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93 explorer 4x4

  1. thevishnu

    Heya with an old 93 xlt

    So, some how or another. I wound up with my dad's old 93. "Since you seem to be into fixing cars and trucks these days, want the Explorer?" "You still have that thing? Heh! Yeah sure. Seems odd to have the green machine I took my drivers test in." So, after a week of having the rig, I really...
  2. Dragon90815

    Hazards won't turn off unless I press the brakes.

    Hazards stay on constantly on my 93 XL replaced all bulbs checked fuse replaced both flashers? checked wiring to an extent without removing dash. Any suggestions? BOO switch works (goes to 0 ohms when depressed)
  3. T

    getting ready for cross country trek: need advice on improving gas mpg Plus

    hi you all. i rarely post but have lurked and learned amazing things that have helped me maintain and fix my two oldies but goodies. your advice helped me to change my heater core myself last month and fix a engine light connundrum. wanted to say thanks. ok, here is latest. will try to be...
  4. E

    Keyless entry first gen

    Hello everyone I have some questions about the first gen keyless entry. I've done lots of research with explorers and f-150's on how to program the keyless entry. But I've had some mixed information some say the module is under the dash other say it's in the jack compartment in the hatch. Mine...
  5. A

    Can't find a part

    Hey all, I'm doing a front brake job on my 93 Explorer Sport and I need to replace the thrust spacers (2 per wheel). Can anyone point me in the direction of purchasing them? I've looked online, but it seems like I have to buy a very large assorted set to get the 4 that I need. I live in...
  6. A

    Transmission help

    New member to the site had a couple questions about my transmission. Its a 93 explorer XLT 4X4. My transmission is slipping and i believe its the lockout cylinoid, it only happens in overdrive what should i be looking for to confirm this? I have another transmission ready to go how long has...
  7. I

    Rattle under my dash, 93 Explorer

    I have a rattle under my dash board that is definitely connected to the selecter lever for my heater. In the MAX Air and Air position it rattles going down the freeway. When I slide the lever over to the right, towards the "Floor" selection or "Defrost" selection the rattle stops. I'm...
  8. D

    93 Ford Explorer has a fuel smell, and tries to stall.

    Start engine in morning and idles perfect, When i turn the ngine off and restart the check engine light stays on and the engine will not idle and then stalls. You can smell the raw gas. I can keep engine runninng with light pressure to gas pedal. The first day problem only happened once and...
  9. D

    Tire question from a new guy.

    What's the largest mud tire or all terrain I can put on my '93 explorer 4x4 with stock suspention, would consider sawing the corner of the bumper but not much else. It has 235/75-15 the stock tire size in wranglers, but Want a little bigger for riding the woods around my home. I don't want to...
  10. W

    93 Explorer 4X4 transfer case wiring.

    I'm pretty sure that the electrical diagnosis for a '92 Explorer 4X4 transfer is here. I found the diagnosis for the module and am really, really happy to find the assistance on the transfer shift motor assembly (sure enough the bushing was busted - and I have replaced it with fuel line...