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  1. J

    Solved Overheating/coolant overflow

    I have a 92 explorer. It overheated yesterday after driving around a hilly park at slow speeds for about a half hour. I cooked it down and put water and what coolant I had in it. Now idling in the driveway it starts to heat up after 5 minutes and coolant starts overflowing from the fill tank...
  2. 92 EB

    92 EB

  3. 92 EB

    92 EB

  4. 92 EB

    92 EB

  5. 92 EB

    92 EB

  6. X'ploder Flex 2

    X'ploder Flex 2

    glfredrick's 92 on the trails
  7. X'ploder Flex 1

    X'ploder Flex 1

    glfredrick's 92 on the trails
  8. The Italian Alpes

    The Italian Alpes

    The Italian Alpes close to the lake of Barcis in NorthEast Italy.
  9. Oh MY GAWD!!!!!!

    Oh MY GAWD!!!!!!

    Well I am in the middle of putting the lifts on...hopefully it will never look this bad again! No interior, no rear end, no bumper, grill or headlights!
  10. No Interior

    No Interior

    I just want y'all to understand that this makeover project started out as changing out my headunit and speakers.