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  1. B

    Looking at buying 01 Ranger. Advice?

    So I'm looking at buying a 2001 Ranger Edge Plus SuperCab 4.0 4WD with a stepside bed and 167,000 miles on it. I went to look at it this evening, and it seems pretty good apart from a few minor things that I would want to replace (like the cruise control buttons). My main concern is the SOHC 4.0...
  2. E

    02' Off Road Build

    So I picked up this 02 Eddie 4.0 on the super cheap. It has 310k on it lmao, no idea on the history but the trans seems solid- numbers look good on the engine's pressure(about 160 psi on the left bank, didn't bother with the other side). Think it needs a timing job on the front- it has a knock/...
  3. B

    Building a Reliable 2005 3rd Gen

    Hi there, I've been doing a bunch of research here in New Zealand, as my goal is to replace my rather unsafe 1996 Toyota Surf with something safer for the family and still capable off-road. The Explorer ticks all the boxes for me - side airbags, good safety rating, heaps of room etc. My...
  4. M

    Our Explorer Was Totaled in Severe Accident, Need Advice About Buying Another One...

    Hello everyone, haven't been on here in about a month since I've been vacation with my dad. Anyways, I don't want to talk about what led up to what happened to my grandma when she was driving because I feel like I would get hate for it and blamed for something not my fault but possibly the...
  5. G

    First vehicle, have some questions

    Hi everyone, I just made a post in the New Members section. I think this is the right place to ask about this stuff, but correct me if I'm wrong. These questions are mostly just me being clueless as a new car owner, but some relate to the Explorer specifically. Any advice would be awesome! The...
  6. G

    First vehicle in the great white north

    Hello everyone! I'm pretty excited because it turns out my Aunt's old 1993 5-spd sport is now my first vehicle. She bought it new, drove it for roughly 10 years, then sold it to a guy in mint condition. Said guy has now given it back to her (and her to me) since he's moving. I never thought I'd...
  7. M

    Might have some serious issues...

    So I bought a 2004 Explorer 4.0 SOHC 2WD not too long ago, it had the check engine light come on not too long after, had the codes ran a P0193. but I had ignored it a couple days. After a couple days, my battery was dead and after it not holding a charge overnight, went and bought a new battery...
  8. B

    2004 explorer xlt

    Hey I just bought this 2004 explorer and it's stock I was wondering what I could do to it such as tires and headlights to make it look more aesthetic. I plan on getting a 3" body lift and the car is black. I also don't plan on killing my wallet lol. Thanks
  9. G

    2002 4.0 auto to M50d-r1

    Hey all, New to the forum as a member but have been reading for years. Love it. Anyway, my girl (02 4.0 XLT 2WD) rolled 200,000 this year and was promoted from daily driver to weekend warrior. Since I can now be without her for a while now it's time for an overhaul. Before I ask, I know the...
  10. A

    Austin Burris. 5.0 97 explorer

    Hey guys I'm new here. I have a 1997 explorer limited with the 5.0v8. I'm looking for builds and advice/help on prerunning it. Thanks
  11. S

    Sas advice

    I have a 96 explorer xlt 4.0 ohv, 5spd, electric transfer case. Standard tt, shackles, aal, and 31s. I am planning on doing a sas in the coming months and wanted to ask some advice. I want to keep it fairly low budget but mostly keep the time involved to a minimum because I work a lot and I love...
  12. Everett PHX

    Need bolts any advice welcome

    I have a 2001 explorer I'm in the middle of doing the v6 to v8 swap. Over the very long course of this (my buddy deployed and the project went stagnant for a while) anyways bolts were lost and some were not labeled or have been separated from the labels. The next main things I need put on that I...
  13. A

    Need a lift!!

    Just bought a 2008 Ford Explorer XLT RWD, and looking to get lift. Ideal size is 3" haven't really seen any can someone recommend anything. First time I ever lift a car so not really sure what I need so any advice will help.
  14. A

    4th gen lift

    I just got a 2008 Ford Explorer XLT RWD and I want to lift it 3" any recommendations? First time lifting a car so any advice will help. Also any mods you may also recommend with the lift.:whitenavajo:
  15. P

    Sound System Quesiton

    Hey guys, need a little help on a project. I recently got a double din pioneer head unit that I want to put in my 01 Sport Trac. Does anyone know if this Sport Trac comes with a factory amp? I just have the four door speakers and the standard stock radio. I don't know if there is an amp...
  16. E

    '99 Explorer V8 Eddie Bauer

    Hello I'm Brandon, 20yrs old and today I purchased a V8 Eddie Bauer from family friends(only owners and no accidents). Before I drove a 2005 Taurus se and it had major problems, they offered us an incredible price($1700!) so I had to accept the deal. It has 133,000 miles and runs like a champ...
  17. P

    Repair Manual Needed!

    I'm trying to find a pdf file of a 92 Explorer repair manual. I rigged up a temporary fix to some vacuum lines a while back, but I recently noticed my rig job is deteriorating & lines are just falling apart...I use my Explorer to run deliveries for a living & the lack of fuel efficiency is...
  18. J

    2006 4.6 Liter V8- Cam problems

    Hi. This is my first post. I am stupid when it comes to cars. I am trying to research if "my problem" is a Ford problem. My 2006 Explorer had 32,000 miles when I bought it. Sometime after that we heard the ticking that I have since learned may be something about a stuck lash adjuster? Our...
  19. F

    Buying 2000 Explorer XLT-Why so cheap?

    I found a 2000 Explorer XLT, 4wd, 4.0 SOHC, only 84,000 miles. They're asking $2,800. Went and test drove it with my dad, a former mechanic, and it seemed fine other than a slight pull to the right and some interior cosmetic issues. Good tires, sounds good, trans shift as it should...
  20. B

    New to a '96 Ranger

    Hello, I have recently acquired a '96 Ranger and I'm looking for advice/help on how to build/adapt/customize/make awesome my little truck for off roading. I'm thinking more trail than rock crawling or mudding. Something that'll support me as I look to spend more time outdoors, whether...
  21. 1

    first car (1991 explorer)

    i thought that i would show you guys my explorer, what ive done and what im planning on doing. its a 1991 EB i bought it for 800 dollars and it has 170000 on it. everything is running fine and so far i have put plugs wires oil change four tires. i bought a new pionner deck and new 6x9 and...
  22. A

    Need Lot of advice for Engine replacement

    Hello everyone, So i had some anoying noise coming from the engine of my explorer 97 4.0l And my ford got 111356Miles. The noise is like this it's doing this noise everytimes Park, drive ... And when i press the gas pedal, it stop when i release it the noise get bigger... So i'm...
  23. A

    2002 XLT 200K+ miles, still worth it?

    So I may be in possession of a Black 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 2WD 4DR, it has 200K+ miles on it, mainly freeway driven between San Diego & Orange County, free from a family member, just need to pay insurance and registration. So my question is, is it worth making it look cool, like a prerunner...
  24. 1

    New Member Question: 2001 FST 4X4

    Hi, I am a new member who has a question about the 2001 Ford Sport Trac. I have came across a 2001 Sport Trac w/125,000 miles on craigslist. It is a 4X4 model with hard cover, moon roof, bed extender, very nice/clean interior, good tires, front end redone @80,000 miles, good maintenance, and...
  25. spinnn

    Bankruptcy Rocks!

    Hey now. Got myself a real clean 97 X Sport 2 door, 4.0, stick, 170,000 on chassis, 35,000 on motor/clutch, since my Trooper quit after 300,000 miles of torture. Gonna move my 31 in. mudders right on over, also my stereo, while I repower the Trooper from scratch--don't ask me why--I'm one of...