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  1. H

    2014 police interceptor ecoboost a/c cycle switch location

    Hi, was in a minor accident recently and my a/c condenser looked damaged and the a/c stopped working so I thought I had to replace it and it would work again. What a headache that was (leave it to ford lol.....). Anyway, got everything back together and vacuumed the system and it held so I then...
  2. T

    Removing 2010 Explorer dashboard

    Hi all, I tried to search for this but cannot find any reference. I need to replace the heat exchanger for the A/C and it seems I need to remove the entire dashboard. Can anyone point me to a guide/video/document that shows how to do that? Thank you all for the support Regards Tarek
  3. D

    A/C and heater problems

    A/C wasn’t blowing very hot, my friend who’s more experienced in A/C said we should add Freon. So we did and as we were putting it in, the engine started to slow down and almost die then click and go back up while idling. The words of my friend who, knows more about A/C since I’m clueless says...
  4. W

    Rough/looping idle with ac on

    1991 Ford Explorer XL (mileage exempt). Alrighty so here is the gist of my problem, when I bought the car the engine was trash, so I had my mechanic install a new motor in her, however he transferred and used all the old electric parts. To the new/used 100,000 mile engine (keep in mind that was...
  5. 9

    '91 A/C reinstall ??? Can you look under your hood for me?

    Hey guys, I'm working at reinstalling my A/C system after I ripped it all out about 6 years ago (long story), and I think I have all of the parts I need, BUT I can't find the A/C Compressor connector. Odds are I pushed it out of the way or zip-tied it to another connector to keep it from getting...
  6. A

    A/C blowing hot

    Hey all, I’ve looked all over the forum and haven’t found anyone with a similar problem or a solution, so I figured I’d make my first post. I’ve got a 98 EB with the V8 and AWD as well as the automatic climate control. My problem is that when I have the A/C on, every time I moderately apply...
  7. B

    2007 sport Trac a/c reduced max setting air flow

    Just had the a/c wiring harness changed that includes the vacume reservoir and the check valve. Now when I switch to Max a/c the volume of air is reduced and sometimed nothing comes out. I thought it might be the blend door or actuator but that just controls heat and cold temp not the air...
  8. D

    AC elimination Belt Size?

    Looking to bypass Ac compressor on 2010 Explorer 4.0 engine. Cannot find a bypass pulley kit so looking at just using shorter belt. Anyone have any idea of the size needed or exact belt number to use?
  9. R

    04 Explorer NBX actuator, air door or drain?

    Hello all! Ive read a ton of posts and am now thoroughly confused, I’m hoping somebody can help me. I have recently inherited my mothers beloved 2004 Ford Explorer NBX...with an a/c issue. During the summer the only way to get interior cold is to be on Max AC at level four. It seems as...
  10. M

    Removing bad smells from A/C unit

    Hey guys, Found out today that the 2009 Ford Explorer apparently doesn't have a cabin air filter. I've gone through sterilizing it with lysol, but hasn't made too big of a dent. I checked the drain pipe and it is draining clear. Normally I'd replace the filter, but since there isn't one I'm...
  11. K

    #70 Fuse keeps blowing

    2013 Explorer XLT - Put a new A/C compressor on and had the system evacuated and charged and once you turn the a/c on in the car within a matter of minutes the #70 fuse blows. Any ideas as to what could be causing this??
  12. M

    Help! Newbie with A/C issues.

    Hi all I have a 2003 explorer. Put the A/C ON GOOD GUAGES got a reading of about 27 -28 on each side static. Ac clutch not engaging. Have power to cycle switch connector no power to ac clutch connector. Ideas? I'm thinking it should be the switch. Does this switch mount on a shrader valve or do...
  13. H

    A/C Blows Hot Air - but nothing seems broken?

    First off, 2004 XLT 4.6 Hey there. It's getting warm again for the summer in UT and the A/C in the explorer doesn't seem to be working like it should. When I have it set to cold, it blows hot. When it's set to warm, it blows even hotter. We've measured the pressure of the A/C and they are...
  14. I


    Hi all! I spent all day today putting on a new compressor, accumulator, orifice tube, low side pressure switch, and relay. Of course, I flushed the hell out of the system with a half gallon of solvent through a flush gun, then shop air, then flush gun. Installed the new parts, pulled a vacuum...
  15. S

    A/C coming warm from driver side vents

    Hello fellas, I have an issue with my A/C had it delivered on the dealership to troubleshoot and they found nothing. Just today I noticed that the air blows cold on the passenger side but on the driver side is barely cold. (Now I know why my friends got cold really quickly). The air blows...
  16. M

    2002 Sport Trac A/C question

    All, Thanks for lending me your far superior expertise. I have an '02 Sport trac I purchased 3 years ago used. I've done a good bit of work on it to keep it going, and have driven the heck out of it. I live in Florida and it is getting hot and my A/C is getting quite questionable. The...
  17. I

    Bad A/C Compressor?

    Gentlemen, new to this forum and I have a question regarding my a/c. So yesterday, after years of solid performance, the air conditioner started blowing warm. I didn't think anything of it so I went and bought some R134 this morning thinking I was just gonna do a quick refill and that'd be that...
  18. M

    A/C, heater, defroster not working

    Hello So I recently had my cabin fuse box replaced, which was not the problem it turns out. more on that in another post. After I got my car back the A/C heater defroster wont work in front. the one in the back works. When I turn it on and I am driving against the wind I do get a slight breeze...
  19. J

    Rear Evaporator Pre-Screen

    The compressor on my 4.6 with auxiliary controls failed and it spread metal chips throughout the system. I know in the front system there is the orifice tube which has a screen, but I was wondering if the rear system is screened and where? In the shop manual it says there is a screen at the...
  20. K

    2005 Explorer XLT 4.0L Outside/Underhood A/C Clicking?

    Hey, I have a 2005 Explorer XLT 4.0L and when the A/C or fan is running, it still works perfectly, there is a clicking noise coming from under the hood. It sounds like lifters lightly clicking would sound like but when you turn the fan or A/C off, the sound immediately stops. Anyone have any...
  21. firefly1246

    v8 A/C Compressor, what is easiest way to remove it??

    Hey Guys, So it is super hot (in the 90s in SC) and I need to replace the air conditioning compressor on my v8 4x4 '04 Explorer. Can anybody offer any advice on the easiest way to remove the compressor? It doesn't appear going through the top is an option, and it looks really tough to go...
  22. Rick

    List of Useful Threads A/C & Heater forum's best threads

    How to: Quick and Easy 2nd gen Blend Door Replacement Tutorial 2nd Gen NO AC ( or heat) FROM VENTS!!! A "How to" what to look for thread My 1st Gen Heater Core Replacement Diary How to: Flush, R&R compressor, accumulator, and orfice tube 95 Converting an R-12 Air Conditioner to use R-134a...
  23. G

    A/C fades from body to feet on hills.

    Please excuse this posting if this has already been asked, but could not find anything with a search. 1998 Explorer XLT V8. When driving with the A/C on, the air fades from the dash vents to the floor vents when going up hills. They don't have to be very big ones, but just a change elevation...
  24. B

    A/C nightmares

    97 ford ranger. Cannot get the compressor to kick in . I have hot wired at low and high pressure sensors. Even after switching the wog sensors around the only way the compressor will kick in is to hotwire at this point in the fusebox. Any suggestions on how to fix this dilemna?
  25. K

    Electrical problems (4x4,A/C,turn Signal

    OK so in the past week my 4x4, A/C, and turn signal have just stopped working the 4x4 when I change the nob from auto to 4x4 hi nothing no light on the dash and it doesn't engage I just replace my bcm and no change I checked the fuses in the panel and none seem blone and the 20A one in the relay...