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amp wiring

  1. B

    Amp wiring

    I just bought an amp, subs, and a box. I'm starting to look at routing the amp wires to the head unit and battery, and can't seem to find a great spot to hide the wires. They don't need to be completely hidden, but I'd like them to be seen as little as possible. The amp in between the second and...
  2. F

    Power AMP Wiring Path - interior routing

    I need to run 8 gauge from the battery to the rear bumper for my power winch. I need some help in finding a way through the fire-wall that works best. I had read entry behind the glove box, I found a grommet but not sure I like that location.
  3. J

    Amp wiring how many feet of wire

    Amp wiring how many feet of wire from the battery to the back of the 3rd row were you hide the jack for the replacement tire power cable feet? RCA cable feet?