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a/c not blowing cold air

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    2005 Ford Explorer AC only Coming out one Vent

    I think this may have been discussed before, but my problem differs from most others. First off, the heat in my 05 Explorer works fine, but the AC doesn't work as well as it used to. The AC blows out of the second row vents just fine. However, in the front row, only the vent on the right...
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    a/c problems! new to a/c repairing! does this look right to you?

    I've been in the automotive business for a bit, but never done much a/c repair. I felt comfortable enough with my a/c theory to dive in to compressor replacement. I did a lot of research, got all the equipment, and did the replacement. Now that its hot outside, I'm not too impressed with the...
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    AC will not blow cold air.

    This is wat the Ford dealer said: "Ran A/C diagnostics. Found no power to cycling switch. R&R A/C Mode Switch to trace wires going to high side pressure switch. Found broken wires." The dealer wanted $525 to fix. I thought that was a rip off to fix a broken wire. My question...