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all terrain

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    All Terrain Tire Recommendations

    Hey everyone I'm looking to get a decent set of all terrain tires for my 2001 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L. Everything is stock and would like to use the stock rims for now. I do not have a lift but will most likely want a 2" lift by the end of this summer. For now I'm looking for something that is...
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    Tires for a 2006 ford explorer limited

    My current vehicle has 235/65r18 tires on it. Is it possible to put on a 265/60r18? Or 255/70r18? I'm looking for all terrain tires. I work in residential construction and live in Vancouver bc.
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    2004 Explorer XLT Tires?

    What are the tire sizes that can fit on a 2004 Xlt it keeps recommending P235/70R16? I honestly don't really even know what that means. I am looking at Firestone Destination A/T...