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air con

  1. T

    Suggestions for AC Diagnostics

    This morning while I was getting on the freeway to work I noticed a strong burning smell that died down slowly. There was road construction in the area so I kept driving thinking nothing of it. As i kept driving i noticed that the Air Conditioning had stopped blowing cold air. The temperature...
  2. L

    Interior Heater problem

    Hi everyone, As I am just new to this forum I shall try to be as informative as I can in describing the problem: Me and my buddy (Dutch) have started travelling in Australia (backpacking) and bought ourselves a Ford Explorer 1998 XLT 4.0 SOHC as we wanted to do some off-roading on our...
  3. Sedition

    Black Air Vent Vacuum line... blockage??

    Hi all, My air vents are stuck on "defrost" mode no matter what the selector is set to. So I need some advice reguarding the thin hard plastic vacuum line that runs from the "ball accumulator" into the fire wall and then on to the airvent actuator. It appears that there is a blockage in the...