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android auto

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    Anyone got an external console???

    I intended to pick up a Pioneer head unit for my 2016 explorer. It's a little tricky for me with the installation. Just ordered an external console, it does not cost much, is easy to set up, and supports both Wireless CarPlay and Wireless Android auto. It‘s cool!But I’m still considering whether...
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    2014 Explorer USB Media Hub Upgrade for Sync 3 to support Android Auto or Apple Car Play

    Hello Explorer Community, I drive a 2014 Ford Explorer limited and have recently upgrade my Sync 2 MFT system to the Sync 3 system, and upgraded the software to Sync 3 V3.4. I used the Sync 3 screen and APIM from a 2017 Ford Escape and the upgrade went well. However, my stock 2014 explorer...
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    New android auto, Waze, and volume issues

    My android auto app on my phone recently gave me the option to trial the "new" android auto early or wait for the full rollout. I opted to do it early, as did my husband (he has an F250 super duty). The user interface is much nicer and it's easy to switch between the Sync interface and AA...
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    2015 MFT 8" No NAV - Upgrade ideas to get Android Auto

    Hi all. I looked around a bit and didn't find anything on this yet. I was hoping that I could upgrade to an aftermarket system which would have android auto/apply play without giving up all the other functionality (such as the integration with steering wheel controls and the small instrument...