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abs brakes vibrate pulsate

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    2002 Ford Sport Trac brake pulsations

    I have an '02 Sport Trac that I purchased used not long ago. I have noticed when I make a normal stop, my brake pedal starts to pulsate at speeds <5-10 mph (akin to the ABS activating). It has nothing to do with road surface type. I have no ABS warning lights illuminated. I have heard...
  2. F

    2005 Ford Explorer steering and Abs problems in right turns?

    Replaced all wheel bearings ,upper ball joints, rack and pinion and brakes. NOW my problem is that when I make right hand turns the ABS system seems to come on and 4X4 comes on . Today the Check Advance trac light came on and then the warning light stayed on. and the 4X4 high light flashed a...
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    ABS issue, drivetrain whine

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and have just picked up my 2001 ST last night. It has a few issues that I hope are easy fixes. ABS engages on most stops at about 3-5 MPH (just before you've stopped completely) I removed, cleaned and inspected the wheel sensors, including the rear sensor in the...
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    ABS/AdvanceTrac lights both came on???

    Hello Everyone, I am a new Explorer owner, and Love this vehicle. I bought it used, in very good condition, so I thought. I have had it for about 2 months now and yesterday afternoon while driving on the interstate at approx 80, the ABS light came on and the advanceTrac automatically went on...
  5. A

    abs light...help

    My abs light comes on then off and then there is a buzzing noize as well as the brakes get hard. We replaced the spindle on the front passenger side . It never did it before we replaced it. Anyone have an idea.
  6. J

    ABS Coming on at slow speeds when coming to a stop

    I know this has been discussed on other threads but I am a little confused. My ABS system activated every time I come to a stop. I do not have an ABS warning indicator turned on so it seems to me like the computer thinks everything is working correctly. One thing I am curious about, someone has...
  7. C

    Pulsing brakes due to ABS

    I recently just changed my lower ball joints on my 97 4WD Ford Explorer and now when I come to a stop my brakes pulse which I think is because of my ABS. I would rather not just pull the relays, I would rather fix the problem. Could have something on got on the front sensors to cause this...
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    Pulsating Brake Pedal with ABS Light

    I have a sporadic problem on my '97 Explorer XLT V-8 AWD wherein my brake pedal pulsates (vibrates) and seems to almost make a buzzing-type of sound when I am coming to a slow stop. It sort of feels like a crunching-grinding sensation. It only happens occasionally and when it does, my brakes...