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air conditining

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    2006 Explorer Grey AC Line Mystery

    The AC works fine until I accelerate. Accelerating causes the AC front blowers to dip and not blow any air. I hear a hiss from behind the glovebox, and AC doesn't return until I take my foot off the gas. Checking behind the glovebox, all connections seem sound. Looking under the hood I found...
  2. 9

    '91 A/C reinstall ??? Can you look under your hood for me?

    Hey guys, I'm working at reinstalling my A/C system after I ripped it all out about 6 years ago (long story), and I think I have all of the parts I need, BUT I can't find the A/C Compressor connector. Odds are I pushed it out of the way or zip-tied it to another connector to keep it from getting...
  3. J

    Blend Door Actuator with rerouted vacuum supply line?

    96 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition When I first bought it, the A/C and heat worked. Heat went out about a month later. Mechanic got heat working (see notes below) but a few months later it stopped working again aside from the engine heat from the defrost vents. Then A/C started only blowing...
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    2005 V8 4.6 air condtioning recharge

    Hello I bought my explore in June of 2015 with 169,XXX on the clock, it was really hot that day and the air conditioner blew very cold that day. Fast forward almost 5 years later and the clock now says 226500. My air conditioner does not blow as cold any more, but blows cool. I don't suspect...
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    cooling system - small plastic black knob

    C an someone tell me what this small black knob in the cooling system is. It is to the right of the radiator. I lost a lot of anti freeze and think it was leaking out from here. the knob was loose so I tightened it. What is it for and how tight should it be ? "Hand Tight"? 2010 Explorer AWD...
  6. P

    2003 V6 Air Conditioning - Replace/Repair

    So, the air conditioning on my V6 blows room temperature, I turned the AC on max with fan all the way up and temperature all the way to cool with AC on and I noticed that the compressor never engages, so I'm pretty sure that's bad. Over the summer I'll be looking into getting the AC up and...
  7. G

    No Max AC, no Vacuum?

    Hello all. New user here. I have a 2001 Explorer XLT V6. Love the truck. It has about 140,000 miles. It is stock. I bought it about a year ago to do driver training with my kids. Anyway, the AC works great, but last week the MAX AC setting quit working. I search the internet to see about...
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    Help??? How do you jump a/c clutch

    HELP I LOST MY AC AND I DONT KNOW HOW TO JUMP THE CLUTCH TO RECHARGE IT? From what I was reading you have to jump the clutch to get it going to recharge it? Not sure if this is correct, but I do need help
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    Suggestions for AC Diagnostics

    This morning while I was getting on the freeway to work I noticed a strong burning smell that died down slowly. There was road construction in the area so I kept driving thinking nothing of it. As i kept driving i noticed that the Air Conditioning had stopped blowing cold air. The temperature...
  10. Z

    AC Grinding noise behing glovebox

    I have searched everywhere and cannot find a problem exactly like mine. A/C works just fine. Air is cold and heat works like it should. Problem is the grinding noise coming from behind the glovebox. The sound is faint, but noticeable, on low, and gets louder and faster as the ac fan is cranked...
  11. C

    A/C Recharge

    I recently had to change motors and now have an empty A/C system because of it. Does anyone know how many cans of R-134a I need to fill it back up? Thanks in advance.
  12. T

    AC Compressor Exploded!

    2003 Explorer XLT V6 4.0 4x4 with rear (aux) air conditioning. AC Compressor exploded! Assuming the A/C system has metal shavings in it. I've done some searching and found that I need to have a flush done, replace several parts myself (see list) and then have the system evacuated & charged...
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    Wire harness chafing impact on AC?

    Dear ExMen, I have a not-so-new-to-me 2007 EB v8. Been my daily driver for 8 months. I put on 16,000 of the total 91,000 miles. The history: In October, had a hot few days and the AC ran great. All winter the defroster performed flawlessly. In March, and only on start up, it began...
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    1991 explorer unkown noise

    today it was nice out so i turned on a.c to see if it worked. which it didnt, and when i shut my car off i heard a noise that sounded like a pump releasing air or something like that, right by all the heat and a.c gadgets, it slowly went away. idk what that was, any1 know?
  15. J

    1997 Explorer v6 4.0 SOHC Mysterious Vacuum line...?

    I just bought a 97 explorer and when i had removed the passenger side splash guard to get to the spark plugs on that side of the engine to clean them and a vacuum line fell down and was corked with a wood screw. i have NO idea where it goes, and if relevant the A/C doesnt work and the clutch...
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    Air Conditioning Diagnostics

    The air conditioning on my explorer is not working properly. The compressor kicks on and off but it is every couple seconds so it seems low on refrigerant. I was wondering if it sounds like i just need to get a recharge or does it sound like i have a leak. I purchased the vehicle recently so i...
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    AC button doesn't work

    My AC button doesn't work so the only way i get my AC to work is if i put it on MAX AC. Which doesn't really help because all that does is recycle the air in the car. Also if I have MAX AC on and go over 40mph the blower automatically switches and blows the air out of the defroster vents. Can...
  18. B

    A/C Compressor won't stay on

    Whenever I turn on my AC I hear the compressor click on, then a second or two later it clicks back off and repeats itself as long as the climate control knob is on AC or MAX AC.... any ideas?
  19. J

    AC Rechardged and still not cold?

    Hi All! I have a 2004 Explorer Limited. My problem is that the AC does not get very cold. I have had it recharged with no improvement. We replaced the blower motor resistor and still no change. My fiance thinks it is the blend door, but I disagree because there is a marked change in...
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    Blowing hot air instead of cool from outside

    Hi folks. Hope someone can give some good advice. I have a 96 Explorer. I would expect when I adjust the climate control knobs to give me outside air and no heat, then turn on the blower...I'd get the outside air coming through the vents. Not's super heated. I'm guessing there must...