figuring out my transmission in my 02 4.0L XLT. It drove fine, I got home and parked it and the next morning i went to drive it and it wouldn't shift into reverse or 3rd. I got inside of the transmission and found that the filter was totally black and the fluid was...
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    '03 Transmission problem - is it the solenoid pack, or.....?

    Bought a 2003 Eddie Bauer 4.0 4X4 from my cousin, who had it since new. Currently 107K on the clock. She sold it to me because the O/D light started flashing and "check transmission" message came across the info center, and she didn't want to fool with a transmission replacement. It is slow to...
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    5R55W Help!

    Ok, I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT with the 4.0 V6 and 5R55W automatic transmission. Had a flashing O/D Off light, delayed drive engagement, and a sloppy 1-2 shift, would have to back off the gas and tip back in slowly for it to take 2nd. Once it's in gear it seems relatively ok. I replaced the...
  19. P

    trans spit out over drive servo

    To start off thanks to all that reply your the hart of all that keeps sites like this going. 2002 explorer with 5R55W transmission. Started out a bad leak,thought it was a torque converter seal,till I was pulling transmission and saw the overdrive servo cover and snap ring hanging out. Well...
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    5r55w woes

    Hey everyone. New to the site as a member but I have been readin all of your great advice for a while now but I can't seem to find the answer I am looking for. I have a 2002 Eddie Bauer with the 5r55w and I am struggling. Getting onto the free way after about 5 hours of driving the car seemed to...
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    Megapost on Explorer Transmission Rebuild

    Hello everyone, I recently rebuilt the transmission on my 165k 2002 Ford Explorer, saving around $2000. I have taken videos on the entire process, and I have all the information needed. I will be updating this post as I edit the videos and upload them. I don't know how many people are...
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    5R55W Broke OD Servo Shaft

    Hey, I did the unthinkable and broke my OD servo on the bore shaft. Anyone know a way out of this hole I dug myself into? Tap, bore and extract techniques seem not to be viable because there is nothing holding the other end to allow the drill to work, it would just spin with the bit...
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    trouble shifting out of park after fluid change 5r55w tranny

    So ive had trouble with o/d light blinking in my 02 explorer 4.0 w/ 5r55w tranny. i replaced the valve body and selonoid pack with new parts and of coarse new filter and gaskets with motorcraft mercon v. only ploblem now is that it slipps when shifting out of P untill i get to 1500-2000 rpms...
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    2002 Explorer, Blinking OD light and no shift from 2nd to third

    Hello all, I have a 2002 Explorer XLS, 4.0L with a 5R55E transmission. I have roughly 180K miles on the explorer. The transmission was rebuilt at 67K miles (yeah just out of warranty) and now its at it again. I have had it in the shop for the last three days and they are not quite sure...
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    02 Explorer 4x4. O/D Flash No code on new rebuild.

    Hi I'm Chris. I've got a 2002 Explorer 4x4 with a bad 5r55w. It had the failed servo bushing issue. It had a broken servo, and a broken band. So I pulled it out, and rebuilt it. I replaced the case with one with brass bushings, installed new steelies, clutches , the upgraded shift kit and new...