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    Audio for Explorer 2003 Android OS

    Hello everyone! Sorry for my english and maybe I'm writing to the wrong section. I live in Paraguay. Bought Ford Explorer 4.0 AT. Please advise me an audio system with OS Android. I would like to be able to use google maps and install apps like Spotify.
  2. F

    Adding Android/iOS Mirroring to MFT

    New guy here. Long time googler, first time poster... I'm beyond fed up with all of the broken promises and teases with adding app capabilities to the existing MFT platform by Ford, so I'm looking for a way to add them myself. While doing some research, I came across this Crux Wi-Fi...
  3. D

    Android Wear

    Oh, how technology has advanced. I picked up on of the Android wear watches right when they came out.. what a pain in the butt trying to find the black Moto 360 at that time. But anyway.. Here's how technology has advanced. It's basically a computer on your wrist. Browsing the forum on...
  4. S

    Possible to connect Gen1 Explorers to Android gauge apps that usually use OBD2?

    So I'm almost done fabbing up my custom dash board for my Jurassic Park Explorer replica and I hope to have it installed this week. There's one problem though; the car in the movie didn't have any gauges on the dash and now I have no room for them either. I've thought of a few solutions but...
  5. W

    Android app?

    Could it be done for explorerforum? I know there are tech guys lurking on this site. I would love an app so i dont have to keep using my browser. Ik you guys are capable of it. :thumbsup: