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air intake

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    Grille Change and Blackout Treatment along with other mods.

    Took advice from others on the forum and from pictures of thing others have done. Completed Mods 1. Sprayed the luggage rack bar and running board chrome plate with black plastic dip, for Blackout Look. 2. Changed front grille from chrome to black. 3. Headlight and Fog Lights - Tinted with tint...
  2. W

    CEL with code P0102 and already replaced MAF. Please help

    My 99 explorer 5.0 has CEL P0102 low voltage MAF sensor. I have replaced the sensor, the connector, throttle body sensor, IAC valve, gaskets and checked for vacumm leak although there seems to be a leak i can't find after the MAF sensor. What else can be causing this code? I can't get it smogged...
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    No (cold) air intake available for V6?

    Hi All, I recently purchased a 2010 Explorer Limited with the 4 L V6. I also own a Nissan Frontier (also a 4 L V6) and put a K&N Air intake into it a couple of years ago. I immediately noticed a small gain in power and improved fuel economy so I wanted to do the same for the Explorer...
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    aFe Magnum Force air intake system for 2016 Platinum

    I just picked up a 16 Platinum and want to upgrade the air intake. I'm looking at the aFe Magnum Force, but it seems that it only works with the Sport. It is the same engine, but I'm guessing that the...
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    Need Hose for valve cover

    The hose that comes off of my valve cover and connects to my air intake is occasionally slipping off, I've secured it with clamps. I've been unable to find the part online for replacement so I was wondering if anyone knows what the part name/ part number is? Could this be the cause of an oil...
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    air intake part missing ?

    hello, I just bought a 97 Explorer 4.0L SOHC V6 that has some minor issues. This is my first post and i am sure you can help me. When I follow the cold air intake I have : 1/ The cone air dry filter (a green one) 2/ The mass air flow sensor that i learned to clean thanks to this forum...
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    Air inlet hose fix?

    So my 97 'spolder has been chewing through my play money budget fast. Here is my current issue; Thermostat housing failed (I thought I had cracked the block, coolant pouring out back of the engine, not a good scene). In the course of removing the housing to replace it the air inlet hose broke...
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    Air intake tube problem!!

    I recieved a mac air intake and I installed it last night, everything works properly and I'm very pleased with everything except the extra hole on the intake tube next to where the breather hose is, the 2001 sport trac doesn't have any use of it so they included a plastic plug to block it off...
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    Getting at a 95 limited heater blower motor

    Hi – I have a ’95 Limited with EATC. Recently it smelt as if something was burning outside but not inside and I could not find the cause. Then the blower motor stopped but it will rotate slowly if tapped. As it will spin slowly I am assuming the fuses and relays are working. Thus I think it...
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    intake setup

    alright guys. dont know awhole lot on this stuff so looking for some insight. wanting to do the cold air intake from K&N for my 4.6 and this throttle body off a mustang...
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    Air Intake Questions

    First off, there is a button like object right above the air intake that is making it very very difficult for me to take off the air intake casing, i'm wondering what that is. Second of all, would it be substantial to do the cheesebox mod for the casing, AS WELL AS the CAI system? let me know...
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    Quick question about air intake

    I know there is a $200 intake system out there i just found this(Dead Link Removed) on ebay for 32.00. Please tell me is this too good to be true or not. I don't wanna waste money.
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    CAI and MAF

    i'm going to get the K&N 57 series probably on thursday (next paycheck :D) and i was wondering if i was to add a mass air flow sensor at this time, would i get better performance than with just the intake? or should i just leave the MAF stock? thanks a lot...