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  1. C

    2016 Explorer Sport audio amp question.

    I've been looking but can't find the particular answer I'm looking for. I have a 2016 Explorer Sport with the Sony system and the bass is just lacking. Is the amp something that can just be directly replaced with a better aftermarket one? As in, can I simply unplug everything from the Sony amp...
  2. N

    2013 Base PIU non-sync - Want to begin audio upgrades

    Hi all! I'm trying to start upgrading the audio system in my Interceptor with the bare-bones audio system (just wired and enabled an Aux port to begin with, which was a piece of cake luckily), and I want to start off by adding an external amplifier while keeping the factory head unit for now...
  3. HB Concepts

    Hello from Texas

    2014 Ford Explorer Limited in white pearl. Full custom audio system. Removing 8” stock sub. Replacing with 8” Kicker sub. Rockford Fosgate amps and Boston Acoustics crossovers. Pro 6.5’s in front. Pro 6.5.3 in the rear. 2 - 10” JL Audio subwoofers and aftermarket 8” Kicker subwoofer in...
  4. S

    My first Ford Explorer 03'

    Hey guys ,I'm new on here but have already gotten some useful information. So thank you! Well my lateest question is "Do some Explorers, without the premium sound system still have a factory amp?" I know I don't have a sub, because I have a lil storage area where it would be.. But I'm curious...
  5. L

    Radio/Amplifier Sound issues

    I need some help trying to figure out what's wrong with my radio on my 1993 Ford explorer XLT (which is part number f2df 18k817 bf). A couple weeks ago it just stopped making sound, but I discovered if you pump the volume all the way up and hold your ear to the speaker, you can hear what's...
  6. L


    Had to replace a subwoofer in our '94 Limited last week. I noticed that prices go from about $10 to hundreds, but somehow I can't justify spending a lot on a sound system in a vehicle that's not all that quiet. I ended up purchasing a Pyle PLPW6D for $14.05 off everyone's favorite auction site...
  7. R

    Putting an amplifier behind metal plate in glovebox (need advice)

    I have decided to add an amp for my front speakers. Trying to determine the best place to put it. I have found some powerful compact amps and should fit behind the metal plate behind the glove box. I worry about the lack of ventilation and the amp overheating. Has anyone tried this or can...
  8. M

    2016 500 watt amp

    My wife is very disappointed in the volume output of the radio in her 2015 explorer sport. It has the sony premium package with 12 speakers. For 2016 ford and sony upgraded the sound system with a 500 watt amplifier. I think it's a couple hundred watts more than what's in the 2015. (Don't quote...
  9. T

    Is it possible to swap a 91 audiophile JBL system into a 1997?

    I have a 97 explorer with the base unit sound system in it. meaning no subwoofer in the back. I have a box from a 91 explorer with the 6.5" subwoofer, and JBL amplifier. Part Number F17F- 18C804-CA. Is it possible that I can put this into my 1997 explorer? Im looking for the more powerful...
  10. T

    replacing amp and sub, need advice and some ?'s answered

    finally got a new head unit for my 96 EB with the JBL system in it, i have given up trying to get my sub hooked up, for some reason no matter what i do i can not get the remote amp thing to turn on, and i have followed every post about it on here....with that said, im going to get a new amp, i...
  11. D

    98-2001 Stock Subwoofer Amplifier Internals

    Just in case anyone ever wanted to see what the stock amp looks like inside.. This is the 98-2001 Box with the amp on it: Here is the inside of the amp:
  12. F

    Hi everyone!

    I'm from Dominican Republic. I just bought my first Ford. A 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4. Right now, i need help with the installation of my audio amplifier. (Alpine V12 F353). I already placed the cables between the radio, speakers and amplifier but have not found where to place the...
  13. H

    2013 xlt 202A 9 speaker premium audio amplifier?

    OK guys, Has anyone with the 9 speaker premium audio done any upgrades yet...I searched the forum and can only find limited models with Sony system.... I had the understanding that there was also an OEM amp behind the passenger rear panel. Well I removed mine and found no amplifier...
  14. A

    Ford Explorer Sound Dampening

    A little video I made of me trying out this product called Peel and Seal. People have used it as a sound dampening alternative. I believe it helped a lot, and wasn't that expensive. Only took about an hour because I only did the back hatch. Here is the video...
  15. M

    Radio replacement 1998 XLT

    Hi, I have a 1998 XLT 4dr and I am looking to replace the radio as the display stopped working. I spoke to the guys at Crutchfield and they asked if I have a factory amp or not. How does one tell if you have a factory amp or not. I have AM/FM single CD, cassette in dash (not a Mach) and a...
  16. J

    wha cha guys think ?

    amps go there made the wooden box myself soon to be carpeted and fixed up so wha cha think btw this is my first attempt at a stereo lol
  17. J

    2nd gen aftermarket amplifier location

    I was wondering where you guys put your equipment? I not only have an amp in the back but i have a 15 farad powercore, line driver and remote turn on unit, so theres a lot of stuff. I was considering putting a piece of plywood under the carpet, glued to the actual floor that would allow me to...
  18. C

    Sub and Amp

    Does anyone know why my sub is so low? can bearly hear it. i have a kenwood dnx5120 head unit. just bought a kenwood kac-1502s and an 8in kicker comp 8 sub. i just wasted about 3 hours wireing and all that only to find out you can bearley hear it. any one know whats up??:mad:
  19. C

    Need help installing subwoofer

    I have a 1996 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition, does not have the jbl audio system. I have installed an aftermarket radio, gives out 60 watts and has two rca outpts in the back. I have the stock amp.I am trying to install an aftermaarket sub, its a sony sub 12" 1200 watt peak power 350 watt...
  20. M

    2004 sport trac adrenaline factory sub question

    Hi, i havent noticed anyone with this problem. My wife drives this vehicle and she normally doesnt crank the stereo in it but who knows... about a year ago, the sub stopped functioning and i cant tell why. The factory amp unfortunately doesnt have any fuses on it, and all other speakers work...
  21. R

    Best Way to Hook Up Amplifier

    Today I just sold my 2003 Ford Explorer XLT and got a 2007 Eddie Bauer Explorer. In my 2003 I had Two 1000W Amplifiers hooked up to the stock head unit (one for my aftermarket door speakers and the other for my two 12" subs. I had to leave my aftermarket speakers in the doors because I got rid...
  22. D

    RE Ford Explorer XLT and no sound with new radio

    I just installed a after market GPS DVD Radio in my 1997 Explorer XLT and everything works fine except the sound, I think it is equipped with a amplifier how do I locate it and how do I bypass it
  23. Right_side_primed


  24. My Hidden Amp

    My Hidden Amp

    My hidden amp that runs everything
  25. Sound System

    Sound System

    12 inch JLW3D4 Subs Kenwood Excelon 401M Amp All self installed.