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  1. C

    2016 Explorer Sport audio amp question.

    I've been looking but can't find the particular answer I'm looking for. I have a 2016 Explorer Sport with the Sony system and the bass is just lacking. Is the amp something that can just be directly replaced with a better aftermarket one? As in, can I simply unplug everything from the Sony amp...
  2. M

    How to: 2020 Explorer ST Aftermarket Amp & Sub Install

    Hey everyone! I have a 2020 Explorer ST. Love it. I have the Tech package option which, among other things, adds two extra speakers to the B&O sound system. Overall, I find the B&O system to be quite good for an OEM system. However, as it always seems to be the case for me, the lows are...
  3. S

    Fuse for subwoofer

    Hello, i am new to this forum so i hope i am posting this in the right place. I installed a subwoofer, and amp in my 1997 ford explorer limited, and i have the wire that tells the amp to turn on (i know that's not the official name, but bear with me) wired to the antenna fuse, but that only...
  4. 4

    Radio help please

    My factory 6 disc decided to deep out. Turns off and on randomly. Decided to pick up an inexpensive Pioneer head unit(DEH-1000UB)to get some sound back. Bought the correct wiring harness but can't get the sub to turn on. What did I miss? I'm willng to get someone here has had the same...
  5. S

    Ready for the Road Package

    Hi guys, My PIU came with the ready for the road package (evident from all the Whelen Ions, vertex and Whelen speaker in the front). The cencom sapphire was removed but the wiring is still there behind the 2nd-row seats. While I don't need the lights, I was wondering how I could get the PA...
  6. 2

    Speaker wiring question

    Hey guys new to the forum. I just had a question and hopefully can advise me to success. I just got a little sound system for my explorer and wanted to put it in myself as something to keep me busy on my off day. I want to install my subs and amp without removing my head unit by using a line out...
  7. M

    assistant requested with selecting an inventor/

    Hello I am in the process of starting a knife sharpening company. The business plan is to make arrive at someone house and sharpen knifes which mean s that I have my own power supply. the alternator that I have on my Explorer is rated for 130 amps and is stock. I believe it is this one in the...
  8. M

    Stock amp information and radio wire digram needed

    How do I test the stock amp to make sure it works and how do I wire it to a after market radio I wire diagram for the stock amp and radio would relly help
  9. P

    Sound System Quesiton

    Hey guys, need a little help on a project. I recently got a double din pioneer head unit that I want to put in my 01 Sport Trac. Does anyone know if this Sport Trac comes with a factory amp? I just have the four door speakers and the standard stock radio. I don't know if there is an amp...
  10. T

    Audio setup question

    I'm new to the group, and was wondering if I could get some input on a question So, I've been reading a lot of the posts on here and I can't come to a definite answer. So I guess I'll ask for my particular situation. I have an 05 Explorer 4.0 V6 with 130 amp stock alt and stock Duralast Gold 65...
  11. 9

    After market radio problems

    I have been trying to install an after market radio in my 1st Gen explorer bought the harness that has the amp connector and no power really wired the connector as the wires didn't line up, still no power why an I having all these problems, I would like to utilize the oe amp , first deluxe...
  12. T

    replacing amp and sub, need advice and some ?'s answered

    finally got a new head unit for my 96 EB with the JBL system in it, i have given up trying to get my sub hooked up, for some reason no matter what i do i can not get the remote amp thing to turn on, and i have followed every post about it on here....with that said, im going to get a new amp, i...
  13. D

    amp power lead

    Hi. On an 03 Explorer, where is the best spot to run the power cable from the battery into the car for an amplifier? I can't find an obvious grommit to go through.
  14. D

    98-2001 Stock Subwoofer Amplifier Internals

    Just in case anyone ever wanted to see what the stock amp looks like inside.. This is the 98-2001 Box with the amp on it: Here is the inside of the amp:
  15. J

    Help With aftermarket deck and subs

    i have a 2001 ford explorer and i am wanting to put in a aftermarket deck with some subs, the previous owner had it wired for subs and stuff but it looks like he didnt put in a amp but instead put some sort of weird connection on the battery posts. should i fix this and put in a amp? also do i...
  16. K

    need help

    Two days ago I got my system put in. I have an aftermarket HU, 4 door speakers with 4 channel amp, 2 10s with a mono block, and a viper security system. When i was getting out of my car i hit the unlock button on my 2002 ford explorer sport trac and as soon as I did the loudest most highest...
  17. S

    Audio System Questions

    I have 96 Explorer with the premium audio I believe with the 6 CD changer, I know that if I get a new stereo I'll have to ditch the CD changer which I don't have a problem with. First off, I need some suggestions for a new HU and some speakers, all together I would like to keep it around...
  18. N

    Replaced stereo - Connect Factory Sub and Aux Input

    I have replaced my factory stereo and would like to know how I can hook up my factory amp/sub and the aux input. My stereo has an aux input on the back so I would like to hook it into the factory aux input connections. I have looked everywhere and cannot find the wiring diagram for the aux...
  19. J

    Explorer Stereo system ideas???

    I have a 2000 Explorer 5.0 XLT and i was some ideas on some good door speakers, HU, 10 inch sub and box, and maybe so tweeter location.... I want the sub to be in the factory spot should i build a box or buy a premade one? i want my system to sound good with all types of music bc i love music...
  20. A

    Is this speaker okay?

    Hello All I'm simply trying to replace the subwoofer speaker in my stock JBL system in a 1992 Ford Explorer. The problem is that no one seems to know what the ohm rating is for the stcok amp (it's not even clear from the vehicle shop manual). Crutchfield identified a 4 ohm speaker that...
  21. Aerostar refrigerant & oil capacity.

    Aerostar refrigerant & oil capacity.

    A/C freon & oil capacity chart.
  22. T

    stereo update

    Ok so I finished up my stereo in my trac let me know what you think...
  23. D

    self installed amp

    This forum has come in handy when it came time to do this install. It was the first ever for me and I couldn't have done it with out all the threads here. Just wanted to say thanks and show off my handy work. So thanks everyone for posting here and keep up the good work. thru the...
  24. CamDJClimited

    For Sale Cool Explorer Parts/Car Audio/HID's!!

    Hey all! I have a TON of new parts in now! I'm not in the garage now, but I will try and name some off the top of my head: -2 Full sets of Ford JBL Speakers (8 Speakers Total) - $40 a set -Gold License Plate Frame - $5 -Factory 95-97 Tail Lights - $30 a pair!! (I have 2 Pairs available)...
  25. B

    New 03 sub/amp suggestions

    Hi, this is my first thread. I have an 03 Explorer with factory amp/sub and am looking to upgrade them. I want to be able to feel the bass without shaking all the cars around me. I am happy with the factory front and rear speakers, so I only want to upgrade the sub and amp. My current head...