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    AC blows hot when hot outside

    I have read through infinite forums looking for help, and it seems like I'm running out of things to try. My 99 Explorer blows hot air from the AC when it's hot outside. I have checked pressure and both HI and Low are in the ballpark. I replaced the relay, the clutch cycling switch, and have...
  2. 2

    A/c clutch replacement.

    I need to replace th clutch on my compressor soon as it grinds when it engages. From what I've seen, it involves removing the bolt and a ring to remove the bearing. Then you use a feeler gauge to set the correct space. Is that all there is to it? I've also found this kit from advanced auto...
  3. E

    A/C & Vent Issues

    Hi, I purchased a 1996 Eddie Bauer (5.0) and the air conditioner isn't cooling and when in "vent" mode it blows warm air. Could these issues be related? Should I start with the thermostat before having the A?C looked at? Thanks in advance for your responses.:us:
  4. T

    Why does my A/C decline while I accelerate?

    hi, I have a 2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition. My AC in the truck often goes out if I were to hit the gas. It didn't always do this but has been doing this since 2014... Wow I am sitting still is normal but if I am getting on the interstate on the on ramp and have to accelerate quickly the...
  5. I

    2002 Will Not Turn Over No AC

    OK, I put in a new radiator in my 02 4.6 XLT, along with 3 new idler pulley's, new serpentine belt and a new water pump. All went perfectly. During my test drive I turned on the AC and it blew cold for 30 seconds and then back to warm. Since the air has not been on since last summer I'm not sure...
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    91 Ford Explorer A/C issues

    Whats up guys, Im new to the forum (as far as being registered) but I have used you guys info to fix a lot of things on my truck. Here's the issue that had me to sign up as I can't seem to fix the problem I am having. So I bought this truck for work and the A/C isn't working. It was a mess...
  7. F

    Sensor on thermostat housing need name or a part #

    Hello, thanks for reading I have a 1995 ranger 2.3 I replaced the timing belt and all went well. Although while moving a/c compressor for space, the electrical connector that is on the thermostat housing broke now my a/c is not working the ceramic was already broke but there was two bare metal...
  8. L

    Problem found in 4/2001 explorer a/c heater is knocking loudly behind mid consul

    Problem :( found in 4/2001 explorer a/c heater is knocking loudly behind mid consul and no heat or a/c felt from vents problem is I can't find a way to get to where the noise is coming from :eek: any tips would be greatly appreciated also wipers are not functioning at all so the vehicle has been...
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    A/C resistor and switch going bad

    This is about my friends 1999 6 cylinder F150. His A/C fan will only operate on the HI and Low setting, no middle, either wide open or very small. The guy at the shop said he needed a new fan switch and resistor. We replaced that and it worked for the afternoon then that evening it went back...
  10. J

    '98 Explorer blows heater all the time. No A/C

    So its a 98 ford explorer xlt. The heater is constantly on, coming lightly through the floor vents and defroster vents near the windshield. The blower speed knob works to change fan speed, but the knob to change temp does nothing and the directional knob to change vents does nothing. If it is...
  11. Q

    where to find a/c recharge kit that will fit?

    My daughter's 1998 Explorer's A/C compressor is cycling a bit. The air is still cool but should be colder. I went to add freon and found that the charging ports are smaller than the "standard" size. The ports on my 2000 ford truck and my wife's 2002 Explorer are what must be consider the...
  12. B

    98 Ford Explorer A/C issues

    Ok so The A/C in my explorer hasn't worked for about 2 years. I got it 3 years ago and after the winter of the first year it simply wouldn't produce cold air. Up until now it didn't really big me but it's been one hot summer so I figured I'd give it a shot. So I bought a recharge kit from a...
  13. F

    ac switch issues

    so until recently i have had little to no problems with my 94 explorer. the ac switch apparently has a short in it. does anybody know where i can find an actual helpful wiring diagram or helpful tips so that i dont screw up the wiring once i get the new switch.
  14. H

    A/C issues

    Hey folks, Big thanks to the active forum members. This is a great place for fellow lovers of the Explorer. I have been having A/C issues for some time. Now I'm sure most of you at this point are already thinking to yourself "blend door actuator" but I don't believe that is the problem. My A/C...
  15. C

    Can I make a single speed e-fan run slower with reduced voltage ?

    Ok, so I did an e-fan on my '93 Ranger. I used a Volvo fan. It was, I think, out of a V70/V90 or something. It pulls a ton of air. Unfortunately, it also pulls a ton of amps. Too much for the the alternator to keep up with while sitting in traffic at idle. The fan is a single speed fan, in that...
  16. Z

    AC Grinding noise behing glovebox

    I have searched everywhere and cannot find a problem exactly like mine. A/C works just fine. Air is cold and heat works like it should. Problem is the grinding noise coming from behind the glovebox. The sound is faint, but noticeable, on low, and gets louder and faster as the ac fan is cranked...
  17. Q

    Brand New '03 Explorer Owner

    Greetings! I just got my uncle's 2003 Explorer Limited AWD. 173K, but it doesn't look like it. It's the V6 Flexfuel, which doesn't really matter to me in Kalamazoo, because there's no E85 gas stations around anywhere. So right off the bat, I've got 3 problems. #1 . ABS - The light's on...
  18. C

    A/C Recharge

    I recently had to change motors and now have an empty A/C system because of it. Does anyone know how many cans of R-134a I need to fill it back up? Thanks in advance.
  19. P

    96 Explorer Replacing AC Discharge and Suction Lines

    1996 Explorer XLT 4.0L OHV One of my AC hoses is cracked and the refrigerant has leaked out. The compressor is new about a year ago. I've order the replacement Discharge and Suction Line set. I'll probably replace the lines this weekend. I've searched the forum for guidance; my question...
  20. W

    AC is hot, low side pressure ok???

    I've searched the forum for a couple days, but I'm not sure what to do. Apologies if this has been covered already. My AC blows warm, but everything else works. I got an AC pro kit, and measured the low side pressure, which was only slightly low. I filled it, rechecked, and nothing. Waited a...
  21. M

    AC blows hot. Rookie posting here. Pressure said 110 on recharge can.

    So my ac started blowing hot air. After a day of this, it just started blowing cold AC again without any work. That lasted about a week. Now, it's been hot air for 2 weeks. So I got a recharge 134a kit, and followed instructions. The pressure gauge went to just over 100, in the red...
  22. T

    AC Compressor Exploded!

    2003 Explorer XLT V6 4.0 4x4 with rear (aux) air conditioning. AC Compressor exploded! Assuming the A/C system has metal shavings in it. I've done some searching and found that I need to have a flush done, replace several parts myself (see list) and then have the system evacuated & charged...
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    A/C problem - vent not working except w. engine not running

    '98 Ford Explorer, 100k miles. Receiver/dryer replaced in 2005 (34,000 miles) when it rusted out. A/C not working. Compressor does seem to come on. Set it on fan setting (there are two settings that do not use A/C, 100% outside air) and they blast very hot air. Turned engine off, turned...
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    AC not blowing cold

    I recently purchased a 2011 Limited, and am having issues with the AC getting "cold enough". Even on the "Lo" setting, the AC seems to only get a few degrees cooler than the outside temperature. My wife has a 2011 BMW 328i that will almost freeze you out of the car at the 60 degree setting...
  25. C

    Melting in the heat! Need a/c advice. Converting window a/c to indoor use.

    Ok, I live in an "apt." that isn't really. I have no windows. It is a concrete block construction. The 2nd floor, and even the 1st, is becoming unbearably hot:fire:. I do have a (actually 2 units) working window a/c unit. I also have access to a an unfinished concrete block (cinder block)...