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  1. R

    Recall 19S17 and front alignment q's

    Just had my 17 Base get the suspension recall (19S17). Dropped it off at my local dealer, noted mileage and exterior condition with pics. They only had it a few hours, but had a few questions. 1) it picked up 3-4 new scratches that were not there before - I spent yesterday afternoon washing...
  2. B

    Rear camber adjustment on a 2010 Limited AWD

    Getting the dreaded inside rear tire wear on my 2010. Just by looking at it, I can tell its rear spring sag. I'm sure new struts and springs would cure the issue, but it's an awfully pricey solution. Especially since they're in otherwise good shape. Looking into a rear adjustable camber set...
  3. F

    Alignment repair & issues/concerns

    About a year ago I took my 2017 XLT in to my local Ford dealership for an alignment fix, as the car was pulling to the right and the steering wheel had to be held slightly off-centre in order to drive straight down the road. When I picked up the car and saw the invoice, I learned that the...
  4. B

    Camber Problems

    My camber has always been just a little bit off, so when I needed new lower ball joints and tie rods, I figured that would fix the problem (I replaced the uppers about 20,000 miles ago). Instead it's actually worse after doing the job. Is there something that I could have done wrong to make it...
  5. T

    Saleen XP8 Alignment Issue

    Does anyone have the alignment specs for the Saleen Explorer XP8? Or does anyone know how to correct the camber to get it right. My alignment shop said that since Saleen lowered and changed out the 2 piece control arms to 1 piece control arms there is not enough length to make it right"? Any...
  6. TxCowgirlInCo

    Axle Pivot Locations - Superlift

    Ok, I've got a question for all those well versed in the TTB especially lifted ones. Initially the 2nd previous owner installed the 5.5" Superlift incorrectly I believe bc the Axle pivot bolts were placed in the upper of two holes in the new drop brackets. Realizing this appeared to be...
  7. B

    HOW MANY TURNS OF THE TIE ROD? -0.32 Degrees Total Toe

    I have -0.32 degrees of total toe. Approximately how many turns (or percentage of one turn) do I need to apply to the tie rod in order to correct the total toe to 0.00 degrees? Thanks for your help.
  8. R

    HELP!!! Eccentric washer missing??

    I currently redid my Ball joints upper control arms and tie rod ends on my 99 explorer and when I went to take off my driver side control arm I noticed there was no square washer/eccentric washer on the front half. It is the stock control arm from the factory so I don't know why someone would...
  9. R

    Alignment Checks Out Plus

    Hi All- Wanted to post a follow up to a previous entry I did on shackle replacement and leveling up the front end here: After driving 1,000 miles I finally took it to Ford dealer to have alignment checked -...
  10. M

    Steering Wheel Crooked -- Pull to Right

    Hi everyone! I am the proud new owner of a 2005 Explorer XLT, and with a new vehicle comes new challenges! Day 1: The tires are worn down quit a bit. Not the worst, but should probably be replaced. When driving, the steering wheel puts/pulls itself to about 1 o'clock (or a little bit before...
  11. M

    03' Explorer Alignment Issues Ongoing for over a year

    Hey all, This is for a 2003 ford explorer xlt 4.0 awd I've had my vehicle to an alignment shop twice in the past year for tire wear issues. I've noticed outer wear on the front passenger side tire, then after the second alignment the driver side now has outer wear as well. So I finally took...
  12. T

    1997 Explore 4WD Alignment Help

    I recently replaced my upper control arms and lower ball joints. I then took it to get aligned at my local shop. The guy there told me that the were having issues aligning it so the had to raise? my torsion bar to my front end would be 1 in. higher. After they did that the guy came back and told...
  13. M

    (Brake calipers, "death wobble?", shaky steering) Please help!! My baby is sick!!!! :(

    Hi there! Let's jump right into it... Wasn't liking the way my brakes were feeling; had an occasional "click" down there if I pressed the brakes and turned the wheel the right way....... so, I wanted to change my calipers and brake pads. Upon inspecting the calipers that were already on...
  14. R

    Headlight alignment for 1992 explorer

    I have a '92 explorer and I installed some new headlights. And they are facing too low to the ground can anyone tell me how I can align them? I appreciate any input, thanks in advance.
  15. M

    Lowered my 14 sport and they can't get it aligned

    I lowered my sport with the H&R explorer lowering springs. All went well and easy until today when I went to get it aligned. They could not get the front end to come out, was to much negative camber. The back was also to far out to get done. What have people been doing to get this problem...
  16. I

    So Angry With Theodore Robins Ford Right Now!!

    So I bought my 2013 Explorer from Theodore Robins Ford in Costa Mesa, CA as a certified pre-owned vehicle about 16 months ago and have really enjoyed driving it ever since. Ford upped their game when they reinvented the Explorer. It has tracked straight as an arrow as long as I have owned it...
  17. M

    pulling issue

    Idk What's wrong now, when I turn left around corners it wants to turn right and vis a versa, pulls alittle going straight down road....wth could it be? Bearings seem good, just started happening...
  18. O

    Death shake????

    okay so i have noticed that when i get on the freeway or highway my explorer gets a bad wobble at about 60 MPH every time. The faster go, the worse it gets. im supposed to be taking a trip from idaho to texas and need this problem solved!
  19. C

    Bad camber after front end work...why?

    Hey all, First off, this forum is awesome! Don't post much...but this is my go-to for any issues. I wanted to ask about this issue in my own way. Here it goes! I recently replaced all my front end ball joints & upper control arm on passenger side (one piece w/ball joint). Also did sway bar...
  20. M

    Rear Alignment Issues (Lifted 2.25/1.75)

    Well Its been a little over 6000 miles on the lift and I love it, great improvement over stock. The front alignment is dead on, great tire wear even with the cut and lowered control arms ;). However I'm starting to notice issues with the rear camber, it seems to be a bit negative and causing the...
  21. J

    Camshaft Synchronizer Alignment

    Hello everyone, I am fairly new posting here but I use this site a lot to help me fix my explorer but I recently came across a problem that I can not figure out. I have a 2000 ohv ford explorer that I did an engine swap in and I put a 99 ohv in it. After putting the engine in I found that the...
  22. H

    97 Limited alignment

    We occasionally tow our 97 Ltd behind our diesel motorhome. Several years back I started noticing tire wear issues on our Michelin Crossterrains, fronts, inside edge. Our home dealer in Oregon realigned it and the rig then rode with vibration not previously there, supposedly because of the...
  23. F

    Serious Shaking Between 6-75mph

    So, my truck shakes pretty good between 60 and 75mph. Over 75mph it doesn't shake so bad, just a little. Under 60, it doesn't really shake at all. I figured it is the alignment, but what else might it be?
  24. M

    1998 4x4 xp thump

    Well i just read all the threads on lbj romoval and installation. Question my explorer has a bumping sound coming from under the front on rough dirt roads.My tires are worn outside edges. Im going to put new tires on and a alignment.I jacked up but couldnt find any play. But figured I would do...
  25. B

    Strange sideways shimmy in new 03 Explorer

    Well, my 2000 EB is showing a little age, clearcoat worn down, noisier inside, needs new windshield (thanks gravel truck!) so even though it doesn't use a drop of oil and the transmission is still excellent, I went for a shiny newer one yesterday. New for me is 2003 EB with hi kms but...