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  1. Y

    ford explorer 2015 interceptor police central locking and alarm

    Hello friend, I have a problem, I don't know if it is related to this module. The car is a ford explorer 2015 interceptor police. It happens that apparently they removed the alarm system and central locking, the module that connects to the remote control apparently because it works through the...
  2. D

    Disable factory alarm

    How do I disable the factory alarm system in a 2014 Ford Explorer? Backstory: I have a 2014 Ford PIU with (a regular OG metal key) the police department installed an after market alarm system. Everything was fine until I recently had some work done on the truck (they had to take the dash...
  3. N

    Factory alarm issues

    Just installed a new alarm on my 02 explorer xlt. Remote start and push button every thing works fine. When I arm it it does everything right then issue is when I disarm doors unlock but factory alarm goes of I have to disarm with key. Any way tonfix this?
  4. S

    Headlights flashing while car is off

    So i have a 2004 Ford Explorer 2WD, and my headlight/brake lights will occasionally flash while the car is off. It happens at random. i will go outside and see the lights flashing at the same rate a turn signal would flash. i usually unlock and lock the car again which makes the flashing stop...
  5. Z

    New to FE - Alarm Issue

    Morning, all. I have an '04 XLT. I am having two issues with it at the moment, both electrical in nature. 1) My fuse for the radio, overhead lighting and windows is out, and each time I replace it, it blows as soon as I put the fuse in. My windows are unfortunately down at the moment, so I am...
  6. K

    factory alarm going off while charging battery

    Hi there, I inherited a 2004 4.0 XLT when my dad passed, that does not run. When trying to get in into neutral to load on the trailer to haul home, the alarm was going off while connected to another vehicle, but I was able to lock the doors from the inside and disengage it long enough to get the...
  7. R

    2013 Explorer Liftgate Problem - Alarm

    Recently out or the clear, if I open my liftgate using my fob or the button on the liftgate it does open fine but does not disarm the alarm. I'very done a factory reset on the edge tire sync system as well as disconnecting the battery as the main ual says. Does anyone know how to fix this? I can...
  8. C

    Factory Alarm goes off when using remote key FOB

    Hi all, I have kind of a weird one here. I just went out and bought a remote for my 1998 Explorer XLT V8. I got it at AutoZone (It's made by Dorman) and I was able to program it to my truck by cycling the key 8 times and then hitting a button on the remote. That part went fine and the truck...
  9. B

    98 Explorer Sport alarm keeps going off even while driving

    My car wouldn't start yesterday morning. I jumped it, and it started right up, but the alarm (which I didn't know it had) started going off, even with the key in the ignition and the car driving. I thought I may just need a new battery and replaced it this morning, but the problem continues...
  10. N

    98' Explorer Non-stop anti theft Alarm help

    hey guys, For a few days now my 98' Explorer's car alarm has been going off, and not stopping when I click unlock, or start the engine. All the normal routines (even listed in the manual) do not stop the car alarm. It stays on when I am driving or parked, with engine turned on or off. The horn...
  11. G

    FOB and alarm problems....

    Hi everyone, I've tried to figure this out on my own, but Id love some help. my old FOB has some gremlin and works only occasionally. Battery was changed, and unit reprogrammed w/ no luck. I bought a new FOB, which does program, but, it activates the alarm when you click on door open. This...
  12. T

    2002 Explorer Alarm Issues

    My explorer has had this issue before. Just seems to fix itself. It also had the door ajar issues as well which I understand they are connected. This truck is now sitting, not being driven and the alarm just started going off, first time in a couple years. I disconnected the battery#thinking...
  13. T

    2002 Alarm going off

    My explorer has had this issue before. Just seems to fix itself. It also had the door ajar issues as well which I understand they are connected. This truck is now sitting, not being driven and the alarm just started going off, first time in a couple years. I disconnected the battery thinking...
  14. B

    as I can connect LED with only 2 cables+/-, to the factory alarm cables,or other way.

    Greetings do not write a lot in English but I will try, I have a 2005 Ford Explorer 4.0L 4x4. I would like to help someone, please. ebay buy an LED light of various movements with the idea of ​​putting it connected to the alarm, to make it look nice and also the rascals away without using the 45...
  15. L

    Auto window rollup

    This: I want! Talked to a number of shops in my area- there seems no easy way to do with the Canbus system in our explorers. But apparently some guys had a module they were featuring at this year's SEMA show that's plug n play with the Canbus. Hopefully this...
  16. M

    Alarm goes off when reconnecting the battery

    I have a 1996 Ford Explorer 4wd 6 cycl and its been dead for 3 months, due to the alternator. I put in a new alternator, went to advance auto and let them charge my battery overnight because it was completely dead. Anyhow after I picked up the battery and connected reconnected it to my truck...
  17. P

    Please HELP with Alarm

    Ok so i have been trying to fix this for about 3 weeks. My alternator went out while driving home, ok no problem I parked my explorer used my wife's van and went to work the next day. After work I ran by Auto-Zone and picked up a new alternator and attempted to replace my faulty one. In the...
  18. 6

    Rear window hatch not working ..."door ajar" sensor going crazy!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and glad to have found it! I have a 2002 Explorer and the rear window latch mechanism stopped working. We took apart the rear hatch to find a plastic piece that attaches the cable to the latch dry rotted and fell apart. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find...
  19. B

    Key Fob Not Working In Hot Weather!

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here, though I have been a member for quite a while! I wondered if anyone has ever had the same problem as me with the keyfob / remote central locking. It seems that when the weather is cool, raining etc, my locks work perfectly with the keyfob. But when...
  20. T

    2005 Explorer alarm install...STUCK?

    Howdy folks.. I took an an EX projoject that has me stumped. I am installing an alarm in a 2005 EX XLS. I have seen the 2004 mountaneer install as well as many wiring diagrams. I have the relays wired and ready and a pack of 1 amp diodes waiting to be told what where to go :) I have also...
  21. M

    Anti Theft System Problem HELP!!

    edit: problem solved it was the horn fuse i am soo stupid! I have '99 explorer xlt that i cant disable the car alarm on. I opened up the rear hatch to get my tools this morning and i heard a chirping coming from (i think) the engine compartment. I tried to open the drivers door(same with...
  22. C

    95 XLT Alarm going spastic

    I'm at my wits end. I bought a 95 Explorer XLT used 2 weeks ago. After 5 days of owning it, the alarm just randomly went off for no reason. My buddy eventually got it to quit, but I honestly don't know how. It was fine until about 3 days ago when it started randomly going off again. I didn't get...
  23. J

    CODE alarm

    anyone ever put one of these guys in ? wires :eek: is this something i can do or leave it to the local guys (180) ?
  24. K

    Factory alarm system troubleshooting help?

    I have a 1999 XLT with factory alarm, I can set the alarm and set off the alarm from the key fob, but the alarm will not go off when it should (i.e when the alarm is set and a door is opened from the inside). Is anyone familiar with this problem? And know how to fix it without getting raped by...
  25. M

    Alarm going a bit nuts

    I've got a 2005 ford explorer that, before this, hasn't had many problems. Over the past couple weeks, my alarm has been going off every once in a while when I try to start the car. Up until recently, I could easily turn off the alarm by locking and unlocking the car, and then my car would...