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    Trades for Celeste the Aerostar.

    I have a 1992 Ford Aerostar named Celeste, it is Canadian, currently living in Burlington, VT and I think could be exported to the USA. I love it dearly, it still runs but has an exhaust leak on the manifold that I can't afford to fix. It's an elder, so I am sure there are a lot of other things...
  2. J

    Rear bumper cover (left, center, and right) for sale.

    Hey Fellas, I recently bought a 1993 Extended Aerostar in (mostly) excellent condition. It had a cracked rear bumper cover and I figured it would be an easy salvage yard find... lol. Thanks to the wisdom available on this forum, I quickly realized just how difficult it is to find these parts...
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    Original Owner of a 1992 Ford Eddie Bauer Aerostar

    Hello all, I guess I’m the new guy on the block. I have owned my 1992 Aerostar since the day I bought it from the Lima Ford Engine Plant In 1992. I was a Motor Mechanic on the V-6 Assembly Line and worked for Ford Motor Company for 41 years. I just put Classic License Plates on my Van. Even...
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    Ford P0340 error code.

    I have a 1997 Ford Aerostar with the 3.0L Vulcan engine, 86,000 miles. My check engine light is on, and it has the following error codes: P0340 - CMP sensor circuit fault P0340-C CMP sensor circuit malfunction I have an obd 2 cable, and I use obd 2 software called FORScan, so I can reset the...
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    The red brake light on the dashboard is always on.

    Good evening! My new (to me) 1993 Aerostar XL 3.0 RWD has the BRAKE light lit on the dashboard 100% of the time, and I am at a loss on what it could be. The brake fluid is full. The parking brake is all the way down (hand brake) I have inspected the level sensor, it looks visually okay...
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    Hello from Portland, OR

    Good morning from the Pacific Northwest, I am very excited to join this forum of enthusiasts. My name is Aaron, it's been a while since I've been on a forum-based group, happy to be back on the platform. A little about me, I've been working in the automotive industry for the past 8 years...
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    Automatic transmission filter change and rear axle oil.

    Hello. So im going to change my filter in my Aerostar. I have a 1995 XTL V6 4.0l E4WD 4R55-R. Im woundering how much oil do i need to prepare me for ? i know it takes around 9.6 Liters, but i have also been told that if you just take the sump off, it only dumps around half.. is that true ? The...
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    Transmission Wouldn't Engage, Heavy Acceleration

    The vehicle is a 1990 Aerostar 3.0L Automatic. After overnight parking is when the problem occurs, shifts just fine in reverse and to take off when backing up, but once it runs for a good minute if there's a hill with a stop sign at the end of it, it either has heavy acceleration from the take...
  9. D

    1997 Aerostar roll over on Rt. 55. My sweet Ethyl is not well.

    April 2016 Ethyl and I were headed home from Philly and everything was right with the world. All of the sudden there was styrofoam all over the place. The lift truck company van in front of me was not paying attention and slammed on his brakes dead. I headed into the median and it looked as if...
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    Can I use parts from my 1991 E-4WD Aerostar in my custom Ranger?

    Hi guys, I have a 91 awd aerostar (in Washington if anyone interested) and am curious if the steering shaft can swap into my on ranger? My ranger has two U joints in its shaft one about half way up and another just inside the firewall that kicks to the left to steering wheel. (It has a custom...
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    Thanks for the welcome

    Good Morning, I joined the forum this morning to learn and share information about Ford Aerostars. I currently own a '94 3.0 Blue, and a '93 3.0 Maroon. I am a Vulcan motor aficionado. Having recently acquiring the '93 as a replacement for the '94, I am having fuel/air/vacuum/sensor issues...
  12. S

    1986 Aerostar with 78K miles. I have a manual transmission issue.

    Hey y'all, new member here, I just got this one-of-a-kind 1986 Aerostar 5spd with the little 2.3L engine. Its a gem of a car, but while trying to drive it back from Georgia to NY the transmission went out. I'm not the most mechanically inclined but have been obsessed with Aerostars since I was...
  13. L


    New here...Had tree Aerostars, but two of them died recently, so I'm just trying to maintain the remaining Aerostar/1995 XLT Aerostar.
  14. The 1995 taillight is on the left. The 1996 taillight is on the right.

    The 1995 taillight is on the left. The 1996 taillight is on the right.

    This is a side by comparison between the socket holes on two Aerostar taillights.
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    1994 Aerostar. Starting & running issues.

    Ok I am very new to this but I am lost... I have an 94 3.0L Aerostar Van automatic at about 94,000 miles and its been giving me hell! Let me start when it all began I had it parked for about 1-2 yrs. but I would turn it on when my Acura integra was on its last leg I figured I...
  16. Aerostar doors, tracks, and bolts (description).

    Aerostar doors, tracks, and bolts (description).

  17. Aerostar doors, tracks, and bolts.

    Aerostar doors, tracks, and bolts.

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    1994 Aerostar with a 4.0L won't start when it's cold.

    My 1994 Aerostar 4L AWD runs perfectly but it won't start when it is even a little cold ie 0C or 32F. When it has been left overnight it turns over fast, fires now and then and backfires through the intake. If i plug in the block heater for 15min or so (a little longer when it is very cold) it...
  19. Aerostar rear bumper.

    Aerostar rear bumper.

    This diagram was taken from Ford software.
  20. G

    Trailer hitch installation.

    I bought a trailer hitch installation for my van today as I"m going on a long trip to Ohio from Oregon starting on the 2nd of August. I needed the trailer hitch to pull a 5x8 enclosed trailer filled to the brim with tons of stuff. My problem is after assembling the darndable thing (there was a...
  21. Aerostar vacuum diagram.

    Aerostar vacuum diagram.

    The diagram was in Ford's software.
  22. 1993 Aerostar evaporator core diagram.

    1993 Aerostar evaporator core diagram.

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    1996 Aerostar with a power steering leak.

    Hi! I drive a 1996 Ford Aerostar that I bought in January 2000. I had the rack and pinion steering replaced and power steering filled about 2,000 miles ago (just under 3 months) and I'm leaking power steering fluid again, I think. It started whining and I checked the fluid to find it was...
  24. Aerostar fuel sending unit.

    Aerostar fuel sending unit.

  25. S

    Heater control valve on a 1995 Aerostar with a 4.0L.

    The heater control valve on my 1995 Aerostar has broken. I can find replacement parts at or autozone but they are configured differently. Part number 74809 is supposed to be the one. Mine sits on the passenger side of the engine compartment right up next to the AC drier/canister...