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  1. J

    Alternator, Voltage Regulator, Brushes?? Pulsating voltage, lights, etc...

    1999 Ford Explorer XL - OHV Engine - 180,000 miles - Original Owner - Sorry, long I want to get all the facts in that I can... Recently, my son called and said, that after he started the Explorer, that the backlighting on the dash was "pulsing", the voltage indicator on the dash was...
  2. spinnn

    Solved alternator charge stud extender

    Hey everyone. So I bought a 200 amp alternator but it has the battery cable stud on the back, not the right angle adapter that puts it on top of the alternator. Does anyone know where to get the adapter? It'll make the connection a lot easier when I go to connect a heavy cable to it. Thanks.
  3. P

    Upgrade to High Output Alternator?

    Heya. I have a 98 Mountaineer w/ 4.0L V6 SOHC. I am currently using a 130 amp Duralast DL3406-16-4. It is dying and I need a replacement. I saw that 200 amp alternators are available for this truck on RockAuto and Amazon, and I wondered if it is worth upgrading? I don't think I even come close...
  4. C

    2010 Battery Warning light

    My 2010 Ford Explorer has been having the battery warning light coming on and off for about 2 mo. I replaced the battery 3mo ago. The other night it went crazy. While at idle in park the dash lights starting flickering and then went off then the headlights went off. Battery was dead and couldnt...
  5. A

    2011-2015 Explorer alternator pulley nut size?

    Shot in the dark here but does anyone know the pulley nut size on the alternator of a 2014 (2011-2015) explorer? Knowing this would really help
  6. T

    Solved 2005 Explorer Alternator Wiring.

    My 2005 V6 flex 4WD Explorer is throwing a Check Charging System message on the dashboard. Fully-charged (separate charger) battery reads 12.4V. So does the main B+ post on the alternator. With engine running the battery reads 11.2V. I'm trying to verify wiring, fuses, fusible links before...
  7. M

    2017 Limited issues after battery and alternator replacement

    2017 ford explorer limited 3.5L V6 Just yesterday I had both my battery and alternator replaced and the battery light flashes charging system service. When I drive the battery light goes off and on, and the car never loses power. However I do notice my interior lights flicker a bit and when my...
  8. E

    Mystery Voltage Issue

    Hey all, made this account here to see if anyone could possibly help me out with this problem as I'm at a complete loss. I have a stock 2000 Ford Explorer Sport with the 4.0 OHV V6 About 2 days ago when I dropped my stepdaughter off for school I noticed that when I put the truck in Park the...
  9. S

    Battery light 02 explorer

    Afternoon fellas. So I have been over more posts in this forum than I can count and I can’t find a solve to my issue. 02 explorer xlt 4.0 motor sat for 2 years and had the need to resurrect. Did a bunch of work to her simple stuff brakes, rotors, calipers, new battery etc. Battery light it on...
  10. P

    12 inch sub fried my alternator

    I hooked up my 2400w planet audio amp and my 12 inch kicker its 300 RMS and peaks at 600. I also swapped my head unit out for a boss audio head unit. Once I got everything hooked up I was rolling around bumping hard for probably 30 or 45 minutes and my battery light came on and then shortly...
  11. TsherryUSA

    Autozone saved my A$$

    Just a short little story about last weekend. Sunday AM my friend and I climbed Mt. Adams in Washington. We got up at 11:30pm (saturday) and began our hike from the trailhead at 12:30am (sunday). Round trip it was ~12mi with near 7000' elevation gain. Conditions on the mountain were beautiful...
  12. 2

    Headlights/Dash Lights Flickering

    I noticed recently that my headlights and dash lights have a slight flicker at idle, when in drive. It goes away if I raise the rpm’s or if I turn the truck off. I had the alternator tested and it was fine, but I noticed that when I tested with my multimeter the voltage would jump around. It...
  13. W

    Engine Question

    Okay, here's the deal. I have a 1997 Ford Explorer. It is the XLT 4.0 OHV it is 4WD 4 door. It is my daily driver with 189,700 miles on it. So far I have replaced the following : Recent Oil Change Trans fluid and filter replaced Rack and Pinion was fixed not replaced it had a leak The...
  14. B

    Alternator failing and no brake lights

    I have a 2003 Explorer 4WD 4.0. XLT Battery light on. OBD2 states alternator low voltage. Explorer starts. Cannot get shift lever out of park. Do not have brake lights. Is it possible to have alternator and brake light switch problem or could it be a relay that would affect both? Scanned...
  15. A

    My 1993 Aerostar will not start.

    I have several questions. Today My Aerostar would not start I still had battery juice and it didn't even try to crank. My brother told me to touch metal to the starter while cranking well I put metal on the alternator instead it started right up. 1. Could touching metal to top of alternator...
  16. D

    Electrical? Transmission? Help!

    I'm hoping someone can help me. I have an 03 ex 4.0 I've had for a little over a year. It sat for 2 years because of a gas leak they couldn't or didn't want to fix. We put a battery on it and drove it home with no problem except gas leak and door ajar light on. And a new fuel pump fixed the gas...
  17. E

    Belt Size

    So i am going to be putting a 270a high output alternator in my 2019 2.3 explorer. Does anyone know the deminsions of the serpentine belt? I need to go .5"-1" smaller than stock belt. Thanks in advance!
  18. B

    Solved Alternator issues.

    When the Check Charging System light came on on my 2005 Explorer XLT, I changed the alternator. That did not correct it. I changed the battery. No change. I finally figured that maybe I got a bad alternator (from Advance Auto) so I got another one from a Ford Dealer. It was rebuilt but they...
  19. S

    Checking Charging System

    Hi, all. First of all I just wanted to say thank you in advance for anybody who can come up with any answers or has any advice whatsoever. Also, I apologize for the novel and if there are spelling errors because I used talk-to-text. TL;DR... checking charging system error started happening...
  20. T

    Avoiding self-destruction with a power inverter...

    I'm wondering if purchasing a 1000 W power inverter (ie. Amazon/Harbor Freight Tools/etc.) and running tools--like a cut-off wheel (7 A)--would damage my stock alternator/battery/electronics? I also have a portable carpet/upholstery cleaner (6 A) that would be nice to be able to use. Has anyone...
  21. A

    SOS No Crank No Start

    I am brand new to this forum, thank you for accepting me to this forum. This is my first post! I have a 2008 Ford Explorer XLT, 4.0 V6, 4WD. It has 130,000 miles. Here is the list of electrical symptoms I have had recently - starting a month ago it took a few more cranks than usual to start up...
  22. BrooklynBay

    Has anybody modified their charging system?

    My stock 7750 3G alternator in my 1995 van is rated at 95 amps which is low compared to more modern vehicles which use 130 to 160 amp alternators. I've looked into 350 to 370 amp alternators but they cost almost $500 which is a huge investment in a 25 year old vehicle. The reason why I'm doing...
  23. L


    I’ve got a 2016 limited with the 3.5, around 68,000 miles. Without any codes or warnings, It wouldn’t start this morning, and after getting it fired up from a booster got it to a shop. They said the alternator was bad and want $900+ to fix. Not happening. I’ve searched the forum for more...
  24. J

    Camshaft Position Sensor/Electrical Problems

    As stated in a previous post, I have multiple codes on my 2003 Ford Explorer Centennial Edition, 4.6L. After testing my alternator I figured most of them were due to it being weak. After removing countless alternators at the junkyard and testing them outside of the vehicle, I finally found one...
  25. U

    '04 Exp--3 stalls while driving, now "Check Charging System"

    So my 2004 XLT Explorer just recently started misbehaving. 3 times in the last week, the engine simply quite while driving at low speed (25-30mph), but never at higher speeds. Engine would restart immediately, no problem. No other issues or symptoms were observed...until yesterday. Now, while...