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  1. F

    Another A4LD Bites The Dust

    Hey Forum! I have no idea where to start except that I have pulled too many transmissions on this truck. I think the truck is on its second or third A4LD. Last time, my pump was bad. I cant comment on the shift pattern other than it shifts at about 3.5k. This is largely due to the 3.73...
  2. J

    A4LD no Drive, only reverse : a rebuild thread

    Hello everyone, first post in this forum that I've been monitoring since my purchase this summer of a 1993 explorer. This car was what we call a "sortie de grange" (yeah, I'm french !) which would be a "barn discovery" in the US. Car started right away, has a bit of rust to tackle, but the...
  3. N

    93 to 94 explorer a4ld swap

    Hey guys. So a while ago my ****ty auto a4ld went out on my 94 sport. I was considering doing a manual swap, but just decided to keep an a4ld in it. I bought a donor car which was a 93 4 door explorer, same tranny just a mechanical transfer case. I swapped tranny from the 93 into my 94 and kept...
  4. A

    1990 Bii A4LD Valve Body Rebuild ZERO Engagement

    I've searched Ranger station, FTE, and this sight but can't find d a straight answer as to a possible problem. Here is what I changed: Transtec valve body gaskets. Transgo and Superior Shift kit combined. Sonnax Manual Valve Index. Power Torque 106 TCC. Power Torque 107 3-4. Standard Ignition...
  5. G

    Hello everyone just joined new owner of the exploer 93 4.0 4x4 awd family. I could use a step by step on removing tranny A4LD

    Hello everyone so I could really use some help on removing a transmission for a 1993 ford explorer 4x4 4.0 automatic. My uncle had try putting in the solenoids pack in and said he did it at night and he thinks he put it in wrong or upside down or something like that I'm not sure but he's not...
  6. M

    Is the TCC voltage supposed to change when you press the accelerator?

    I have been having issues with my TCC locking up WAY too soon while driving. I hooked a multimeter onto the wire for the TCC on the PCM, and when I'm at idle, it stays at 14.04 volts. When I accelerate the voltage starts to drop, once I am over 20mph, it reads around 2-3 volts, and the TCC...
  7. Brian1

    For Sale Attn: A4LD Trans Gurus and Tool Collectors!

    A few years ago I acquired an A4LD pump housing cutter tool from a small town auto shop that went out of business with some other stuff. The tool has sat on a shelf since then because I don't deal with Automatic transmissions as all my Explorers are manuals. So up for sale is a tool to bore for...
  8. N

    Pulling the A4lD tranny on my 91 explorer.

    Last week I was cursing at 55mph in 4th gear with my explorer. Stopped at a red light and it died in gear. Runs in park and neutral but lurches and dies when thrown into gear. Had it towed to a shop which didn't even look at it for a week so I gave up and had it towed home. I will be pulling the...
  9. bikerchick4God

    Relationship between calipers and transmission

    Hey y’all. My SUV is a 94 Ex XLT 4.0L OHC 2WD 4DR 300,391 mi. The following symptoms presented on 3 occasions between May and Aug 2019 on roads with speed limits of 55 mph and under. steering pulls to the left; shakes some steering wheel drives 15° rt of center won’t shift into 4th gear...
  10. Exploring XLT

    Transmission swap

    I have a 1993 Explorer, 4x4, auto transmission. Today my transmission blew, was wondering whether I should put another a4ld in, or if there was a practical swap that I could do. 250k on the Explorer, I was quoted $1250 (cdn) for rebuilt beefed up a4ld, is ther another trani that I could consider?
  11. mr cribb

    A4LD/M5OD separator/ spacer plate

    I am collecting parts for my transmission swap, and my question is, what are the thickness differences between the automatic and manual transmission spacer plates on the first generation Explorers? I searched about every way I know how to word it, and can’t find what I’m looking for. Can I...
  12. Exploring XLT

    Aluminium extra capacity transmission pan

    Does any one have any thoughts on them?
  13. I

    1994 a4ld failure

    Good afternoon guys. I've got a 1994 Explorer XLT who's transmission failed about a month ago. The backstory is it overheated in August and lost a bunch of fluid but ran fine after a top-off until November. In late November a trans cooling line leaked right before the intercooler. I repaired...
  14. allmyEXes

    Slightly Modified-1991 Explorer 4 dr 4x4 Build

    Slightly Modified-This thread will be for the 1991 4 door 4x4 that I purchased about a year ago. Not only will I be repairing it, I am going to perform some mild modifications. I had seen it sitting out near the field on one of my neighbors property and ask him if he would sell it. He said that...
  15. E

    High highway rpms A4LD

    Hi all, I just purchased an a 91 explorer. unfortunately it will not shift into its either 4th or OD gear. Yes, there are other threads on this just saying to replace solenoid but I believe this explorer is stuck in 4x4. Does anyone know if being in 4 wheel limits the transmission to 1-3...
  16. R

    AL4D blown front seal and no O/D problem

    At the end of last week I noticed that my o/d did not seem to be working. I attributed it to the fact that on the road I was on my speed was varying to much due to traffic. This past Saturday I was heading out to meet some friends to go do some ice fishing and realized that since I had the...
  17. A

    95 Explorer, trans quesfion.

    About 4 days ago I bought a 95 Explorer. I was told it had just started slipping in transmission so the nd "mechanic" changed the fluid and filter. I went to see about trans flush yesterday, but to start with the shop confirmed my thoughts, the " mechanic" filled transmission 2 1/2 qts...
  18. S

    A4LD - Reverse has gone out shortly after rebuild

    Completed a total rebuild in August last year. This included seals, discs, clutch plates, modulator, TC, bands, valve body rebuild.... uhh.. i think thats everything? Since then I have driven less than 10000 miles more on the vehicle. The initial failure that had prompted the rebuild was...
  19. D

    A4LD governor.

    Would someone give me a description of the function and operation of the governor in the A4LD? My 93 Explorer A4LD doesn't shift when the transmission is cold. (Common problem, I have found.) I recently did a soft rebuild of the transmission during which I replaced the seals, valve body, OD and...
  20. F

    WTB A4LD 91-94 2wd

    I'm in search of a A4LD out of a 91-94 Explorer/Ranger with a 4.0L I have a 1991 Explorer I use as a work truck and the transmission needs replacing, the motor is still strong and I like the truck. I would prefer something low mileage but I know that's a little of a stretch. I live in the...
  21. N

    Wanted a4dl trans for 94 explorer 2wd

    Looking for a used trans for my explorer as mine sadly went on me :(
  22. A

    91 Explorer - Trans Won't Shift

    The other morning I was driving home and went to pass someone, gently pushed the pedal down to get it to kick into passing gear and it did. About 2 seconds later it sounded like it completely slipped out of gears and the RPM's skyrocketed. I immediately let off the gas as soon as i realized...
  23. I

    transmission fluid cooler questions....

    so it seems like transmission work is now on top of my to-do list for my 93 exploder 4X4. im going to be swapping transmissions from my parts truck.... what I was thinking about was taking out the transmission fluid cooler from the parts truck and installing it next to and connecting it to the...
  24. I

    i need some advice about the A4LD transmission....

    ok so my transmission burned up on my 4X4 yesterday. literally, i believe it blew a leak and overheated and burned up as you could follow the smoke trail that clouded behind me. started with a funny smell and then it didnt want to shift. anyway the trans is shot, but its not the end of the...
  25. S

    A4LD No Forward/Reverse after Valve Body Rebuild

    Hello all. Long time lurker first time with a problem I cant find the solution to. Valve body rebuild on a 1994 Mazda Navajo. A4LD. Did a rebuild following Glacier991's Rebuild Diary (http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/index.php?threads/a4ld-valve-body-rebuild-diary.137972/); and using the...