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  1. B

    A/C Compressor won't engage automatically

    I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place...we have hit a DEAD END!! Working on a 1997 Explorer 4.0L V6 engine...hubby has drained the freon and refilled it and confirmed no leaks--he can jumper the compressor manually and it comes on and cools just fine. Compressor won't engage on its...
  2. K

    HELP FOR 2000 EXP A/C Compressor

    Brand new compressor installed but clutch doesn't engage. What to do? Having my first baby in 1 week and REALLY want to have the A/C working. My dad is very mechanically inclined so please give me your suggestions and I will pass them on to him. THANK YOU!
  3. 0

    A/C cold on drivers side & warm on pass. With digital climate control

    I just purchased an 06 Explorer Eddie Bauer with the digital dual zone climate control and already having issues. I have searched the forum but just wanted to be sure about the defective part before tearing in or trusting any type of mechanic to do the fix. I do not hear any type of sound inside...
  4. G

    Difficulty switching from heat to a/c, and back

    My 2007 Explorer has difficulty switching from the heater to the air conditioner, and vice versa. When going from one temp to the other, I start hearing a "clicking" in the dash. Normally the speed and volume of the clicking (anywhere from a "tap" to a "thump") relate to the level of air I'm...
  5. drakeguy22

    No heat or a/c...

    alright to make a long story short... i went mudding... next day no heat or a/c. the blower will blow whatever temp air is outside the Ex... i cleaned the engine bay out very well thinking that maybe i had mud stuck in places in shouldnt be and that helped in no way shape or form. Anyone had...
  6. B

    2003 explorer ac orifice tube?

    Ok ive searched everywhere for a picture of an exact location of the ac orifice tube. Im not to familiar with ac systems but i did change the compressor and reciever drier/accumulator when to have it recharged and they said high side shot through the roof. So if theres anyone that either has a...
  7. C

    Adding A/C to a factory non-a/c truck

    I have a '93 Ranger, 4.0L-OHV, 5spd, 4x4 (1354 manual). For whatever reason, this truck was originally bought w/o a/c :confused::scratch: Now, with the recent appearance of hell / the surface of the sun in good 'ole NJ :fire::splat:, I'm seriously considering swapping in AC from a donor...
  8. D

    Low side A/C pressure fluctuating

    Hey everyone, First post here. Just bought an 06 XLT. A/C doesn't blow out cold air. I bought a gauge for the low pressure port and tested it today with the outside temp being about 75F. With Max A/C on, the gauge reads 10 PSI and slowly climbs to about 50 PSI and then shoots back down to 10...
  9. I

    A/C worked before they fixed my Explorer Help

    2000 explorer XLT V6 4.0 L I had a mechanic change my Themostat housing and thermostat today and when he put it all back together the A/C is not running now, the blower works and when he touches an ohm meter to it and juices it the compressor kicks on but when he lets go it quits he said he...
  10. H

    A/C Black death

    My local A/C guy tells me that I am suffering from "Black death". My Ranger is a 1998 and the only data I regarding black death that I could find referred to older units. I suspect/pray that my local A/C guy is mistaken or otherwise. So, can anyone advise me as to whether the problem has...
  11. Interdynamics super sealer kit for A/C.

    Interdynamics super sealer kit for A/C.

    This kit seals leaks in metal as well as leaks from O ring seals & hoses. Freon must be added immediately after use to prevent clogging of the access port.
  12. K

    94 V6 a/c refrigerant line connections loose?

    My 94 V6 EB has a/c problems. Compressor clutch is not engaging at all. I didnt use it at all last summer because the heater blower wasnt working. Eventually found and fixed the problem (blown relay in the pwr distr box under the hood). So now I have a fan that works, the heat works, the...
  13. K

    2001 Sprt Trac A/C Clutch Electrical Issue

    2001 Ford Explorer Sprot Trac. A/C Problem think this is an electrical Issue. I noticed the A/C was starting to blow warm air. I put gauges on the system and realized the Compressor Clutch was not Engaging (couldn't get a good reading on the guages). Anyhow, assumed I had a Bad Low PCM so I...
  14. B

    1998 Eddie Bauer Explorer A/C not working

    I have a 1998 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer and the front air will not work. When I try to turn the air/heat/defrost on, it lights up acknowleding my command, but nothing happens. The rear air does, however, work. I have been told by different people that it could be the blower motor or the...
  15. P

    Need some help!

    I have a 2001 explorer sport. the air stopped blowing out of the vents, but it will still blow out of the floor vents and also the windshield defrost vents. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this??
  16. A

    A/C compressor not working

    I have a 2001 Explorer XLT 5.0 AWD. Apparently my A/C compressor is not working. Air not cold when turned to cold and defrost does not work well at all. Is there any way for me to try to diagnose/fix whatever problems might exist?
  17. A

    A/C system, is there an incoming air filter?

    I've noticed a drop in the volume of air blown trhough my A/C system, is there an incoming air filter, like the ones used in several modern cars? my explorer is a 1999 XLT other than a clogged evaporator, where else could a restriction to airflow be present?, my blower motor seems to work as...
  18. C

    '97 Eddie Bauer No air from htg/def/a/c vents

    Blower working, very loud as no air is being pushed. Vacuum resevoir ok, checked lines for leaks found none. Recirc door for a/c opens and closes fine. Door in floor vent by accelerator moves depending which button I push (vent, panel, def, floor, etc). I assume it is not a vacuum prob. I disc...
  19. J

    Climate Settings With Remote Start

    Is there a way to have the heated seats turn on automagically when using remote start? Thanks!
  20. T

    Intermittent Air To Dash Vents

    I have a 2000 Explorer (Eddie Bauer) with auto climate controls (with controls on the steering wheel as well as the dash) Recently air stopped coming out of the dash. The AC clutch engages, but no love from the vents... :( I replaced the relay and checked the fuses but no dice. Recently...
  21. JohnnyDop

    Faulty Vent Dampers?

    The night i picked up my Ex i noticed condensation on the lower part of the windshield on the outside. I then checked and felt cold air (a/c was on) coming from the Defrost vent. I then checked to see if the Defrost vent was activated on the screen and it wasnt. Over the next few days i've...
  22. T

    a/c compressor clutch rattling

    I have an '02 Explorer 2WD 4.6L V8 and just recently within the last week when the a/c is turned on and the clutch engages it begins a constant rattling that can be heard over the engine noise. Turn of the engine, clutch disengages and the rattling immediately stops. Is this clutch, or a...
  23. R

    A/C vacuum line 2001 explorer

    Does anyone know where the ac vacuum lines hook under the hood of an '01 explorer. I found two lines that come from the bottom of the air box inside the vehicle and run through the firewall on the passenger side. One line goes to the the vacuum ball in the from right fender area and the other...
  24. S

    1998 Eddie Bauer

    Hello All, I am new to this forum since my personal vehicle is a Powerstroke 6.0 diesel, but I am looking for information regarding my wife's 1998 Eddie Bauer (45,000 miles). Had it in the shop several times. It has an automatic climate control system but in A/C mode it will work for a few...
  25. S

    '02 A/C and windshield wiper problem

    I have an '02 with a V8. Recently my A/C has started blowing hot, but sometimes starts blowing cold again after I restart my car again. I have also noticed that when the A/C blows hot the windshield wipers don't work and do work when it blows cold. Is there any way I can fix this myself (very...