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97 explorer

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    Hello all, just bought a 97 ford explorer for a commuter and 4x4 project. Complete bone stock right now. Has a few issues (check engine, rear diff/axle issues). I'm going to get it running good before building. Hopeing this forum will get me past harder issues and I will gladly share my...
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    97 XLT 4.0 SOHC - Coolant drip on passenger-side, front of engine

    Original motor in this well-maintained vehicle with a lot of miles. Noticed slight overheating occasionally over the last year or so; gauge would fluctuate up very fast and then down in a few seconds, right after getting on the road. Coolant was low, so I topped it off and the problem...
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    Removing flares.

    Hi, I'm in Australia and I have a 97 Explorer 4x4. This model was imported to Oz with the big flare kits on them. I want to remove them and get the cleaner look. I would like to know what the chrome trim part at the very back of the guard would be called so I can try to track one down, and if...
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    great to be here

    Hello everyone! Love his site so much info and I could spend all day here if I was able to so thanks for having me Happy Trails To All Where Ever They May Lead!!!:us:
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    97 explorer, leaking after coolant system repair.

    Hi: I am new here and have 97 Explorer SOC, V6. Have always had the Ford maintained and running great. Recently after a 55 mile trip, when parking vehicle in driveway, suddenly steam arising big time under hood. When it cooled I filled radiator and let it run for about 40 minutes, no leak, no...
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    starting issues

    STARTING ISSUES after replacing plugs and retreading one it won't turn over :( . I don't know much about vehicles but changed fuel filter air filter spark plugs. It's not the fuel pump. Plugs are in the right place, not the distribution cap area causing problems. About 3 months ago I replaced...
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    5R55E - Decisions...decisions - How many $$/mile ?

    '97 Explorer 2WD 130K mi Symptoms: 'typical 5R55E gasket symptoms' as I research this forum: dropping OD, then no 3rd, intermittent shifting of all gears for a few days my Daughter reports, but 'when it catches - it works fine' Expectation: I was hoping to find a crack/hole in the VB...
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    Greetings From Northwest Indiana

    Hello to all- After many years of lurking and leaching valuable insight from the good members of this forum, I have finally joined ranks to do my best to give back and pay forward some of the small lessons I've learned through 8 long years of labor and love with my two '97 5.0l Ex's. As for...
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    Please help! I snapped my IAC valve inlet tube and can not find one.

    Today while changing my alternator I was not paying much attention to what I was doing (it was very early). While loosening the bolts on the alternator my elbow hit my IAC valve inlet tube pretty hard and snapped it in half. I called around to autozone and Oriellys to see if they carried it...
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    Read passenger door not opening!

    Hi, my rear door has been stuck shut for awhile now, and I can't figure how to get it open. I managed to get the panel off, without messing it up, and tried pulling on the rod manually but it still won't budge. The outside of the door is very loose and floppy. Could it possibly be the child...
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    Black Thunder

    Black thunder is because i had a white 97 sport we called white lightning. By jgb6502 at 2012-04-27 By jgb6502 at 2012-04-27 First project is to fix my Air Ride-Fixed as of 4/27/12 BEFORE: By jgb6502 at 2012-04-11 AFTER: By jgb6502 at 2012-04-27 Second TT/shackles becuase my shackles are...
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    Question 97-4.0 OHC Noise

    Hello guys, Please help! I replaced my engine ( Salvage Engine) and the engine had a timing chain noise. I removed the engine and then the salvage yard replaced both chains and tensioners etc. I now have a ticking noise from the pass side of engine?? The sound is like a lifter noise. It is...
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    97 Explorer 5.0 speed sensor

    Hi there i have a 97 explorer i just bought the truck about 2 months ago and the speed sensor was acting up so i went to pull it out and it was broke on the plastic peice. I finnally got the piece that go into the tranny out and put in a new one and it doesnt work anymore any ideas. Could the...
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    stuck in 4 low

    I have followed all the advice about taking the tc motor off and switching it into neutral manually... my tc still wont come out of 4 low even though the switch is in auto and the pin is in neutral. Im assuming that there are problems in the transfer case directly dealing with the gears...
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    Bronco tire mount to 97xlt conversion?

    Ok, so I'm pretty new to the scene and I've got a couple questions but the main one is this. I seen a late 80's to early 90's bronco with the rear bumper wheel mount and thought it looked close and was wondering if it could convert to fit on the back of my 97 xlt 4wd. Any ideas? I couldn't get a...
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    '97 with little no heat

    I just bought a great '97 XLT to add to my ever growing collection of Explorer/Rangers. It has a few issues I need to address. Currently it puts out moderate heat, at first I thought it was a thermostat because the temp was staying cool on the gauge. More like not rising at all. I've come to...
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    Tire/Wheel Suggestions

    Hey guys, I'm [brand] new to the boards so bear with me if I screw up in any way, shape or form. Anyways, I have a 1997 Explorer XLT 4x4, stock everything. I was wanting to get some new rims and tires to put on it, to kind of set it apart from the many other stock Explorers I see around town...